11 New Arrivals From Girlboss Goods That You Need to #AddToCart

11 New Arrivals From Girlboss Goods That You Need to #AddToCart

You couldn’t seem to get enough of our first drop of Girlboss Goods products, so we thought we’d try and one-up ourselves this time around. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the new arrivals, from the two-minute miracle worker for your skin to the comfiest underwear ever.

Reistor The Beach to Bar Dress

The Dress You’ll Live in All Summer

A dress made for the best days—the days when lounging under the sun, to the sound of nearby waves turns into happy hour, no outfit change required. The deep neckline and side slits add a little playfulness to this versatile maxi dress. You won’t believe it’s made from hemp fabric and sustainable trimmings and dyes.

Reistor The Beach to Bar Dress, $185, girlboss.com

Kôv Essentials Luxe Scrunchie

The Crease-Free Hair Scrunchie

This brand made claw clips go TikTok-viral. Their simple scrunched hair elastics just might be next. We especially appreciate the neutral hues—like espresso, champagne and black—that won’t clash with your hair. It’s made from 100% pure silk and gentle enough on your precious locks—no annoying hair creases here.

Kôv Essentials Luxe Scrunchie, $6, girlboss.com

Blume Sunbeam Exfoliating Mask

The Multitasking Skincare Product

Part exfoliant and part-mask, this two-minute miracle worker does it all: frees up your complexion from dead skin cells, brightens, smooths and refines pores (because multitasking isn’t just for the office). The plant-based ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and fruit enzymes are truly miracle workers, leaving your skin baby-soft and ready for a #nofilter selfie.

Blume Sunbeam Exfoliating Mask, $38, girlboss.com

MantraBand I Am Enough

The Wearable Affirmation

We all need a little reminder of our power every now and again, so why not wear it around your neck? Plus, Mantraband goes above and beyond: their gold-dipped sterling silver jewelry has 8 microns of 18K gold—more than double the industry average for gold vermeil jewelry.

MantraBand I Am Enough, $100, girlboss.com 

Wms&Co Wall Planner

The Reason to Write Things Down

While we live by our Google cal and Notion, sometimes it’s nice to kick it old school with a classic wall calendar (you know, for the really important things). Each page contains an undated month with 31 date spaces, lines to fill in the dates and a month indicator. Plus, with a physical calendar, we can even get creative and pin dried flowers or even polaroids to make the days brighter.

Wms&Co Wall Planner, $34, girlboss.com  

Mary Young Moana Hip Bikini in Sage

The Comfiest Underwear in the Game

The color, easy fit and effortless comfort will make this the undie drawer fave. It sits perfectly at your hips with all around coverage and style. Wear on the days you don't feel like wearing pants or pair with pants when, well you have to wear pants. And, like every Mary Young piece, it’s ethically made in Montreal, Canada.

Mary Young Moana Hip Bikini in Sage, $54, girlboss.com

Alissa Bell Lilac Stationery 

The Sweetest Blank Cards

Pastel colors have been enjoying a prolonged moment in the sun. This signature card and asymmetrical envelope set now comes dipped in the dreamiest lavender hue—the color of fancy soap and even fancier macarons. Each card is blank, so it works for thank yous, thinking of yous, birthdays and everything in between.

Alissa Bell Lilac Stationery, $36, girlboss.com

Parrish LA Jude in Black/Milk

The Versatile, Goes-With-Everything Cardigan

Our next chic-but-not-trying airport look is sorted. This striped, cotton maxi cardigan works thrown over just about anything. And we appreciate a hard-working garment as much as the next person.

Parrish LA Jude in Black/Milk, $228, girlboss.com


The Lamare Be You: Affirmation Cards

The Little Pieces of Positivity

There’s so much negativity out there—around us, but also inside our own heads. Break the cycle of limiting beliefs with 40 gentle, powerful reminders of your talents and capabilities. Plus, who says they need to stay stacked in their deck? Pin them to your wall, tuck one inside a beloved book or pass one to a friend in doubt.

The Lamare Be You: Affirmation Cards, $22.95, girlboss.com 


Oma The Label The Ile Hoop

The Not-So-Basic Hoops

Mimic the look of multiple piercings without having to actually get multiple piercings—we’re sold. The smaller, daintier style will be the perfect “goes with everything” option in your jewelry box. Plus, the 18k gold-plated brass looks like you spent hundreds of dollars on these bbs (not $39).

Oma The Label The Ile Hoop, $39, girlboss.com


Samara The Kiana

The Minimalist Backpack

How do you make a backpack look truly chic? You make it look nothing like a backpack! This squared off, sleek and structured take will pair with your fanciest looks or dress up a casual loungewear situation with ease. Plus, we appreciate the key leash to cut down on awkward digging around to get back into the house.

Samara The Kiana, $135, girlboss.com


Oh, you thought that was it? There’s even more where that came from—but act fast because these goods are sure to sell out, stat.