The Cold Full Moon In Gemini May Leave Us All With Frostbite

The Cold Full Moon In Gemini May Leave Us All With Frostbite

The Cold Full Moon in Gemini occurs on December 11 at 9:12 p.m. PT and December 12 at 12:12AM ET. This luminary will certainly bring the brrr and bah humbug out in matters of work, money, friendships—and if you must, yes, love. On December 11, Venus and Saturn collide, and then on the 13th, Venus and Pluto align in the starry winter sky to wreak havoc on our financial decisions and confidence levels. The cosmos will create chaos to ensure we grow and evolve during the Full Moon, whether we’d like to or not! If we let go of outdated goals and (ahem) drama with those we love, then we can start anew in the upcoming winter season. And, who doesn’t want a fresh start?!


Power struggles with your superiors at work may come to an end during this luminary. You will probably wind up getting your way once you plead your case to your boss, as long as you come with *receipts* and convincing arguments. The caveat is that you’ll leave the situation scratching your head, wondering “who is really the boss here?”


Learning to make the right financial investments is a challenge for anyone. Now, you’re deciding on the right medium to stash your cash. Chances are, if you play your cards right, you’ll make a big profit from your venture. Word to the wise: Start with a small investment first.


You’re reaping the fruits of your hard efforts—if only your paycheck would arrive in a timely manner. Call your bank to make sure there’s not an issue on their end before heading to payroll to check on the matter. If it is a problem with timely payment, it may be time to cut your losses and keep it moving.


“Hey Jealousy” is more than a 90’s throwback song during this Cold Full Moon. Don’t let your ego get in the way of partnerships and relationships at the office. You may feel insecure right now, but try to work past these temporary emotions for the best interest of your career.


Don’t let the recent drop in the temperature outside affect your interactions with others—especially during any seasonal holiday parties you have coming up. Always be present to avoid accidentally giving people the cold shoulder. Let them know you are passionate about your work and that you run hot, not chilly.


Exciting and new creative ventures are on the horizon. But, you really need to ensure you have enough time to work on these amazing projects before you sign up for them. Make sure you have enough time open on your iCal to dedicate to your passion project before you proceed.


You are stronger and mightier than you give yourself credit for, especially in the realm of work. You can turn your side hustle into an IRL business. Envision exactly where you want yourself to be, and manifest that for yourself. Anything is attainable if you believe whole-heartedly!


You’ve been talking about quitting your 9-to-5 for a long time, in order to place your energy on your dream job. Well, now’s your chance to switch career paths and make your big splash into your new profession. The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless!


Real talk: Being a freelancer is ideal for your free spirit. Plus, if done correctly and thoughtfully, it can prove to be more lucrative than a full-time role. Find some core clients, set rates that reflect your value, and create the career you’ve always dreamed of.


PSA: Before you confront a colleague or friend about talking about you behind your back, consider if it’s worth the effort. Will you both forgive and forget easily? Will they get other people involved? It might be smarter to let it go!


Your part-time gig isn’t bringing in as much cash as you had hoped for this holiday season. Before you get yourself into a tizzy over your finances, ask your boss for more work hours to heighten your cash flow. Your bank account will be appreciative later.


A friend will suggest a collaborative project that you can’t resist. Think twice before agreeing to work with your bestie, as it may create problems such as prolonged payment and power dynamics between the two of you. If you decide to proceed, create your roles clearly and, most importantly, contractually.