Wearing This One Color Is Now A Proven Instant Confidence Booster

Wearing This One Color Is Now A Proven Instant Confidence Booster

New study shows that wearing red has a big impact on self-perception.

The heart wants what the heart wants, etc. But what does the eye that informsthe heart want?

The color red, as it turns out. A recent study conducted at the University of Zurich found that people perceive themselves as more attractive under “red chromatic conditions.”

Which is not all that surprising; red has a long history of being associated with passion and sexuality, and there’ve been studies that show women wearing red lipstick are perceived by others as being more confident.

But in a refreshing twist, this study places emphasis on self-perception and personal confidence, rather than the value others place on our appearance. On feelin’ oneself, to tap into the philosophy of a couple of queens who know what’s what.

In the study, participants were asked to look at their reflections in a mirror while wearing a red shirt and then a blue shirt, and then rate their own attractiveness. Red reigned supreme when it came to self-perceived status.

The takeaway? Buying that red lipstick or dress or underwear you’ve had your eye on is basically self-care. Red lip with your PJs, red lip for yoga class, red wherever and whenever you feel like a little boost.

This is your brain on the color red.

[h/t Byrdie]