The Official Girlboss Guide To Now

The Official Girlboss Guide To Now

Because there’s no other way to address your professional ambitions, business dreams, financial goals, and wellness habits than to look squarely into the uncertain future and make our best fucking guess for where we can go next. In light of the new circumstances we’re adapting to every day, we’re inviting you to do what we do best: Lean on the community around you—the experts, a network you’ve yet to meet, your friends who are always there—and continue to step forward, to grow, to pivot, to innovate, to change, to question, and to keep on building.

This week, we’re rolling out an onslaught of resources, dubbed The Girlboss Guide To Now, designed to support you, to reassure you, and to guide you and your professional dreams through these challenging times. Although we may be physically distant in this new reality, we’re taking solace in knowing that the brazen, bold, courageous, and self-identified #Girlboss community is still out there, hungry as ever (for more than just banana bread), and in this together. Watch this space as we continue to update this page with the best resources for you, dear reader.

Monday: The Girlboss Guide To Career Pathing

You might already know this firsthand, but the scary truth right now is that your career, and potentially your employment status, will inevitably be affected in the coming weeks or months as the COVID-19 pandemic shakes out. Today, we’re here to remind you that your professional ambitions are too big to not get you through this. The experience you’ve built up to this point hasn’t changed. The expertise you’ve developed in your field hasn’t disappeared. Your passion for what you do hasn’t been taken away from you (even though it’s okay to feel a little less passionate these days). But we know you’ve got this. While the competition may have increased, we’re here to arm you with the secret sauce you need to prove you’re the top talent for the job. When you’re ready, dive into today’s resources for forging ahead on your new career path.

Downloadable E-Guides

Take stock of the new career path that’s opened up for you with these actionable guides.

The Ultimate Guide To Landing & Acing A Job Interview
The Official Guide To How To Start Your Side Hustle (On The Cheap)
6 Step Guide To Breaking Into A Leadership Position

Resume Templates

Next, it’s time to start updating your resume. Make things easy on yourself with these Girlboss-approved resume templates that will help your skills and experience shine.

Creative Resume
Corporate Resume
Entrepreneurial Resume
Consulting Resume

How To Use:

Step One: Download the resume template that speaks to your field.
Step Two: Open the resume template PDF with Adobe Acrobat and click “edit PDF” so you can edit individual sections but maintain the design.
Step Three: Once done, click “save as” and save your PDF with an appropriate name, i.e. Name_Resume_2020.

What To Do If You’ve Been Laid Off

Who To Follow For New Job Opportunities:
Still Hiring
Thanks, Best, Yours

Your Reading List:
How To Practice Self-Care After Losing Your Job
I’ve Been Laid Off 5 Times. Here’s How To Cope When It Happens To You

Here’s How To Make The Most Of Being Laid Off

Resources From The Net:
How To Collect Unemployment Benefits
An Employee’s Guide To COBRA Continuation Health Coverage

Tuesday: The Girlboss Guide To Pivoting Like A Pro

In extraordinary times like these, acting as if nothing has changed is a risky move for any business to make. Exactly how much your business needs to pivot will vary—while some companies are being forced to reimagine their entire business models and service offerings, others can likely get by with subtle tweaks to their regular communication. But meeting your customers where they are at, and paying attention to their shifting needs, are key ingredients to any successful business, under any circumstances. When it comes to marketing your brand, whether it’s the company you work for, the business you’re trying to build, or your personal brand, here are some resources to help you pivot like a pro.

Today’s Download

Give your screen(s) a much-needed facelift with these colorful Zoom and iPhone background upgrades.

Master Marketers To Follow Now:
Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot
Bozoma Saint John, CMO at Endeavor
Stella Garber, Head of Marketing at Trello
Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft
Eliana Murillo, Head of Multicultural Marketing at Google

Your Reading List:
How To Market Your Business On A $0 Budget
10 Social Media Marketing Hacks For Small Business Owners
New Year, New Career: Should I Start A New Job In 2020? 

Resources From The Net:
Early Spring’s guide to pivoting your experiential strategy in the time of COVID-19 is a must-read
How To Pivot Quickly As A Brick And Mortar In The Wake Of COVID-19
Business Of Fashion Shares How To Pivot Your Skillset As A Freelancer

Just For Fun:
Forward The Atlantic’s take on the future of the office dress code to HR immediately

Wednesday: The Girlboss Guide To Taking Care Of You

Now, more than ever, it’s important to tune into your mental health. Collectively, we’re experiencing grief, isolation, and fear of the unknown—but we’re not facing these challenges alone. There’s a community around you not only enduring this pain as well, but ready to share ways you can cope with however you’re feeling—and inspire you to find acceptance, motivation, gratitude, and even productivity during this time (or whatever you’re in need of, right now). Below, we’re providing all of our best mental health resources for you to have at hand, whether you’re resonating with powerful pep talks, finding solace in beautiful poetry, or connecting with honest and vulnerable conversations. Know that there is power in feeling your truth, and exploring what speaks to you. Today, we challenge you to check in with your friends, families, and loved ones, but make sure you check in with yourself, first.

Today’s Download

Explore our new Working From Home Wellness Guide for tips on setting up a productive work zone, how to best WFH according to your zodiac sign courtesy of our resident astrologist, Lisa Stardust, and some mindful writing prompts to bring you back to the present moment.

The WFH Wellness Guide

How To Care For Your Mental And Physical Health While Working From Home

Your Reading List
How To Work From Home Without Turning Into A Ball Of Stress
5 Productivity Hacks To Use When You’re Totally Overwhelmed And Freaking Out
Self-Care 101: The A-to-Z Guide To Being Kinder To Yourself

Your Homework
Brush up on an old skill or learn something new thanks to the endless stream of free e-courses available now.

Esther Perel: Tune into world-renowned psychotherapist Esther Perel’s free 4-week e-course on “The Art of Us: Love, Loss, Loneliness, and a Pinch of Humor Under Lockdown” streaming on YouTube this April.

Duolingo: Live out your bi- or tri-lingual dreams thanks to free language lessons on Duolingo. English speakers can choose from 35 languages to learn for free.

Coursera: Ever wanted to audit courses from the top colleges around the globe? Consider classes like “The Arts and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs” from the University of Toronto or “The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide To Managing People At Work” from the University of London.

Class Central: Enroll in thousands of free online courses from top universities around the world like MIT, Stanford, and Harvard.

Skillshare: Level up your passions and your professional skills with courses in photography, interior design, writing workshops, web design and more.

Resources From The Net:
Try a free guided meditation from UCLA, available in both English and Spanish 
Check out the free Zoom workouts happening on My Workout Party daily at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. PST.

Thursday: The Girlboss Guide To Fixing Your Finances

As if money wasn’t stressful enough already… Considering the imploding state of the economy, it’s natural to be, er, freaking out about your finances right now. But the good news is a lot of support is available right now—including unprecedented stimulus from the government. Now, your best bet for stabilizing your financial future is to do your research, stay informed, and plan ahead for what you can. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never identified as “good with money” (we can blame misogynistic social norms for that, anyway)—today, you’re going to learn how to take control. Stop by our Instagram stories all day long for some actionable advice you can start implementing ASAP, and check out our resources below to start brushing up on your financial literacy. Get this: Simply arming yourself with this knowledge will allow you to build more wealth in the long run.

Today’s Download
Put your new knowledge to work with this easy-to-use budget tracker that will help you find your financial footing this year.

Girlboss Budget Tracker

How To Use: Go to File > Make A Copy

Your Reading List
The 8 Types Of Financial Experts And How They Can Help You
A 13-Step Guide To Getting Your Funds Right In 2020
I Was Laid Off—This Is How I’m Saving To Make Sure I Never Get Caught Off-Guard Again

Resources From The Net:
How To Manage Your Credit Through A Financial Hardship
How To Manage Your Credit Through A Financial HardshipNerdWallet’s Free Budgeting Worksheet
A Freelancer Budget Spreadsheet
Government Stimulus Check Tracker
Empify Resouces: Key Things To Research When Picking Your Stocks and How Do I Know What To Invest In

Friday: The Girlboss Guide To Celebrating Small Business

For our final installment of the Girlboss Guide To Now, we’re diving into the all-important ways you can support small businesses right now—whether as a biz owner yourself, or a dedicated supporter. All of our businesses are vulnerable during this time, and it’s been heartbreaking to watch the brands we know and love being brought to their knees by this crisis. Surviving will take work. Advocacy. Improvisation. But as the backbone of our economy, we can’t afford tonotsupport small businesses during this time. Today, we’ve got some ideas for how we can weather this storm as a community, and push for the better days ahead.

Introducing This Spring’s Girlboss Grant Winner

Meet India Hayes of Mini City
An extensive record of volunteer service and belief in empowering women to transform communities led India Hayes to co-found Mini City, an organization that provides vital resources to combat and eradicate homelessness. Her team focuses on streamlining the admin process and unlocking identification and employment for the homeless and their care providers. Blown away by India’s passion for and dedication to her work, we awarded her this spring’s Girlboss Grant to fund $15,000 of service. Here’s a glimpse of her story.

How has Mini City impacted you on a personal level?
“Being so close to and viewing the personal journeys of hundreds of homeless citizens from all walks of life provides a very, very different perspective. It changes how I interact with someone. You never know who is returning from a class on campus to a shelter, or who has been turned away by their family for how they identify. I find myself pausing a lot more and trying to remove assumptions. I try to act with compassion, rather than react.”

How can others support your mission for Mini City?“We put conversations for on-site services on pause as health-care providers focus on COVID response efforts. However, if there are any health care providers seeking a solution to keep their homeless or at-risk for homelessness patients within their care, let our team know. We are still here, still operating, and delivering birth records and IDs to unlock government benefits during this time in a completely virtual and safe manner.”

What has your fundraising process been like?
“Fundraising for women of color is tough business. The numbers are dismal enough to make you want to give up. But please don’t—there is hope! An important lesson for us: do not wait for the perfect investor or funds to kick start your passion or solution.”

What are your hopes for Mini City in 2020 and beyond?
“Our long term goal is to eradicate continuous homelessness. I know—the concept sounds lofty. With this in mind, we envision Mini City really living up to its name: a tech resource hub across all cities to assist those in need on their path to self-sufficiency, whatever that may be.”

Your Reading List
6 Small Business Owners On What They Wish They’d Known Before Getting Started
The Basics Of Financing Your Business (When You Aren’t Sure Where To Start)
22 Side Hustles You Can Start, Like, Yesterday

Resources From The Net
Girlboss Rally Video Rewind: Catch up on over 50 conversations from past Girlboss Rallies—accessible for the first time ever, for free!
General Assembly Free Fridays: Learn everything from coding, to data and marketing, to UX design and career development through General Assembly’s most popular workshops, now accessible for free from April through June. As an added perk for the Girlboss community, here’s a 30% discount on paid one or two-day workshops: GirlBoss30
Hello Alice COVID-19 Business Resource Center: Check out this comprehensive resource for biz owners to find up-to-date information, support, and funding during these unprecedented times.
#SMWONE: Snag your spot at Social Media Week’s new virtual conference series, providing over 100 hours of live content and on-demand sessions for industry professionals. We’ve teamed up with #SMWONE to provide *free* registration (a $450 value) to the Girlboss community—while supplies last. Hurry to register here.
Small Business Grants For Companies Hit By COVID-19
55 Federal, State And Nonprofit Relief Efforts And Funds To Help You Get Through The Pandemic
Support Your Ladies, a directory of women-owned businesses

A Reflection Session

Need some inspiration this weekend? Try one of these reflection prompts to ignite your creative spark.

Know Your Role Models: Who are your heroes and what makes them great? What aspects of their creative output can you mine for inspiration?

Reflect On Your Past: What were your favorite creative activities as a child and why? What elements could you bring into your current practice?

Refresh Your Workspace: Something as simple as reorganizing your desk or hanging a piece of artwork can completely change the flow of energy in your workspace. When in doubt, become a minimalist.

Embrace Your Weaknesses: What are your flaws? How can you reframe them to generate creative value?

Be Of Service: Think of a cause that is close to your heart and brainstorm potential ways that you can use your talents to further that cause.