International Day Of The Girl: We Asked A Bunch Of Girls About Their Dreams For The Future

International Day Of The Girl: We Asked A Bunch Of Girls About Their Dreams For The Future

On International Day of the Girl, we honor and acknowledge the importance of every single little girl around the globe. With that, the day is intended to shed a light on the unique challenges that young girls face, and the issues and dangers that disproportionately affect them.

While last year we asked a group of teenage girls to share their visions for a truly equal world, this year we wanted to hear from girls of all ages. This year’s theme for International Day of the Girl is Unscripted and Unstoppable. So, Girlboss decided to go directly to the source and ask some wonderful and wise beyond-their-years girls from ages 6 to 17 about what they’re good at, what they’d like to learn, and who they want to be in this world.

What are you good at?

“I’m really good at the drums and I’m an amazing artist.”-Norma Kate, 9

“I think that often times as girls, we’re conditioned to say ‘I’m not really good at anything,’ but I kind of want to shy away from that. I think I’m pretty good at establishing connections with people, organizing, and communications.” -Jennifer, 17

“I think that I’m really good at public speaking and ballroom dancing.” -Grace, 15

“I’m good at acting, drawing, and dancing, and I love to take pictures!” -Serenity, 11

“Writing. I love writing essays and poetry and short stories. It’s become a pretty standard part of my routine. I write multiple times a day, multiple pages a session.”-Taylor, 17

What do you want to learn?

“I want to study neuroscience or psychologist and become some kind of psychologist or psychiatrist when I’m older.” -Grace, 15

“I wanna learn to read Chinese and Spanish.” -Violet, 6

“One thing I’d like to learn more about our brain. I plan on becoming a neuroscientist in the future and I’d like to lead research on our consciousness and sleep and how we work, because that’s a major part of the human equation that we’re missing and I feel like that will lead to many, many more discoveries.”-Taylor, 17

“I want to learn how to be an engineer. I’m not sure what kind of engineer quite yet.” -Elizabeth, 15

“More about communications, how to organize large groups of ppl, and how to stay organized.” -Jennifer, 17

“I want to learn how to be a better rapper.” -Kendall, 8

Who do you want to meet?

“I really want to meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg because I love the work that she’s done and how she’s always able to stand up for what she believes in.” -Grace, 15

“A sea monster. No, I don’t think they’re real. A reindeer. Reindeer are real. Or the actor of Spiderman.” -Violet, 6

“Influencers, activists, people who are passionate about everything they do.” -Jennifer, 17

“I want to meet That Girl Lay Lay, because she inspires me in rapping.” -Kendall, 8

What’s a cause you care about?

“Something that’s really hitting me is the mental health crisis we have. The lack of access people have to mental healthcare and the fact that it feels that mental health is only afforded to people who can pay for therapy and there’s all these stigmas around therapy, I think that it’s time that we change that. It’s something that people need.” -Jennifer, 17

“Some people litter, and when they litter, that goes into the ocean, to sea turtles, sharks, and all the others.” -Norma Kate, 9

“I’m really passionate about the environment and figuring out what we can do to save our planet.”-Grace, 15

“A cause that I care about is fair wages, especially as a girl going into a field that would have a wage gap. I don’t want to experience that. So I’m going to do my best to help out.” -Elizabeth, 15

“Something I am passionate about is our education. I think globally we should have access to equal education. I think that the only way we’re going to grow as a global community is by increasing educational standards across the globe.” –Taylor, 17

“I care about people throwing plastic in the ocean. So don’t do that.” -Kendall, 8