5 Daily Finance Rituals To Attract Wealth
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5 Daily Finance Rituals To Attract Wealth

Many of us are creatures of mindfulness and habit who inherently create rituals in our day-to-day lives. Whether our rituals are intentional and useful or senseless and counterproductive is entirely under our control. Our rituals even have the power to attract what we want most, from a calm mind to a strong body to a fat wallet. Here are five daily rituals you can use to attract wealth.

1. Get up earlier than you want to. Our whole lives we’ve been told that the early bird gets the worm, so make like a bird and get that bread. Of course just waking up with the sun isn’t enough, but it sets the tone for the day. You are a well-rested and focused money magnet who will do whatever it takes to stay on track today—even set your alarm 15 minutes early.

2. Set your intentions through visualization. A calm mind is a clean slate where you can draw up what you want to see in life. During those sleep morning minutes, focus on what your ideal life looks like and how money is a part of it. Scrolling Instagram totally qualifies as visualization btw, so long as your feed is inspiring and a reflection of your mindset.

3. Dress for the wealth you want. Wearing your most powerful clothes will probably make you feel confident and stylish, but this isn’t about you. When people see you dressed they way they assume wealthy people dress then they assume you are one of them. It’s an easy way to appear organized, successful, and affluent—even if you aren’t yet. Act as if.

4. Create a money mantra. I attract wealth. I will find some new opportunities to make money. I deserve abundance. Repeat these phrases, or whatever works for you, during the quiet times in your day. Mantras focus your unconscious mind and send out the energy into the universe that will be returned.

5. Let go of envy and jealousy. Envy is wanting what someone else has and jealousy is fearing that you’re going to lose what you’ve got. To combat these (totally natural) feels, release them. Each day, admire something that you desire for its beauty. You aren’t less of a person without it. Also, take the time to share what’s yours freely with people who aren’t as fortunate. However far you have to go on the path to wealth, someone would kill to be in your spot.

While these rituals won’t make money instantly appear in your bank account, they can set you straight on the course toward wealth. Embrace a little bit of magical thinking and open yourself up to what the world can offer you when you act intentionally.