Meet the New Faces of Girlboss Goods
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Meet the New Faces of Girlboss Goods

If you’ve been scrolling through Girlboss Goods—our exclusively women-founded and operated marketplace—lately, then you’ve probably noticed a few new faces. So, we thought it was only right to give you a formal introduction. We are so excited to introduce you to the latest roster of founders who are bringing the girlboss mission to life—from an innovative Halal skincare expert who won our Get the Goods competition to a retail pro who is making lunch bags actually stylish. Plus, stay tuned because we’ll be adding even more new brands (and faces) in the coming weeks.

Jordan Karim, Flora & Noor

Jordan Karim
Flora & Noor

How would you describe your brand in three words? Innovative, fun, effective.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? A girlboss to me is an inspirational woman who believes she can do anything she puts her mind to and does just that! A girlboss is confident, ambitious, doesn't settle and is hardworking.”

Cyndi Ramirez, Chillhouse

Cyndi Ramirez

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Lighthearted, supportive, meaningful.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “It means being brave and taking chances. It can also mean being vulnerable and asking for help. I like to think I straddle those two lines really well.”

Kaylin Marcotte Jiggy Puzzles

Kaylin Marcotte
Jiggy Puzzles

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Playful, artsy, purposeful.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “I think it represents an entrepreneurial spirit and a capacity to make sh*t happen. All of the girlbosses I'm inspired by in my own life have come to their careers with such authenticity and purpose, specifically around the product they want to exist in the world and the impact they want to have on their communities. It's a confidence—to not settle for the status quo, or for the way things have always been done—but instead a confidence to say, ‘Here's how I want it to be and I'm going to be the one to make it happen.’”

Julia Xu Multitasky

Julia Xu

How would you describe your brand in three words? “(Fun)ctional, aesthetic, trendy.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “Girlboss means forging your own path and finding your own means of success. While this seems like an independent endeavor, I actually take ‘girlboss’ to mean someone who navigates a path for the women who will come after her. A true female leader trusts in herself while also showing the way for other women to reach success.”

Kristen Drozdowski Worthwhile Paper

Kristen Drozdowski
Worthwhile Paper

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Sustainable, purposeful, uplifting.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “Since I don’t strictly adhere to one gender expression (I prefer either ‘they’ or ‘she’ pronouns), the word ‘girlboss’ for me has more of an inspirational meaning than a literal one. It’s less about ‘who’ and more about ‘how.’ I’ve always run my business from a place of care—for myself, for my employees, for my customers, for the earth. The quality of care feels feminine to me, and I believe anyone can bring that quality into the way they run their business. I wish for the meaning of ‘boss’ to collectively move away from having connotations of dominance and aggression to being a word we associate with someone who prioritizes the well-being of others and the earth.”

Xenia Chen Threads

Xenia Chen

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Inclusive, thoughtful, modern.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “Someone who is happy and fulfilled and living their life/truth to the fullest.”

Lauren Haynes Wooden Spoon Herbs

Lauren Haynes
Wooden Spoon Herbs

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Fun, friendly, caring.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “I’m lucky to know many successful women in business, and the common threads are: razor sharp intelligence, a savvy for timing, bravery to take giant leaps, strength in leadership, fiery passion and loyalty to their vision.”

Ali Kaminetsky Modern Picnic

Ali Kaminetsky
Modern Picnic

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Functional, sustainable, chic.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “Creating an environment where everyone can thrive, where it's okay to make mistakes and learn from them, and where I can empower others to feel confident. It means taking risks, leading by example, and enjoying the process.”

Sam Levinson Dom

Sam Levinson

How would you describe your brand in three words? “Organic, minimalist, modern.”

What does ‘girlboss’ mean to you? “There was a period of negative sentiment around the term ‘girlboss’ that I couldn't wrap my head around. Women were pushing back saying, ‘Can't we all just be bosses?’ And the answer is yes—yes we absolutely can. But that does not recognize the power behind the ‘girlboss.’ A girlboss says ‘no’ to the glass ceiling, says ‘no’ to the barriers and obstacles in front of her, and to the men blocking her way. Being a boss is a title that was never at arms reach and now it is and can be, let's remind the people who's wearing the boss title: a GIRL! It means turning nos into yeses and taking what you deserve. 

I really, really, really connect with the term in relation to the badass moms out there, who are wearing all the hats at home and at work. The girlboss mamas that are saying, ‘Ya, we can do it all and can do it even better than you.’ I learned all there is to learn about standing strong in a room full of male bosses from my ultimate girlboss, my grandmother: Myra Sable, the founder of Sable & Rosenfeld."

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