Grace Jones Is A ‘High-Flying Bitch’ In This Gorgeous Documentary Trailer

Grace Jones Is A ‘High-Flying Bitch’ In This Gorgeous Documentary Trailer

Grace Jones—music legend, fashion icon and physical embodiment of inspiration—doesn’t mince words in the newly-released trailer for her upcoming documentary Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami.

“Sometimes,” as the artist puts it, quoting a line from Dolores Clairborne, “you have to be a high-flying bitch.” Ain’t that the truth.

Directed by Sophie Fiennes, the documentary focuses on the life and times of the unconventional Jamaican genius behind “Pull Up To The Bumper,” and “Slave To The Rhythm.” The trailer features Jones applying her iconic stage makeup while backstage before a show, calling for “more rogue!” for a “tribal look,” and generally being mesmerizing.

As the artist told Screen Daily, “This is the first time people will see me in this way. They will see a very candid portrayal. It is raw. It will be like seeing me almost naked. I’m very happy with the film. I didn’t feel like it was an invasion. It was a very smooth and comfortable process.”

Aside from her music and provocative costumes, Grace Jones has inspired people for decades through her blatant disregard for labels—playing with gender roles, blurring the lines of sexuality, and exploring race and self-expression in an unparalleled way.

The film is set to open the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September.

Words: Jerico MandyburPhotos: Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami/GIPHY