How This Wellness Expert Practices Self-Care

How This Wellness Expert Practices Self-Care

Before she became founder and CEO of The Nue Co. Jules Miller struggled to find the right supplements that helped her as she coped with IBS symptoms. To fulfill this need, Miller decided to create a product that was natural, organic, and luxurious.

Her clean supplements are designed to focus on health, but they aren’t defined by it, something that comes through in the gorgeous packaging these products are sold in. Ahead, Jules Miller shares her picks and how she exercises self-care in her day-to-day life, with some help from her favorite things.

Power Mantra

“Keep going. Believing you can do it is half the battle.”

Skincare Essential

Biologique P50 has essentially resurfaced my skin. I then mix The Nue Co. Topical – C with a simple serum and avoid heavy moisturizers. I find this to be the best solution for the hot New York summer.

Can’t Miss Podcast

The High Low.

Happy Place Outfit

I feel most myself in mom jeans and trainers. How great is it that we now live in a world where I can lead board meetings wearing that?  

Currently Reading + Listening

Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep. I’ve always been fascinated by the unconscious mind, I wrote my dissertation on it at university. This book sheds light on the functionality of sleep, which goes beyond simply rest and recovery.

The author examines years worth of studies to offer practical advice on how to improve everything from your hormones to your productivity through sleep.

Productivity Hack

When I feel like I’m drowning in work, I prioritize the task that makes the rest easier. I call it “the hook.” I knew The Nue Co. needed to sign up a minimum of 50 prestigious stores prior to raising our seed round of investment.

Rather than attempting that all at once, we launched exclusively at one of the world’s most recognizable high-end retailers, Net-A-Porter. After that stores were approaching us!

Most-Opened App

Citymapper. I’m not a native New Yorker and I have the worst sense of direction.

Good Hair Secret

Weapon Olaplex.

Flats, Heels or Sneakers

Sneakers! *Trainers.

Self-care Method of Choice

I eat carbs and tell myself I’m doing a good job at work.