Your February 2022 Career Horoscope: A Powerful Month for Change

Your February 2022 Career Horoscope: A Powerful Month for Change

Maisy Bristol (@tarotbymaisy on Instagram) is back to impart her astrological wisdom and chart each sign’s professional zodiac for the month of February. You should definitely bookmark her predictions. No, seriously.

For everyone, February will be a powerful month to step outside the box, vocalize your needs and get what you want in your career. Finally, things will start to feel like they’re progressing again!

First of all, Mercury has been retrograde for the past couple weeks, making it a completely undesirable time to sign contracts, start new jobs or even send out resumes. Thankfully, we start the month off with Mercury turning direct in Capricorn (sign of work and business) and moving forward into Aquarius (sign of communities)—making it the perfect time to focus on “getting your shit together” and group projects.

We also start the month off with a progressive new moon in Aquarius, which can encourage us to think outside-the-box and start making changes.

Finally, when the sun enters visionary Pisces, we’ll embrace the ability to be inspired by our ideas. It’s the best time to get creative!

Aries or Aries Rising

You should be jumping for joy! Finally, Mercury is turning direct on February 3 in your 10th House of career. Abandoned projects will move forward, business connections will start to reply to emails and your communication around the office will become enchanting. 

Use this to your advantage on February 11, when Mercury makes a connection to powerful Pluto in this same business House. With Pluto’s dominant, take-charge attitude, you’ll be able to persuade anyone of your ideas!

If you’re looking for a job, note that February 27 is not a good time to send out resumes, as the Capricorn moon will be void of course. It’ll probably get lost in the shuffle! 

Taurus or Taurus Rising

The month starts off promising, as the new moon in Aquarius on February 1 highlights your 10th House of business connections and projects. Aquarius is people-forward, and new moons prompt us to visualize what we want. It’s a good time to meditate on landing your “dream job” or “dream client.”  

On February 4, the sun and Saturn (planet of structure) connect in your 10th House of career. This gives you the extra discipline you need to finish any lingering projects. 

Mercury will re-enter Aquarius and your 10th House on February 14—giving you the strength to gather support in the office for your ideas. Speak up!

Gemini or Gemini Rising

On February 11, Mercury makes a conjunction with powerful Pluto in your 8th House of loans and contracts. This may help you to negotiate, but there may also be some power struggles associated with agreements. Best to wait for this aspect to pass before signing something.

When the sun moves into Pisces in your 10th House of career on February 18, your focus and identity become work oriented. The next few weeks will be very fruitful if you put more energy into work. 

Don’t plan on being productive on February 23. The moon will be of course in your 6th House of daily routines. Move at your own pace. 

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Money is a big theme for you this month, starting with a new moon in Aquarius on February 1 in your 8th House of business contracts. You could receive funding for a project or come up with a “million-dollar idea.” 

On February 4, the sun and Saturn connect closely in this same House—which could spell out unforeseen obstacles. Side note: It will all be worth the trouble!

Finally, a project or business endeavor pays off, thanks to the Leo full moon on February 16 in your 2nd House of money. A project that began around the last full moon (January 17) is ending, and sending some moolah your way. 

Leo or Leo Rising

On February 8, Mars makes a trine to Uranus in your 6th House of “daily grind” and 10th House of career, respectively. It’s a good day to shake things up at work. Say ‘h’i to someone new, take a lunch break for once, try a new latte at Starbucks. Break routine!

And on February 14, the sun makes a square to Neptune—highlighting your 7th House of partnerships and your 8th House of contracts. You could learn more about your coworker than expected… and not in a good way. Beware of someone trying to take credit for your work.  

Perhaps February 27 is a good day to take off. You need a break.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

Your work bestie will always be there. On February 1, the new moon in community-driven Aquarius will entice you to branch out of your normal friend group at work. Talk to someone new!

February 4 will be a hard day to get things done. The sun and Saturn make a connection in your 6th House of routine; you could get the hammer from a higher-up and have to backtrack a little. 

As Mercury transits back into Aquarius on February 14, this gives you the opportunity to re-invent the way you get things done at work. Don’t be afraid to get others on board with new workflow ideas or ways to collaborate.  

Libra or Libra Rising

On February 4, Jupiter makes a sweet aspect to Mars—which brings an exciting surprise to your day at work. 

When the sun enters Pisces on February 18, you may even find work to be, well, fun. Crazy, I know. But since the sun represents our identity, and it’s highlighting the House that represents day-to-day grind. It’ll be hard to pull you away from your desk! 

You may have a disagreement with a coworker on February 24. Mercury and Uranus are making a square in your 5th House of friends and 10th House of career. Things are probably getting lost in Slack or work emails, so talk face-to-face.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

On February 5, be careful of what you say. The Aries moon in your 6th House of work and makes a square to Venus in your 3rd House of communication—which could make you a little extra passionate.

If you’re waiting on business connections to sign off on projects or follow through in some way, expect delays around February 11. The Gemini moon is void in your 8th House of contracts and business loans. Things should clear up starting February 12. 

Congrats! The Leo full moon is lighting up your 10th House of career on February 16. This could mean either a project is completed or, if you’re looking, you’ll land a brand-new job.  

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Has money been slow lately? On February 3, Mercury is finally turning direct in your 2nd House of finances—which means paychecks can be cleared, loans accepted and credit cards paid off. 

A great monetary day will be February 8—when Mars makes a trine to Uranus in your 2nd and 6th Houses. You may get a sweet surprise at work, find some cash in your pocket or land a discount deal. 

Finally, Mercury and Pluto are combining in your 2nd House of money and self-worth on February 11. You’re a force to be reckoned with as you share exactly what you’re not willing to accept in terms of treatment. 

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

With the sun-Saturn conjunction hitting your 2nd House of self-worth on February 4, you may be feeling overlooked at work. 

But once Mercury enters Aquarius on February 14, you’ll find your voice again. Stand up for yourself. Tell your higher-ups what you deserve. Demand to be respected. 

On February 16, the full moon in Leo occurs in your 8th House of loans, contracts and taxes. And because full moons represent endings, it could mean that you finish filing your taxes or close up a legal matter.  

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

“New Year, new you” takes on a whole new meaning as the Aquarius new moon hits your 1st House of identity on February 1. This prompts you to revolutionize your core identity—including how you present yourself in the workplace. It will literally encourage you to become a “new you.” 

Don’t be too hard on yourself on February 4. It’s just Saturn and the sun having a face-to-face convo about your identity fears. It’ll pass!

As the sun moves into Pisces in your 2nd House of money on February 18, you could start to see your bank account fully recover from the past few months. Whew! 

Pisces or Pisces Rising

February 6 is a great time to detach and do something for you. The moon is void in your 2nd House of self-worth. Take yourself out to lunch or treat yourself to a midday manicure. You deserve it!

On February 16, the Leo full moon brightens up your 6th House of daily routine. It’s time to add a little fun and socializing into your workday. It’s a good day to suggest after-work drinks to coworkers. 

And who could forget? It’s the start of your season on February 18! Over the next few weeks, you’ll be inspired to share projects and put yourself out there at work. Don’t hold back. 

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