These 5 Incredible Women Will Leave You Feeling Inspired, Not Burnt Out By Social Media

These 5 Incredible Women Will Leave You Feeling Inspired, Not Burnt Out By Social Media

These days, when we talk about social media, the conversation often leads to digital burnout and all the ways we can work on putting down our phones a little more. It’s easy to forget the reason many of us log onto social media in the first place: all of the inspiring instagram accounts (read: cool businesswomen) still worth picking up our phones for. While some posts can certainly still leave us feeling left out or insecure, there are plenty of women out there sharing not just their wins but the hard work it took to accomplish them—turning their own vulnerability into authentic conversation and actually valuable advice.

Of course, we’ve invited all of our favorite inspirational women to speak at the Girlboss Rally, and until we get some face time with them this summer, we’ll be (mindfully) checking in with them on Instagram for a dose of real talk and real empowerment.

Here are 5 of our favorite inspirational Instagram accounts to follow right now.

Rupi Kaur

Sometimes, in order to find true inspiration, we have to dig a little deeper than catch phrases and quotes. Poet and activist Rupi Kaur has no shortage of intelligent, heartfelt thoughts to share on her Instagram (and in her New York Times best-selling books). Scrolling through her feed will encourage you to take a moment and reflect on life’s biggest challenges and smallest triumphs in a way that we often don’t take time to do. Her IRL poetry performance at the Girlboss Rally is sure to leave us in the depths of our feelings—in the best way possible.

Sallie Krawcheck

Now, Sallie Krawcheck’s Insta is as honest and real as it gets. The former Wall Street exec and current CEO and co-founder of Ellevest—an investment platform designed for women’s financial needs—has no shortage of money facts to share. While she stresses the importance of building your financial independence, she also regularly drops actionable tips to help you get there. We’ll be taking major notes when she speaks at the Girlboss Rally.

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos has never let difficult circumstances get in the way of her path to success. The daughter of two immigrants and hard-working janitors, she rose the ranks of the entertainment journalism industry, hosted shows like Extra and E! News, and even won an Emmy. But she didn’t stop there—nor did she let a brain tumor stop her, though it did shift her perspective on, well, everything. Now, she’s the CEO of Afterbuzz TV Networks and the host of her own podcast, where she’s constantly sharing tips to help make positive changes to our daily lives. Follow her for all kinds of reminders on how to look on the positive side of things and appreciate the beauty in life’s small moments.

Gabi Gregg

The self-described “OG Fat Girl”, Gabbi Gregg has never let the haters stop her from flaunting her curves and encouraging other women to love the bodies they’re in, too. Her account is brimming with some of the most inclusive fashion inspo on Instagram, including from her own clothing collections and the plus-size brand she co-founded, PREMME. She’s broken down a lot of barriers on her path to entrepreneurship, and will be sharing even more about her journey at the Girlboss Rally.

Piera Gelardi

If you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, look no further than Piera Gelardi. As the co-founder and Executive Creative Director of Refinery29, her vibrant aesthetic is really no surprise—and neither are the thoughtful captions she’s willing to pair with her posts. Her perspectives challenge us to think and do more than pretend everything’s rainbows all the time. (Did we mention she’s a new mom with an adorable baby girl? If the overload of cuteness isn’t worth a follow, we don’t know what is.)

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