How 4 Incredible Women are Toasting Each Other
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How 4 Incredible Women are Toasting Each Other

This content was created by Girlboss in partnership with Segura Viudas Cava.

What happens when you gather a group of incredible, inspiring women over some drinks? The best conversations, powerful takeaways, and most of all—a celebration of one-another. That’s why Segura Viudas Cava is raising a glass this Women’s History Month and encouraging everyone to come around their Shared Table to celebrate
all women’s respective roots and authentic stories. Here, Miz Cracker, drag queen, podcast host, Bachelor alum Sarah Herron, Olympic Gold Medalist volleyball player Alix Klineman and lifestyle and parenting content creator Lissette Pedreiras share what it means to celebrate success, womanhood and community. 

On The Power of Community

Miz Cracker: My mom taught me how to be a creative person and how to never take anything for granted, to look at how any object in your house can be transformed into something else. She taught me about integrity and honesty. My sister taught me how to be tough because she’s one tough cookie. I take those values out into the world. I am constantly learning new rules for living from the women in my life.

Sarah Herron: I feel most connected to my womanhood when I am in collaboration with other women. I love learning from other women, whether it’s in a creative space, the workplace or in the backcountry.

On Their Biggest Learnings

Miz Cracker: I was doing a meet and greet before a show and I stepped out of the spotlight for a second to look at the line of people that were waiting to meet me and it was all mothers and daughters. I wouldn’t exist without the support of my female audience. I wrote the show American Woman about the things that I’ve learned about being a better ally to women. Now, I have so much more clarity on what a woman’s experience is like and I feel like I’m a strong ally, where I think I was just a friend to women in the past.

Sarah Herron: For a long time, I believed that I had to “do it all” and figure it all out for myself. I had a tendency to be very “team I” instead of “team we.” But whenever I constricted myself to doing things in isolation, I was limiting my potential, and the potential of my projects. Many of my start up projects would suffer because I wasn’t willing to give up control. I burned out employees and relationships because I struggled to allow others in. But opening the door to other women’s creativity, leadership and thought processes, my projects were able to thrive and take off in ways I wasn't able to achieve on my own.

On Priorities

Alix Klineman: I, like everyone else, feel pressure from time to time. When I start to feel nervous or the weight of people's expectations, I take a step back and remind myself that pressure ultimately is just how I perceive everyone else’s opinions or judgements. Once I take a second to realize I really don’t care what some random person thinks, it helps me detach and let go of the pressure I’m feeling. It’s definitely easier said than done, but once I break down pressure to understand the source of it, it actually seems quite trivial.

Lissette Pedreiras: As a woman who has so many things going on my reward is always to travel and have some me time. I love getting to see new parts of the world and if that’s not an option, a nice spa day is my reward for the work I put in each and everyday. I think we as women tend to forget to reward ourselves so that the past few years I've learned this is as important as accomplishments I have made in my life.

On Being Multi-Faceted

Alix Klineman: I have a lot of passions and hobbies outside of beach volleyball. I find it more rewarding to be recognized for things I do off the court than for things I do on the court. I take a lot of pride to achieve balance in my life, it actually makes me a happier person and a better volleyball player. I always make time to do something creative, whether it’s cooking an extravagant meal, exploring a foreign country, or photographing my travels.

Lissette Pedreiras: If you are a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, or have a 9-5 etc, we all need to unplug and have that reset. It's important to me to journal each morning , and speak my affirmations. I usually look in the mirror and say them out loud to get my day started. I feel like a boss whenever I say my affirmations and truly like I can conquer the day.

On Their Go-To "Cheers!"

Miz Cracker: I always say ‘Shablam’ or ‘Shabbat Shablam’ when it’s the Sabbath!

Sarah Herron: This is my favorite one right now: “To the holidays! All 365 of them” -Mark Twain

Alix Klineman: I honestly just say “Cheers!” But I never take a sip of wine or Cava without taking a moment to toast whoever I’m drinking with.

Lissette Pedreiras: “Salud!” is usually my go to when I'm cheers-sing it's a form of saying cheers to health wealth and prosperity in my culture.

Speaking of making a toast, Segura Viudas Cava has been perfecting the art of traditional winemaking for over 800 years. It pairs perfectly with a RuPaul’s Drag Race or The Bachelor marathon, FYI.