Your January Horoscopes Have Arrived And They’re Emo, Sorry ‘Bout It

Your January Horoscopes Have Arrived And They’re Emo, Sorry ‘Bout It

Happy New Year, Lovers & Haters! Let’s just say,2020 is starting off with some really powerful astrology. It’s a time for transformative new openings and momentous endings.

Pay close attention to emotions rising to the surface with the Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on January 10, and the once-in-a-lifetime conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun in Capricorn on the 12th. These transits are likely to confront us with issues that have been lingering in the shadows. It may not be easy, but now is the time to face whatever comes up with humility and integrity.

From January 25onwards, romance may be in the air, but in a confusing, super TBD kind of way. Avoid making decisions about what it all means until next month. And find out what the stars have in mind for your sign in particular all of January.

Between the Lunar Eclipse in your relationship house on January 10, and the once-in-a-lifetime conjunction of your ruling planet, Saturn, Pluto, the Sun, and Mercury in your sign on the 12th, this month is a really big deal for you, Capricorn. Above all else, act in ways that reflect your integrity and not your circumstance. You may find yourself dealing with consequences from past actions now. What you do (or don’t do) this month will have far-reaching aftershocks, so act with care, my love.

You’re moving through some really deep terrain, this month, Aquarius. On January 24,there will be a New Moon in your sign, and this is an especially good time to clarify what you want, start something new, or to confront old fears and feelings that have been holding you back. You’re on the verge of breaking through. Identify what you need to embody to get where you want to go and keep on showing up, my love.

This month’s astrology is designed to kick up emotional intensity all around, as the things we’ve been trying to hide come to surface. For you this is especially tender news, because while Pisces may be represented by the fish, you’re really the canary in the collective coal mine. Honor your heart’s needs, even if that slows you down this month. This is the time for boundaries that are steeped in kindness. You’re ready to do some deep healing, my love.

You’re not meant to know the answers this month, Aries, and that’s an uncomfortable place to be. Kick off the New Year by honoring the messiness in your life. You don’t always get to know what comes next – but that doesn’t mean that something bad is on its way, either. Pay attention to the evidence you have about the people and situations in your life pair it with what you know about your own patterns, my love.

It’s time to look at what you’re trying to call into your life to make sure that will actually improve it, Taurus. The reality is that sometimes the things that you want the most are pretty far removed from what you actually need. Challenge yourself to consider why you want what you want, and if it will help you to have the quality of life you yearn for.

There are countless options of what you can do, what might happen, or where you could go, but in reality you can only do so much at once.It’s time to choose a direction, Twin Star, which also means that it’s time to confront your FOMO (fear of missing out).  No matter how many distractions there may be to starting off on a new path, it’s time to align yourself with the actions that reflect your priorities instead of chasing every good idea you’ve got.

The Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 10this a momentous time for you, Moonchild. You may find that your emotions are all over the place or that you’re fixated on a past dynamic. Beware of defensiveness in yourself or when dealing with others, and strive, whenever possible, to rise to the occasion instead of doubling down on your point. You may feel like you’re the only adult in the dynamic, but it’s worth it if you want your relationships to thrive.

Sometimes when you stand up for what you believe in, you end up standing alone. Don’t let the discomfort that comes with being in contrast to others stop you from honoring what’s true for you, Leo.You’re likely to find yourself confronted with the choice of going along with things that feel wrong to you, or being true to yourself. While the latter may seem like the more provocative option, that’s only true in the short term. Make moves you can happily grow into, this month.

You can’t control how things play out, people’s attitudes, or even how others feel about you, but you can make sure that you’re managing your own actions, thoughts, and feelings, Virgo. Make sure that the foundations that you’re laying reflect your beliefs and goals, even if that means stepping out on a limb and taking some intimidating chances. Don’t let fear or awkwardness stop you from creating a life that you actually want to be living, my love.

It’s complicated; this month may find you coping with an unexpected loss, or having to contend with some upsetting news. If you accept your relationships for what they are in the here and now, you may have to admit that things are changing for the best. The key is to be forthright about your position and gentle with your feels so that you aren’t complicit in the very problems that are making you’re struggling with, Libra.

It’s totally fair that you need space and time to figure things out – what get’s you in trouble is when you don’t communicate about it in a clear way to the folks that it directly impacts. It’s OK to call a truce, to press pause, or to generally buy yourself some time, as long as you let others know where you’re at, Scorpio. January may find you needing to pivot in a meaningful way, so invest in figuring out what direction you want to grow in.

Allow yourself to grieve when you need to, but don’t believe that the losses of today are a forbearer on what’s to come. Take pains to stay present with the good, the bad, and the TBD, even if that means being sad this month. For your life to thrive you only need to point yourself towards what real, not to force them to change before they’re ready. While you may not get what you want this month, you’re absolutely poised to get what you need, Sagittarius.