Let’s Take a Minute To Celebrate The Magic Of Group Texts

Let’s Take a Minute To Celebrate The Magic Of Group Texts

Let’s talk about another form of free therapy that can easily switch our bad days into good days: The group text chain. OK, so perhaps you’re the friend who regularly mutes the group text notifications. (You know who you are!) Maybe you’re the friend who prefers not to get pinged for every “lolz,” kissy face emoij or random meme. (Because, if we’re honest, we’ve all been that friend at some point.)

But, notification fatigue aside, it’s worth remembering the best part of the group text chain. Giving and receiving every little text is a reminder we have friends and loved ones supporting us. It’s a reminder we have a group who’s ready to provide the antidote to whatever feels or no-good situations we got going on.

Through group texts, we have direct access to our grown ass woman friends who are there for us when we’re having a rough day. At the click of a button, we have sensible people we can sound off on when we feel like quitting. We have people who cheer us up when we’re struggling with a breakup—in our pocket.

Finding the right kind of supportive community when you’re a busy AF woman doesn’t always mean you’re face-to-face. It just means you have someone you can those real kind of convos with—about anything and everything. In honor of the ever-fabulous and changing group text chain, here are the chats that let you know they care.

When you have the same sense of humor so memes abound

When they’re so swift with their congratulations you know they’re true friends

When your friends give you minute-by-minute updates on your whereabouts

When your friends keep it 100 about how hard it is to make plans