This Is the Future of Payroll: 3 Payroll Myths Debunked
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This Is the Future of Payroll: 3 Payroll Myths Debunked

This content is created by Girlboss in partnership with Roll by ADP

What images come to mind when you think “payroll?” Do you picture accounts payable, stacks of paper, spreadsheets, and those really massive calculators you see in ’80s movies? And managing tax receipts and filing?! Put on your power suit and grab your giant coffee mug.

In all seriousness, doing payroll can be a stressful part of being a business owner, whether you’ve got one part-time employee or 50 full-timers with benefits. If you’re new to it, it can be especially intimidating. That’s why we’re busting three of the most common myths about doing payroll—and sharing a couple of ways to make it the easiest part of your day / week / month / whenever your pay periods are.

Myth #1: Payroll has to be every two weeks

Fun fact: The practice of paying employees bi-weekly dates back to the First World War. In 2022, you (and your employees) deserve better - especially in an economy where many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck (thanks inflation!), and two weeks can be an eternity to wait when you’ve got bills due, like, yesterday. That’s where an innovative solution like Roll by ADP can be a gamechanger. With a single text, their on-the-go app lets you “run” payroll wherever you are, whenever you like—and your employees get paid via direct deposit the next day.

Myth #2: Payroll has to be this super complicated thing

Think you’ve got to sit down with a stack of time and attendance forms and start cutting paychecks to “do” payroll? Think again! You don’t even need a laptop (let alone a desktop!) to use Roll by ADP to pay your employees. There’s no training to sit through, and you definitely don’t need a business degree. If you can chat via text, you can do payroll with Roll by ADP, thanks to their clever chat-based interface—and they even handle the really complicated stuff like payroll taxes. And because Roll by ADP is backed by the biggest name in payroll, you know it's being done properly - and securely.

Myth #3: You need to be a CEO with 5000 employees to do payroll

As a small business owner, you might only have a few employees, or even just one who helps you every now and then. “Doing payroll” for that might feel a little out of your league—until you use Roll by ADP, which is perfect for small businesses because it’s so easy and intuitive. Your employees can onboard themselves, and you even get automated reminders telling you when it’s time to pay them. (Adios, chaotic stickies with “$$$ Jimmy tomorrow” plastered across your office.) You can also get your first three months free, after that, it’s just $29 / month (plus $5 per employee). But doing your payroll in under a minute while you’re lining up for coffee? You can’t put a price on that.