The Internet Is Soy Obsessed With This Ridiculously Gentle Face Cleanser

The Internet Is Soy Obsessed With This Ridiculously Gentle Face Cleanser

Fresh Cosmetics’ Soy Face Cleanser is the stuff of dreams for all skin types. That’s why this celebrated classic is this week’s “Chosen One.”

I have weird skin. I’m lucky I don’t have any major issues, but I’ve got dryness, hormonal acne, and a history of outrageous allergic reactions. No joke, I once used an off-brand makeup remover wipe, and my face swelled up with scales for a week.

Enter Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser, which has been one of the only products that’s stuck with me through-and-through.

My discovery of the product is slightly unorthodox: I was in an airport, and a tester size of the cleanser was a gift-with-purchase for some French teen magazine. Since I was traveling, it made me all the more inclined to buy it.

I don’t remember what I read in said magazine, but I do remember immediately thinking how heavenly this face cleanser was. #nothingwasthesame

I was in my mid-teens at the time. My regimen was strictly Clean & Clear. For some reason those commercials where girls straight up throwwater at their face actually did it for me.

When I ran out of the Soy Face Cleanser sample, I returned to my microbead face wash (so young, so naive). And my hiatus from this miracle product continued, until I started being a regular Sephora customer, racking up those Beauty Insider points. Thus, I was reunited with my beloved Soy Face Cleanser.

And once I started spreading the gospel to anyone who would listen, I started to realize that a lot of my friends—of all skin types—were already low-key obsessed with this product.

Much of the hype comes from the fact that it’s made with real, good-for-you ingredients that smell amazing. Think rosewater and cucumber, juiced up with amino acids.

Way back in 1999, this was Fresh’s first venture into skincare, and it’s stuck around with an ever-growing, super-devout following ever since.

Miracles aren’t cheap, of course. At $38, the large size may be a bit more than most people are used to spending on face wash. On the plus side, a 50ml size goes for $15, so you can try it before you (fully) buy it.