Hillary Clinton Went On A Self-Care Binge Post-Election. Wouldn’t You?

Hillary Clinton Went On A Self-Care Binge Post-Election. Wouldn’t You?

The notorious HRC coped with her presidential loss the same way we did: by binge-watching TV shows.

Today, Hillary Clinton released her new book, What Happened. Clinton’s 500-page tome details the historic but ultimately devastating 2016 election, and her feels on the entire tragic ordeal. Hillary talks about who she blames for that loss, and spoiler alert, she blames herself, Bernie, Comey, and sexism. Among other factors.

Secretary Clinton gets real about Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election as well, plus, all the ways she finds Trump’s adoration for Putin to be verydisconcerting for the American people. 

What Happenedisn’t all doom, gloom, scandal, and regret, though. Early on in the book, Clinton opens up about how she’s managed to cope with the biggest loss of her career: Via lots and lots of self-care. As Clinton puts it:

“I surrounded myself with friends and caught up on some of the shows that people have been telling me about for years, as well as a lot of HGTV. Best of all, I spent time with my wonderful grandchildren, making up for all the bedtime stories and songs in the bathtub I missed during my long months on the campaign trail.”

She continues: “I believe this is what some call ‘self-care.’ It turns out, it’s pretty great.”

Naw! I don’t know about you, but it sounds like Clinton dealt with Trump’s win just like I did—if you replace HGTV with Gilmore Girls and pizza.

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a total self-care binge than Hillary Clinton. I’m also super happy that, according to What Happened, Hillary has no intention of disappearing from the public eye anytime soon.

After everything she’s accomplished for the American people over the years—plus everything else that she’s triedto accomplish for the country—the last thing we need is for Hillary Clinton to go away.    

Stay and self-care with us forever, gurl.

Words: Elizabeth EnochsPhotos: GIPHY