How To Hack The Poshmark Resell Game (And Make Cash) According To Super-Users
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How To Hack The Poshmark Resell Game (And Make Cash) According To Super-Users

The resale market existed long before the internet and resale apps came along. But, once they did arrive, the opportunities increased exponentially to resell used items. Today, there are all sorts of resale apps for clothing, furniture or—you name it.

But clothing-specific apps like the super-hyped Poshmark have taken the practice to a new level. Selling on Poshmark specifically has become a full-time gig for some users and the social aspect of the platform makes it distinct from other resale clothing apps.

But, how do you start selling on Poshmark so you can (actually) make money? While the resale clothing and accessories app has a lot of fans, it can be difficult knowing where to start. To get the insider’s scoop on what it takes to build a good side income on Poshmark, we asked super-users on the app—Nicole Couloute, Ediza Ferris of Healthy Girl Fashion and Amy Jovel—to share their best Poshmark advice. Here’s what they had to say.

What should people new to Poshmark understand about the platform?

Nicole Couloute: The search feature is setup to show what’s just been shared. If you share frequently, even if your item is more expensive, it will show up first. There’s a flat rate of $6.49 to ship up to five pounds priority mail and the shipping label is emailed to you automatically once something sells. You just put the label on the package!

Finally, Poshmark frequently does a “closet clear out” in which you get a $4.99 shipping if you “like” an item and the seller drops the item’s price. Also, one of Poshmark’s best features is the offer to like feature where you can send offers to people who have liked your item and they receive reduced shipping. I get lots of sells that way.

Ediza Ferris: Poshmark is more social. It’s connected to many social media platforms and there are programs in place that really work within the community. The founder and CEO is heavily involved with the community and is way more hands-on and makes himself available. They have outreach college programs and community programs that work with users and help grow the seller. That’s in contrast to other apps where it’s just primarily a virtual storefront.

Amy Jovel: It’s a community of people who support one another. User are encouraged to meet up and get to know each other. I remember back in 2013 when Poshmark had their first meet up in New York, there were a few of us there and I finally met Manish Chandra, the CEO, in person. He was very interested in getting to know his users and asking our feedback. They believed that you can be an entrepreneur by selling clothes in your own home. That was the moment I realized, ‘Wow, this is more than just an app, they are building a culture of independent women who come together for their love of fashion and business.’

When people are new to Poshmark, how would you advise them to start their closet?

N.C.: When you first start your closet try to list at least one item a day and share your closet to your followers and to “parties.” This will keep you active in the app, leading to more sales. Also, share other people’s items to get more followers. Try following the requirements to be a Poshmark “suggested user,” (now called an “ambassador”) in the app. That will get you more followers. Above all, keep in mind that this app is a social app and so sharing is important! You can’t list it and forget it.

“Branding is a real thing, so really take the time to style out your covershots.”

E.F:Branding is a real thing, so really take the time to style out your covershots. It really makes a difference how people see the item. Model it if you can, and be very descriptive. Never lie about blemishes and be real and honest about the product you’re selling.

A.J.:I always recommend that first-time sellers take it slow and get into a rhythm that works for them. You can start off by selling things from your own closet that you no longer use. Once you feel confident in your cover-shots, you can start buying to resell and build a brand for yourself. Ask yourself, “Who is my buyer?” Then, curate your closet for that specific person. You don’t need fancy lights, a camera or an expensive dress. You can start with some natural light, a white wall and your cell phone.

What are common mistakes that Poshmark users make on the platform?

N.C.:Do not sell items that are prohibited on Poshmark such as home goods. This will prevent you from hosting parties in the app and from hosting parties in person. Also, another common mistake is buying items to resale without checking the sold function on the app to see how much it’s selling for on the app.

E.F.:There are so many things that are much more common sense. Don’t harass or bully people on the platform, for instance. But from a seller’s standpoint, I wouldn’t accept every offer that comes your way. The more you cave into lowball offers, the worse it’ll make you feel. Stand your ground and don’t take low offers.

“From a seller’s standpoint, I wouldn’t accept every offer that comes your way.”

A.J.:Following the community guidelines and etiquette is very important. The goal is to create repeat buyers, so if something goes wrong with a sale, be honest with the buyer. Don’t send a damaged item or stop communication. Building a positive reputation is crucial to creating a successful business.

What are good ways to gain followers and sales?

N.C.:Share other people’s items and become a Poshmarkambassador. Share your items to your followers and to parties to get sales. List frequently and spread out your listings so that you can list at least one a day. Try to list in-demand items.

Once you are an ambassador you will automatically receive followers. The requirements of which are a 4.5 or better average purchase rating, less than three day shipping time average, 1 love note given, 5,000 community and 5,00 self shares, 50 new poshers shares, 50 available listings, and 15 sales. This is not referring to an influencer/ambassador type of thing. This is more of a” suggested user” program.

E.F:Have really great cover shots and put yourself out there. Share a lot and be active on the platform.

“I share my entire closet at least two to three times a day.”

A.J.:I share my entire closet at least two to three times a day and I share and follow new and active sellers all day long! It’s a cycle of support. They follow me, I follow them and so on and so forth. The more exposure your closet gets per day, the higher the potential is for sales.

How much money can users reasonably expect to make?

N.C.:When I actively put in about 20 hours/work a month on the app I can make $500/month gross. In June 2018, I made $803 in sales gross and I put in about 10 hours on the app that month. It’s all about listing in-demand items and putting in time to share your items to your followers. I also have 223K followers and I have spoken at the Poshmark Conference, hosted several virtual and in-person Poshmark parties. All of which means I am a trusted seller. I would say people can make about $100-$1000/month gross if you are just starting.

“In June 2018, I made $803 in sales gross and I put in about 10 hours on the app that month.”

However, you must be listing items that are in-demand! You can see what’s in demand by searching using the ‘sold’ function before you purchase items for resale. You can search by categories and usually the first items that come up is what sold recently, unless the person shared a sold item from the past.

Some people on the app have made six figures but it’s their full-time job and they devote the time. I also make sure my cost of goods is low. Most of my inventory I purchase outright and some I consign for others for about 40-50 percent commission.

E.F:It depends how dedicated they are and how much time they spend on the app. I’ve made anywhere from $0-$3k. Some posters I know make upwards of $4k+ depending on how many much they sell.

A.J.:It really depends on how hard you work! If you put in the time, the possibilities are endless. Poshmark was always my side gig since I had a full-time job and I would bring in a few thousand extra a month. Now I’m officially doing it full time and my goal is to reach the six figure mark.

What’s the timeline for gaining traction in sales? How long did it take you to make your first sale and become great at Poshmark?

N.C.:If you list in-demand items, they can sell the same day. For example, when I list Lululemon speed shorts, they sell same day or next day. (I have been on the app since January 2015.) I also recommend that you go to Posh n Sips hosted by Poshers. These events are free to attend, and you pay for your own food and drink. I host Posh n Sip parties in mostly Connecticut and soon in Massachusetts. You will learn tips from other sellers that will help you at these events.

“If you list in-demand items, they can sell the same day.”

I listed my first item and two days later it sold for $450. I was hooked! You can find your details about your sales under “My sales report” under “My seller tools.” It shows what categories and brands you sell the most. It’s very insightful.

E.F:They say that once you hit around 4K followers, you’ll see an uptick in sales (on average). However, it’s not the followers that bring the sales, it’s your product. Be sure to list a minimum of 10 items when you start.

A.J.:There’s no exact science or timeline for gaining traction, but if you stock your closet with coveted brands, you will be bombarded with offers and sales! Take great cover shots, put effort into your descriptions, make sure you have brands that people want and don’t forget to list them! If you don’t list it, it won’t sell. You just have to get started.

I started Poshmark in January of 2013 and I made my first sale within the first few days of posting my first item. In my excitement, I started listing everything I could get my hands on. Once I was popular on the app, I became a suggested user. The rest is history!

What are your three best tips for making the most out of the app?


Share your items to your followers and parties daily. Before purchasing an item for resale, check the “Sold” filter on Poshmark to see what it’s selling for. List items daily.

Be active on the app. Go to as many Poshmark events as you can. Spread out your listings. List an item at least once a day.


Share and follow as many closets as you can for more exposure. Engage and be active in the community. Go to your local meet up or Poshmark event. Get to know other sellers and learn from each other. Make friends! List list list. If you don’t list it, it won’t sell. The more items you have listed, the more $$ you will make.

And, of course, stay positive and have fun!

Comments have been edited for length and clarity.