What Does The Harvest Moon Have In-Store For Your Astro Sign?

What Does The Harvest Moon Have In-Store For Your Astro Sign?

As we near the close of summer, get ready for the Harvest Moon—which will be visible on September 13 for Pacific, Central, Mountain and Alaskan time zones, and on September 14 for the Eastern time zone. And shortly after that,the autumnal equinox occurs for all on September 23. During the festive luminary on Friday into Saturday, the dreamy Pisces Moon will oppose the logical Virgo Sun. Under this full moon, you’ll likely be substituting your analytical side for your creative one, trading logic for emotion.

This particular Harvest Moon is very complex. On one hand, you’ll be drawn to releasing old ideas and implementing new visions into our lives. But, you’ll be unsure of how to move forward, or might even get stuck in fear. Expansive Jupiter, warrior planet Mars, and elusive Neptune will create a Mutable T-Square (which is a fraught aspect, involving three planets), which will pressure you to make a dramatic change—but don’t fall for it. You might not be ready, and that’s ok! You can consciously ruminate over your next move until you are 100 percent certain of what you want. Powerhouse Pluto is the highest planet in the sky to the Harvest Moon degree and will make you feel tension from all directions, but try not to let it get to you. You know the best timeline for yourself.

Nine days after the Harvest Moon, on September 23, the sun switches signs and enters Libra. We’ll all feel freer and able to make decisions during this time. The autumnal equinox occurs this day, shifting seasons and allowing us to reprioritize our energies. There are equal hours in the day and night, allowing everyone to balance professional and personal time properly for a change! This is a great time to ask for a raise or promotion because others will want to compensate us for our efforts properly. Be sure to appreciate others for their efforts, too, and you’ll get double on your karmic payback. So go ahead, send that thank-you email to your boss or buyyour colleagues a round of cocktails at happy hour!


Aligning with the right brand or agreeing to the right collaboration for your company and personal vision feels extremely challenging—especially now. You may even feel like you’re selling out. Please don’t! Give yourself time to find the perfect project or ideal candidate to match your beliefs. Only then will you be able to feel confident in your business partnerships.


Overworked and overstressed? You deserve a moment to yourself. Go all-in with the self care under this luminary, and release all the negative energy your body is storing. A little R&R over the weekend will be good for you. Put your phone on airplane mode, get a massage, read an entire book—whatever helps you feel restored. By Monday you’ll be a whole new person.


A passion project you’ve been working on has hit a creative wall, thus slowing down its momentum. Regroup and implement changes to make your dreams a reality. Test your ideas out on friends and get their feedback. Don’t give up on your vision. Now is the right time to push harder for what you want.


You’re looking for inspiration in all the wrong places. Don’t seek outside sources and other people to help guide you to your next breakthrough. Look inward. Your big project or campaign is percolating within. Use your intuition to propel you towards success and you’ll be able to manifest your desires.


Office gossip may get you down, as you’re finding it’s creating drama between your colleagues. Play meditator to remedy issues and clear the air—after all, your diplomatic standpoint is likely exactly what they need. If not, then alert a manager or HR of the matter before it becomes a bigger issue and lowers office morale.


It’s about time you took your finances seriously! Create a spreadsheet to understand how you spend your money in order to implement a weekly budget. Then actually stick to it.While you may be sad to put a temporary pin in your spending, it’s a necessary step in order to advance your financial goals, whether that’s saving for a house or paying off that credit card debt.


You’re changing up your work game this week and starting to make major decisions. You’re on the impetuous of change, which may mean starting your own company or group where you can rule and be creative. Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your goals! Step into your power.


Longing for a day off from work? Well, it’s time you took a breather and disconnect from your professional obligations over the weekend. This means logging off your work email, muting your phone, and having a social media detox. Unplug under the Harvest Moon to feel more in-touch with yourself and unwind for the week ahead.


It’s time to log into your LinkedIn account and spruce up your profile. Connect with colleagues and other like-minded professionals to help you get ahead on your Q4 goals. Don’t be shy in sending them the first message for coffee. People are more willing to help than you might think.


After working hard on your craft, you almost have too many options at your disposal right now. Finding the “right” project to work on may be challenging and daunting, but don’t lose sleep over the matter. Remind yourself that it’s a good problem to have! Take your time before committing to a new offer and make sure that it aligns with your longterm plans.


You’re pressuring yourself to work your way on up the corporate ladder, hoping to get ahead of your peers. Give yourself a hot minute to rethink your goals. Make a vision board or a list of your objectives (without a timeline) to ensure success. Good things come to those who wait, dear Cancer. Don’t hurry the process.


If anyone knows how to hype you up about your abilities—it’s you. And that’s why it’s on you to as for something uncomfortable at work that you need, like a well-deserved raise or the help of an assistant. Explain your case in a concise email, with specifics about the great work you’re doing, and they will hear you out by offering you more than your asking price. Aim high and don’t minimize your efforts.