This Lip Color Will Survive The Most Epic New Year’s Parties—And It Only Costs $6

This Lip Color Will Survive The Most Epic New Year’s Parties—And It Only Costs $6

This week’s Chosen One—and your new holiday-party-season fave—is an affordable lip stain taken up a notch.

All the Vaseline and Smith’s Rosebud Salve in the world can’t save me from how dry my lips get during the winter. Which means a super-opaque matte-lippy is out of the question for pretty much the entire month of December. And January. And February.

But matte trend aside, my lipstick is usually gone by noon at the latest anyway. Clearly, I haven’t quite perfected the Kim K bite technique.

But what Ihave learned is that instead of biting and drinking with my lips flexed in a highly unnatural state, there is actually a product that can get me around this wintery dilemma: Colourpop’s Ultra Blotted Lip.

This gorgeous blend between a lip stain and a matte lipstick comes in eight colors and really, truly stays all day. It goes on like the other Colourpop liquid lips, but dries sheer.

This is the product that has convinced me—a lip-color scaredy cat—to rock a pink or even a coral red without going into a state of panic. I’ve invested in three so far, and I pretty much wear every color in constant rotation—even this super-pink one. It looks really soft and natural.

And because the long-wear aspect is just that good, it warrants additional emphasis: Like pretty much any lipstick-wearing individual, I usually avoid kissing my boyfriend after a fresh application, because I don’t want him to ruin my look (don’t @ me; this isuniversal). But with this product, I can be a little less…precious.

Oh, and best news last: Colourpop’s Ultra Blotted Lips will only set you back $6 each.