"How Do I Negotiate My First Management Salary?"
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"How Do I Negotiate My First Management Salary?"

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"Currently negotiating salary for my first management position. Any advice?"

Monica Rockstroh is a salary negotiation expert and career pep talker. Here's her advice.

"Love to see you strategizing. So let's dive into some strategy. You need to understand your leverage points—aka the reasons why you deserve more than what was initially offered. They are what you will use when speaking to your boss about why you're asking for more. Not sure what yours are? I've got you. Start by answering these questions: What do you currently do that is above and beyond your job description? Think about tasks you've taken on (and aced) that you didn't have to, or that were added to your plate because someone knew you could handle them.

Next, what are some of your recent 'wins'? Did you make clients happy? defused a tense meeting? Secured new projects? Finally, what experience, education and expertise might you bring to this role that not every candidate has?

Once you've brainstormed answers to those, pick three that you feel most confident about and that you know will impress your boss the most.

Remember: when discussing the new management role and a salary is offered, you can state that you're grateful for the opportunity, though you would like to discuss compensation. Here are some example phrases to use: 'Because of X and Y (leverage points 1 and 2), I was anticipating an offer in the $___ - $___ range. I know that Z (leverage point 3) is really important for the success of this role, and I'm confident that I am bringing the necessary expertise to the table. Can we discuss flexibility in the salary offered?'

Ultimately, you won't get more without asking for more. It's on you to lead this conversation and advocate for yourself (and your bank account, and thus your retirement!). The best time to negotiate is before signing a new offer. You've got this, I'm cheering for you!"

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