How To Say ‘Thank You’ To All The Supportive Women In Your Life This Valentine’s Day

How To Say ‘Thank You’ To All The Supportive Women In Your Life This Valentine’s Day

We’re of the philosophy that showing the women in your life that you love them is a year-round activity. But, if you’re looking for a kick in the butt to send out those ‘thank you’ notes or flowers to the friends, family, co-workers, mentors, and beyond who have supported and shown up for you—what better incentive is there than Valentine’s Day?

Being an entrepreneur, freelancer, side-hustler, or an ambitious woman of any kind can feel isolating and unforgiving at times. Just when you feel like the grind is getting to you, you likely lean on the women in your life for some support—whether that’s a pep talk, a moment of mentorship, or an after-work cocktail. And those are the things that make all the difference when you’re searching for reasons to keep going. Knowing someone else believes in you and that you aren’t alone? That’s truly a gift.

So, if you want to repay the women in your life who never cease to show up for you this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a few creative ideas!

Give Their Self-Care Routine An ~Upgrade~

When life gets hectic, often times the first thing to go is our self-care. Remind them that they’re deserving of feeling nourished and pampered both physically and mentally—on this holiest of V-Days (and every day thereafter!).

Romance Them

Romancing your BFFs is *just* as crucial as going all-out for a romantic partner. Go with a classic V-Day gift—flowers, chocolate, the works!—but with a stylish twist. Because who knows her better than you do?

Contribute To A Good Cause

Don’t just shower them with gifts, but also give to a great cause that they really care about. Whether they’re big on supporting education for young girls or fighting hunger worldwide, there are plenty of Valentine’s Day presents that’ll speak to their inner philanthropist.