What Kind Of Life Changes Can You Expect During The Hunter’s Moon?

What Kind Of Life Changes Can You Expect During The Hunter’s Moon?

Every October (or occasionally November), the Hunter’s Moon appears. AKA the Harvest Moon, it’s the closest full moon to the start of the autumn equinox and therefore the start to a period of immense change for us all.This year, it’ll show itself on October 13 in fiery Aries—and with this full moon comes a bounty of drama, both good and bad. Lucky Jupiter and transformative Pluto are the only two planets that will aspect this luminary, both forcing us to makeimperativechanges in our lives and express our deepest desires. Consider yourself warned: your career and your relationships are especially susceptible to change at this time.

Under this Hunter’s Moon, we can all expect plenty of shifts. Take some control and get a sense of what’s coming your way, based on your sign.


Freelancing—whether it’s your main gig or a side hustle—is a never-ending rollercoaster ride. Not knowing where your next job will come from is unsettling, but it’s important to take hold of your professional destiny this month and pitch your ideas to all the companies you want to work with. Plan accordingly and strategically. Record it all in a spreadsheet, so you can learn from their responses. Your professional prowess is on fire RN, so relish in the joy of your triumphs and fortune.


It’s never too late to change your perspective. No one knows the power of transformation more than you. Under the Blood Moon, you’ll be able to see your financial challenges clearly and strive to make a decisive fiscal change for the future. Getting your finances in order may be hard, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you hire a financial advisor, do a deep dive on the internet, or ask a friend who really knows their stuff, you’re bound to learn something that’ll totally change the way you do things.


Known as the “belle of the party,” you’re realizing that your fun nature is also causing your bank account to hit an all-time low. It’s time to take action around getting your finances on point. Unsubscribe from any unnecessary streaming platforms. Make sure your bank isn’t charging you any fees that have been flying under your radar. Commit to a budget for more efficient spending. Even if a more financially responsible approach goes against your free-spending nature, think about your larger financial goals. Ultimately, money is freedom to do what you want.


All work and no play can make anyone long for time away from the office—especially you! Use this full moon to decompress and destress from all of your ongoing professional pressures. Take a break from promoting your brand on social media or taking any phone meetings. The world can wait a day for you to catch your breath and block out some time for TLC. If you don’t take care of yourself, be aware that burnout might be just around the corner.


For the past few weeks, you’ve been secretly leveling up and doing the extra work to diversify your skill set. As a result, you’ll find that you’ve created a new world of opportunities for yourself, with access to different professional ventures that you never even imagined. Your educational advancements are helping you to achieve your dreams, which are coming to fruition in this moment. After all, knowledge is power—and you certainly have a rich mind.


It’s time to get your head out of the clouds and recognize your value. Now go out and ask for it. Rather than spending your time daydreaming about riches and fame—make it happen IRL. That might mean sending your boss or client an email explaining why you deserve a boost in pay, or it might mean finally pitching an idea that you’ve been too nervous to share. You’re often your own toughest critic, Pisces. Let your brilliance shine and your wallet will thank you.


Your attraction to power could come at a cost around the full moon. If you’re up for a new role or gig, you’ll likely get it because you’re qualified, not because you chose to compete with a peer or co-worker. If you’re tempted to go low and be overly-competitive or talk badly about them to someone else, remember that it’s not your style. Take the high road on the path to success. It’ll make all the difference.


If you have a part-time hustle or are considering starting one, you may want to step it up and take your gig to the next level under this luminary. That means committing to a business plan and welcoming new partnerships, which will serve to elevate your professional stratus. With your determination at a high and change in the air, you’ll be able to flourish without a hitch. You got this, Taurus!


It’s time you got your finances under control. This means paying any overdue bills and cleaning up your budget (or lack thereof). You’ve been slacking as of late, but under the Hunter’s Moon you’ll get the rare opportunity to right any wrongs without a penalty. You just need to be honest with whoever it is you owe money to—and yourself. Analyze your spending, list out your financial goals for the future, and create a plan to make them a reality.


Wake up and smell the coffee, Cancer! Lately, you’ve been spending too much of your time focusing on your interpersonal relationships and affairs of the heart. You’ve let your career goals fall by the wayside—and it’s time to snap out of it! This luminary forces you to step up your game at work and to show your boss or clients how driven and hardworking you can be.


You may be getting side-eye looks from someone you work with. You may be tempted to show off your talents and prove your intelligence and business savvy attitude, but you don’t need to prove yourself. Under this luminary, you have the cosmic right to express your professional accomplishments and abilities—but avoid doing so to try and justify your worth. You’re amazing with or without the accolades.


Creative projects are a source of anxiety for you leading up to the Hunter’s Moon. However, you will be cosmically pushed to get out of your funk and find inspiration from surprising sources. You’ll finally be able to boost your artistry and inventiveness. Use this creative momentum to evolve your visions into a financially viable business (or side business!).