9 Amazing Gifts That Aren’t Stuff

9 Amazing Gifts That Aren’t Stuff

Don’t get us wrong, we would love to have one of these gifts waiting for us under the tree, but there’s something extra special about doing an activity with your loved ones (even if it’s virtual). Making mems, you know? These gift experiences—from cocktail and charcuterie board classes to unforgettable vacation rentals—might just be their fave present from you… like ever.


Virtual mixology class

Raise your hand if your at-home bartending experience includes making mimosas when your friends come over for brunch—and that’s about it. Happy Hour Academy (what a cute name eh?) is here to perfect your cocktail skills with their customizable classes. Choose which spirit you want (for the holiday menu, it’s all about rum, bourbon, tequila, gin, and whisky), and if you want to go out and buy all of your ingredients or have them delivered to you.


Personal shopping experience

After 20 months wearing nothing but men’s boxers, slippers, and a fuzzy bathrobe accented with coffee stains, it’s okay to admit you’ve forgotten how to put together an outfit for the outside world. You’re not alone—we’re having the same dilemma. Think of Nordstrom Trunk Club like your personal stylist: It’s a subscription box of curated clothes tailored to your size, style, and budget. There’s even a fun style quiz to help you get started.


Subscription to a fitness app

One of the surprisingly silver linings of the pandemic? How much more convenient it is working out in your living room. No creepy dude staring at you in the corner of the weight room. You can wear whatever you want. Must we go on? A subscription to a fitness app is a great gift idea for someone who’s explicitly told you they want to get more into fitness (pls don’t give this gift unsolicited). We love Alo Moves, Equinox+, and Tone & Sculpt. If they don’t want to stray away from the IRL workout, a subscription to Classpass is a brilliant idea, if we do say so ourselves.


Pasta making with nonna

If you don’t have the $$$ to drop everything and fly Positano (it’s ok, same) or an Italian grandmother who can teach you everything she knows about making the perfect red sauce, AirBnb Experiences has got you covered. They’re offering virtual cooking classes with Nonna Nerina (spoiler alert: she’s the cutest thing we’ve ever seen), who will teach you how to make an authentic Italian pasta recipe from scratch and share some of her culinary secrets.


Candle-making class

Sure, you could hit up Bath & Body Works like you do every year, or you could DIY your own. Grab your besties (you need a minimum of 8 people) and spend 45-70 minutes laughing, drinking, and making a mess of your kitchen while you hand pour your own delicious-smelling soy wax candles. Makers Mess offers virtual or in-person private classes (if you’re in the L.A. area).


Cool stay at an AirBnb

A perfect gift for your partner (that you also get to reap the benefits from… shhh), plan a getaway to one of these unique destinations available through AirBnb. A cozy birdbox in Norway? Check. A pod casually hanging off of a cliff in Peru? *gulp* Yes. A yellow submarine in New Zealand? Of course. Go ahead, take your pick.


Virtual floral arrangement workshop

How sweet would this be to do with your mom, grandmother, or aunt? There are tons of floral arrangement workshops from Alice’s Table leading up to Christmas (if you want to treat them early and make a frosted evergreen wreath at home), and even more in the new year. Before the class, you’ll get a kit with everything you need delivered to your door, so all you have to do is tune in. We love a stress-free pressie!


Charcuterie workshop

There’s nothing like an artful arrangement of cured meats, cheeses, and artisanal crackers that brings people together (with lots of wine, obvs). This is such a fun idea for a group of your friends—plus, this makes it socially acceptable to play with your food. Finally! Insta-famous brand The Cheese Plate offers IRL, on-demand, and virtual corporate workshops.


Subscription to an online learning platform

And what about that person on your to-gift list that is super picky (not to name any names but… mom)? A no-fail gift idea is a subscription to Masterclass or Skillshare because the options are truly endless. Gordon Ramsey teaches you how to make restaurant-worthy dishes at home, Roxanne Gay helps you write a compelling personal essay, and Alicia Keys shares her expertise in producing and songwriting. We want to try them all!


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