6 Gifts That Actually ~Give Back~ This Holiday Season

6 Gifts That Actually ~Give Back~ This Holiday Season

Choosing what to gift during the holiday season is hard. There’s budgets to consider. Price points to cross-reference. Sales to scout. Heck—the sheer process of narrowing down your list of giftees is work in itself.

Yet, we know that when you finally move past the shopping and into the gifting part of the experience, it’s all worthwhile. Gift a loved one a little something and they’ll repay you with a smile. (Cheesy, we know—but tis the season!) Gifts are, after all, a form of showing how much you appreciate someone.

Which is why, as we’re so often told, it’s not the “what” that makes a gift special, but the “why.” The thoughtfulness of a gift is what gives its magical power. That’s why we’ve rounded up the following list of thoughtful gifts that keep on giving.

Keep reading for our picks of gifts that double up their purchase power by donating funds and supplies to worthy causes.

Help fund girls’ education in Africa

Olori means “queen” in Yoruba and purchasing a product from this online store means helping a young queen get the education she deserves. For every product purchased with Olori school fees are covered and that makes it possible for underprivileged girls in Africa to enroll in an education. The company also works with artisans, women-owned businesses and a giving partner to sponsor girls. You can read more about their impact here.

An accessory that provides meals for children

Each product from FEED helps combat hunger around the world. You can shop from a number of products on the site, each of which has a number stamped signifying the amount of meals or micronutrient packets provided with its purchase. This Jenny bangle, for instance, provides 25 school meals to children in Kenya. The materials are environmentally friendly, the artisans are locally sourced and buying any of the products from this social business means investing in a community that needs it. You can read more about FEED here.

Accessorize with a scarf promoting gender equality

The mission of Round+Square is to help achieve equal rights for women and girls. The company’s designs (scarves, bandanas, shawls and pins) are inspired by the powerful stories of women fighting for their rights. Each piece has been designed to incorporate messages of peace, prosperity and gender equality. All purchases on the site help support gender equality by donating 10 percent of profits to the nonprofit Equality Now. You can read more about the company’s story and values here.

A soap bar that supplies clean water in Haiti

Sustainable soap is always a good stocking stuffer! For every bar of soap purchased, Hand in Hand will donate a bar of soap, plus one month of clean drinking water, to a child in need in Haiti. The company’s founders partner with the world-wide child advocacy group, My Neighbor’s Children, which has 25 years of experience working in Haiti. You can read more about their mission here.

Pick a cause or nonprofit and the corresponding product

The company Sevenly doesn’t just focus on one charity or cause. In fact, you can pick your product, pick your cause and pick your non-profit. This t-shirt, designed with the words, “Real Life Over Likes,” for instance, benefits the Sit With Us app, which is on a mission to take a stand against bullying. By purchasing one of the products from their partnership with Sevenly, proceeds will go towards the non-profit app to promote kinder, more inclusive conversations for young people online. You can read more about the app here and more about Sevenly’s giving model here.

Eco-friendly tees and books for Honduran libraries

Palabra was founded with the principal of making shirts and basic apparel that has a minimal ecological footprint. That is, it doesn’t harm the earth or the people making it. As a result, their clothing is made from organic cotton, hemp, bamboo or recycled RPET (recycled plastic bottles). Not only are these tee’s environmentally friendly, but for every shirt purchased, Palabra purchases a book to help build libraries with its literacy partners. You can read more about their values here.