Our CEO Swears by This for Doing Expenses
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Our CEO Swears by This for Doing Expenses

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Whenever our very own CEO, Lulu Liang, discovers a tool that makes the workday more efficient, more modern or just plain better, (looking at you, Trello), she gets the entire team on board. And, because no one can evangelize about disruptive, game-changing tools quite like her, we’re passing the torch so that she can let you in on her—and therefore our—favorite expense management platform, Divvy. Divvy hands out corporate cards to everyone on the team so that everyone can feel empowered to buy what they need to get their jobs done with full management control of expenses. Plus, Divvy’s built-in reporting software lets you track expenses. It’s also free, btw, since the company makes money from card transaction fees. Read on for her Divvy review.

“I started my career working in management consulting and I racked up a lot of expenses because part of the job was traveling every single week. Filing those expenses would take so much time. I would spend an entire Friday just catching up.

I was paying for a lot of expenses on my personal card and would be waiting to get reimbursed, or I would file too late. Or, when I was using a company card, accounting would never know who spent what, so there would be endless Slack messages to get to the bottom of a transaction. I would work with a bookkeeper every month to reconcile the transactions.

A few years ago, the parent company at my previous job at Luxy Hair suggested Divvy. The key people on our team who managed expenses got a Divvy credit card. Then, everyone on the team with a Divvy card would be responsible for uploading their own receipts for all the transactions and categorizing them appropriately—this saved a lot of work on the accounting end and really improved accuracy.

More than anything, using Divvy has opened up so much time to put into better, more important things. You can now focus on higher ROI uses of your time—such as strategy and decision making, instead of admin and chasing down expenses.”


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