Support Black Women by Shopping These 27 Amazing Brands
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Support Black Women by Shopping These 27 Amazing Brands

Your purchases hold a lot of power, so why not support Black women (and their businesses) while you shop? You were in need of a new pair of tights, a refill on your matcha and some new perfume anyway…


Oma the Label The La Vie Bodysuit, Girlboss Goods, $115

The Versatile Bodysuit

The La Vie Bodysuit, Oma the Label, $57

A bodysuit is a true essential. In our books, it rivals the perfect white T-shirt for wardrobe classic status. But finding a good one is about as hard as finding the perfect white tee. The La Vie bodysuit is like the going-out-top’s older sister: dramatic and attention-pulling, but sophisticated and elegant. Just add some high-waisted trousers for an evening look that can’t fail.

Fishnets, Nude Barre, $40

The Fashion-Forward Fishnets

Fishnets, Nude Barre, $43

Fishnets that are soft, pliable and actually sturdy? Say no more. These size-inclusive tights come in 12 unique shades with a one-inch elastic waistband that keeps everything in place without digging into your skin. Finally—a night at the club sans hosiery rips or tears. To the dance floor! 

Six twisted chain necklaces in varying sizes and lengths from Stella & Haas

The Necklace That Elevates Any Look

The Taylah, Stella & Haas, starting at $29.97

Introducing: your new favorite necklace. With twisted detailing that mimics the look of a gilded rope, the Stella & Haas chain is the versatile addition your jewelry box has been needing. Thanks to its tarnish and water-resistant material and eye-catching textured style, this 18K gold-filled stainless steel beauty is made to be worn—and reworn.

What Doesn’t Break You Demi Bra in Mustard, The Undergarment, $170

The Empowering Underwear 

What Doesn’t Break You Demi Bra in Mustard, The Underargument, $51

Treat yourself to underwear that will love you back. With this elegant bra, intricate Swiss embroidery is balanced by supportive underwire and durable ribbed straps. What’s more, each piece from The Undergarment is named a positive affirmation, and comes with that reminder woven-on as a label. Sexy, soft and confidence-boosting—this garment is truly a celebration of the body. 

Trini Loafer in Marfil, Zou Xou, $280

The Cool-Girl Loafer

Trini Loafer in Marfil, Zou Xou, $220

Say it with us: loafers are not just for finance bros. Dubbed an “ironic take” on the classic menswear staple, the Trini Loafer puts an effortlessly cool spin on the classic shoe design with modern white leather and decorative chain detailing. Both refined and playful, these shoes bring an experimental element to any outfit while still being practical. Brad and Chad have nothing on you. 

Delma Tote, AAKS, approx. $206

The Chic-Yet-Practical Tote

Delma Tote, AAKS, approx. $206

Handcrafted in Ghana, this intricately-woven bag offers a cheerful blast of color. Though its structured design gives it a decidedly chic aesthetic, it has a drawstring closure and spacious interior that’s perfect for your phone, wallet, and laptop. Not to mention, its comfy leather-wrapped handle makes it the ideal on-the-go accessory. Bring it out for after-work drinks. Bring it to a business meeting. Bring it to the beach. We have FOMO just thinking about it.


Faded Mist, Topicals, $32

The Gentle Scar-Busting Mist

Faded Mist, Topicals, $32

Buttne, backne and chestne are nothing to be embarrassed about—but scarring because of them is hella annoying. With Topicals’ Faded Mist, you can tackle those stubborn spots courtesy of a refreshing spray that actually feels good on your skin. While working to fade away unwanted marks and hyperpigmentation, it also brightens and balances out your complexion. 

Mud Mask, Bread Beauty Supply, $34

The Hair-Softening Mud Mask 

Mud Mask, Bread Beauty Supply, $34

Give your hair the love it deserves with this pre-shampoo treatment. Perfect for curly, textured hair, this vegan clay mask resets curls for shinier locks, while also gently exfoliating the scalp. With key ingredients like clay and quartz, broccoli extract, and matcha tea leaf extract, this softening treatment is the perfect self-care ritual for bouncier—and healthier—hair.

Worthy Eaux de Parfum, MOODEAUX, $98 for 50 ml

The Mood-Boosting Perfume

Worthy Eaux de Parfum, MOODEAUX, $98 for 50 ml

Thanks to its signature mix of citrusy-floral-woodsy accords, this deliciously comforting scent is aptly described as “a hug in a bottle.” With key notes like white tea, orange blossom, red rose and lavender, it’s made to improve your mood and give you that “I’m worthy” affirmation boost each morning. Tip: Apply on well-moisturized skin to maximize wear.

Retinol Serum, Common Heir, $88

The Gentle Retinol Serum

Retinol Serum, Common Heir, $88

A retinol without the harsh side effects? You had us at “hello.” Formulated with sensitive, melanated skin, Common Heir’s serum is made to provide all the nourishing benefits of retinol without bothering your skin. Vitamin A and smoothing botanicals help to repair, while ingredients like squalane and algae oil work to give results sans irritation. 

Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor, OUI the People, $85

The Skin-Friendly Razor

Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor, OUI the People, $76

Farewell, ingrown hairs and razor burn. With OUI the People’s award-winning razor, shaving just got a whole lot easier. Engineered to remove hair without irritating skin, this stainless steel razor offers a close shave anywhere on your body. It’s also better for the planet: the razor is built to last forever, and the purchase comes ready with ten replaceable blades. 

Flora & Noor Vitamin C Resurfacing Toner, Girlboss Goods, $24

The Ultimate Brightening Toner

Vitamin C Resurfacing Toner, Flora & Noor, $28

If it sold out in 48 hours, it has to be amazing. Some users even saw results after one use. Plus, like all Flora & Noor products, it’s gentle yet effective, especially for melanin-rich skin. “My aim is to formulate products with ingredients consumers can feel proud of that yield real results and to have consumers confirm that I was doing exactly that for them melted my heart,” adds the founder and CEO Jordan Karim.

Organic Regular Tampons, The Honey Pot Company, $9.99

The Hypoallergenic Organic Tampons

Organic Regular Tampons, The Honey Pot Company, $9.99

Finding tampons that are safe for your body and easy to insert shouldn’t be hard to find at the drugstore, but alas, here we are. The good news? The Honey Pot Company makes feminine hygiene products that are dermatologist and gynecologist-tested, derived from plants and 100 percent organic and BPA-free. These tampons are not only super absorbent but they’re also hypoallergenic, too. Not sure what menstrual prods to get? Take their handy quiz!


Dreamy Window Art Print by Izzy Lawrence, that captures a dreamy window that overlooks the ocean.

The Pinterest-Worthy Art Print

Dreamy Window Art Print, Bon Femmes, $36

A not-so-surprising fact: Women are majorly underrepresented in the art world. Omotola Akinbiyi has made it her mission to change that with Bon Femmes, an online marketplace dedicated to spotlighting female creatives. This print from Australian illustrator and animator Izzy Lawrence captures a dreamy window that overlooks the ocean, and we want it hanging on our wall, stat. 

A mustard yellow glazed stoneware clay bowl Snack Bowl from Ekua

The Artisanal Glazed Clay Bowl

Snack Bowl, Ekua, $40

A handful of Takis have never looked so good. Ceramic artist Sara Ekua Todd turned a seemingly boring and functional piece of dishware into something that you’ll want to leave out on display. Each stoneware clay bowl has a wide edge to keep your treat from spilling, and comes in a gorgeous mustard body stain. We’re counting down the hours until snack time.

Nimo Coasters, Expedition Subsahara, $49 (set of 4)

The Hand-Woven Drink Holders

Nimo Coasters, Expedition Subsahara, $49 (set of 4)

No space is complete without a pop of color. Sorry, minimalists and monochrome enthusiasts. These vibrant coasters—hand-woven by Senegalese artisans out of elephant grass and recycled plastic—are small pieces of artwork on your coffee table. You won’t want to put your condensation-heavy glass of water on top of these beauties… but if you do, they can handle it.


Wash Day Candle, Cavo, $24

The Beach Vacation in a Candle

Wash Day Candle, Cavo, $24

Pineapple, mango, coconut milk and sugar? Sounds like the ingredients of a tropical smoothie—and our favorite leave-in conditioner. This sweet-smelling candle is inspired by those intimate moments of self-care, detangling, deep-conditioning and styling delicate natural locks. There’s even a playlist inspired by the candle, to create a whole mood as soon as you light it.

Good Times Gift Wrap, Unwrp, $18

The Cutest Wrapping Paper

Good Times Gift Wrap, Unwrp, $10

Can we talk about how hard it is to find gift wrap that is actually chic? This one by Unwrp is almost too beautiful to unwrap. And the best part? No more wasting awkward-sized strips of paper because the precisely sized sheets means you're never cutting too short or too long. Plus, it’s made from 30 percent recyclable, carbon-neutral, and FSC-certified materials, so you can feel good about purchasing.


Listen B*tch Affirmation Cards, Girlboss Goods, $25

The Brutally Honest Truth Tellers

Listen B*tch Affirmation Cards, $24.99

Sometimes we need a little deadpan humor with our affirmations, ok? Enter these cards, which hook us in with their no-nonsense mantras and the kind of tone of voice that reminds us of our very favorite tough-love-dishing best friend. “We’re proud of what these cards are capable of,” says Listen B*tch co-founder Michelle Osei-Bonsu. “We now receive countless messages from people who have used these cards to start and end their days with positivity, boost their confidence, and so much more.”

Happy Illustration Weekly Notepad, Godly Gorgeous, $15

The Colorful Calendar Pads

Happy Illustration Weekly Notepad, Godly Gorgeous, $15

Sure, digital planners are convenient, but there’s something so satisfying about writing down (and checking off) things on a physical piece of paper. This weekly calendar pad has 50 sheets in a stack and features a colorful patterned background and plenty of space for notes. Imagine how chic this would look sitting next to your set of matching highlighters and gel pens?

Ambition + Mischief Intuition Incubator Deck, Girlboss Goods, $44.44

The Self-Coaching Cards

Intuition Incubator Deck, Ambition + Mischief, $44.44

This deck, inspired by the notion that success can only come after self-reflection, asks powerful questions and works with you to undo old mindsets so that you can tap back into your gut instincts. Each card is double sided, featuring a powerful question on one side, and an affirmation on the other. Each of the 100 unique questions and affirmations are gems, mined from deep coaching sessions with ambitious women.


Ethiopian Blend, Kahawa 1893, $19.99 for 12 oz

The Medium Roast Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Blend, Kahawa 1893, $19.99 for 12 oz

With tasting notes of caramel, berries and florals, this medium-roast blend is made up of beans from two different regions of Ethiopia: Yirgacheffe and Guji. What you’ll get is a unique flavor profile with every sip. Plus, the packaging will look *chefs kiss* next to your curated collection of mugs and fancy stirring sticks on your aesthetic coffee bar.

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Partake, $16.99

The Allergy-Friendly Sweet Treat

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Partake, $6.29

Forget about the Coke versus Pepsi debate. We wanna know if you’re a crunchy or chewy chocolate chip girlie. If you’re the latter, then feel free to scroll—because these best-selling bites are as crunchy as they come. You’ll never guess that these cookies are also free from nine of the most common allergies like wheat, dairy, nuts, eggs and more, so you’re safe to share them (or don’t). We’ll be keeping the whole box to ourselves, thankyouverymuch.

White Cheddar Cheese Balls, Pipcorn, $20

The Delicious and Nutritious Snack

White Cheddar Cheese Balls, Pipcorn, $20

Cheese balls are the elite snack (sorry, Takis)—no further questions. These crunchy, cheesy morsels of deliciousness are made from whole-grain heirloom corn, so they’re gluten-free, and the white cheddar flavor doesn’t taste artificial (like so many other snacks on the market). We gobble these by the handful when the 3 p.m. hangries hit.

Pure Matcha, Golde, $28

The Energy-Boosting Matcha

Pure Matcha, Golde, $28

Hardly a fad, matcha is all the caffeine goodness without the jitters—hot or cold, dashing out the door on a weekday or savoring on a weekend. This superfood-packed green tea powder is grown and processed in Uji, Japan, and does wonders for energy, focus and cellular health. Apologies in advance to your daily flat white latte—she’s about to be replaced.

What the Flu? Tea, Flyest, $20.99

The Cold and Flu Fighter

What the Flu? Tea, Flyest, $20.99

Us? Catching cooties? Not while we have this elderberry-ginger tea blend in our pantry. Herbalist and Flyest founder Shanae Jones has created the most delicious purple cuppa that makes these frigid winter months a little more bearable. The slight spiciness from the cinnamon and ginger is perfection. You can even turn this brew into your own syrup by putting it on the stove, removing the pieces of herbs and adding a drizzle of your fave honey.

Strawberry Chipotle + Fig Jam, Trade Street Jam Co., $15

The Best-Selling Condiment

Strawberry Chipotle + Fig Jam, Trade Street Jam Co., $15

Respectfully, if your charcuterie board doesn’t have this sweet, spicy and smoky spread to smear onto crackers piled high with Camembert, then what are you even doing? Strawberry, fig and chipotle pepper sounds like an unexpected combination… but after one bite, you’ll realize it’s a match made in taste-bud heaven. Pop the jam in a marinade for your braised brisket, or drizzle it over a hot, crispy pizza with prosciutto, fresh figs and arugula. Hungry yet?

Written by Liz Guber, Natalie Michie and Victoria Christie

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