Why Your Origin Story Is One Of Your Biggest Assets

Why Your Origin Story Is One Of Your Biggest Assets

Last fall, Girlboss Radio and TUMI partnered up for a special-edition podcast that took a deep dive into all the twists, turns and roadblocks that inevitably meet us on the road to pursuing the lives we want to live. We discussed everything from finding a sense of purpose to the challenge of maintaining relationships and finding the most effective methods for self-care. And along the way, In Progress fostered candid conversations around navigating journeys that are distinctly different for everyone—and reminded us that no matter how many successes and failures we collect along the way, we are always a work in progress.

We loved how rich those conversations were, and you told us you loved it too. Which is why we’re back for round two, coming to the earbuds nearest you very, very soon. On August 22, the first episode of In Progress season two drops, with six special-edition episodes hosted by none other than Aurora James, founder of the infinitely buzzed-about footwear and clothing brand Brother Vellies. Season two will be taking an even deeper look under the hood as James and her guests discuss the importance of origin stories—the places we come from, the people who raised us, the traditions we’ve carried with us, and the experiences that have left an indelible impression on who we are today.

As an entrepreneur whose creative vision is rooted firmly in the artistic traditions of South Africa, James is well-versed in living every bit of your experience and taking it along with you for the ride: “No matter what, I’m still going to be me and do me, even if everyone else is telling me not to,” she told Sophia Amoruso on a previous episode of Girlboss Radio.

James will be joined in conversation by some of the brightest entrepreneurs and thought leaders out there: Melanie Elturk, founder of Haute Hijab; entrepreneur and media personality Patty Rodriguez; Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln; fashion designer and entrepreneur Anine Bing; personal finance expert Tiffany Aliche; and spiritual teacher and author Biet Simkin.

Each episode will offer up insights on the ways that laying claim to your unique personal history—in all its challenging, complicated, and rewarding glory—is one of the most powerful tools you can harness as you navigate your journey in real-time and create your own personal roadmap to what the future holds.

Ahead, watch Zoe Kravitz navigate her own origin story, with a little guidance from dad Lenny Kravitz.