Miriam Alden Proudly Identifies as a Recovering People Pleaser
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Miriam Alden Proudly Identifies as a Recovering People Pleaser

The secret is out… we made merch! We’ve partnered with Brunette the Label, a woman-owned clothing brand based in Vancouver, Canada, on an exclusive nine-piece collection. Featuring phrases we all find a little too relatable, these pieces will act as your new work-from-anywhere uniform (sorry, sad stuffy blazer!).

Miriam Alden’s entrepreneurial journey had an interesting start. She sold pashminas out of the back of her car after quitting her job as a sales rep. Fast forward to today, and she’s now the founder and creative director of a highly successful clothing brand, Brunette the Label—and helped to ignite the “babes supporting babes” movement which prioritizes collaboration over competition amongst women.

That’s why partnering with Girlboss on this custom apparel line was a no-brainer. We sat down with the serial entrepreneur to chat about the behind-the-scenes process of this collab (which was six months in the making), her changing definition of the term “girlboss” and how rejecting hustle culture made her a better leader.

Why does a partnership feel natural and aligned?

“Both Girlboss and Brunette the Label have grown and evolved since their beginnings. What Girlboss meant before, and what it means now, are very different. I see that change reflected in my own business, how I lead my team and the way I choose to grow. When I first learned about Girlboss, I was inspired by the movement. We were living through the era of hustle and grind. I was a new entrepreneur, and being known as a ‘girlboss’ was special to me at the time.

But, I was working hard to build my dream and I made a lot of sacrifices. I felt less alone because there were so many others who were going through the same thing. Our vibe back then was really similar, with graphics like “Boss Babe” and “Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day,” these phrases really leaned into starting from nothing and building something.

That brings us to today, and this collaboration. While I would have praised the hustle and grind before, now I really try to focus on creating a healthy work environment for myself and everyone involved with my business. I do still think hard work is important. But it’s about creating new patterns. The word ‘girlboss’ has evolved the same way that our use of the word ‘babe’ has. We’re both working to change the meaning of something that comes with automatic assumptions from the past.”

What does being a 'girlboss' mean to you in 2023?

“A 2023 version of a girlboss is choosing whatever life you want to live for yourself. A girlboss can be anyone—not just someone who works, but rather someone who is living their truth and doing what’s right for them. Personally, I see it as the evolution of a leader: how do I want to lead the next generation? To help others chase and reach their dreams? It’s also about creating boundaries for yourself. For me, it’s also about learning how to be a mom while running a company and choosing the way my heart wants to go on a daily basis. While I’m passionate about fashion, I’m even more passionate about growth and development opportunities for the next generation. I want to create work environments where that’s possible. I love to see people start off their careers with me in a healthy environment and then carry on to whatever’s next for them.”

How do you relate to the phrases depicted on the merch?

“If any one item was made for me, it would be the ‘Recovering People Pleaser’ set. I‘m a middle child of a big family and my entire life was built around saying ‘yes’ and making other people feel comfortable and happy. Something I’ve been trying to do is create boundaries and choose myself first—which is a really hard thing to do when it’s not in your nature!”

Tell our community about the creation process of this collab.

“As a company, we’ve worked hard to move our manufacturing and printing domestically for multiple reasons. Most importantly because it eliminates waste. We are doing this collection as print-to-order, which means we will only make what we sell. We have a limited amount of sweatsuits, but they will be printed after they are purchased so that we won’t end up with any extra pieces. The entire Girlboss collection will be printed on our 100 percent cotton basics which are the most gorgeous, heavyweight sweatsuits. All the graphics are aligned with our values. Plus, the collection is SO cute!”

Shop the collection on girlboss.com now. Sizes are available in XS-XXXL and prices range from $29-$88 USD.