These Are Amazon’s Best-Kept Fashion Secrets

These Are Amazon’s Best-Kept Fashion Secrets

It’s no secret that Amazon has disrupted the traditional brick-and-mortar retail industry. With the click of a button, we’re a day or two away from getting almost anything delivered to our front door. But when it comes to finding stylish clothing and accessories, Amazon remains a jungle. That’s where the Instagram account @fashionsecrets93 comes in. Consider it your stylish BFF’s curated selection of the trendiest and most unexpected finds on Amazon.

The website and Instagram account, previously known as @amazonfashionsecrets*, are run by stylist Keely Murphy, who spends hours digging through Amazon’s pages to find its most stylish products.

We chatted with Murphy to learn more about what it takes to discover great finds on the massive shopping site.

How did you start curating items on Amazon?

I was doing a lot of personal shopping online and people would ask me, “Oh, where is that from?” I was like, “It’s funny, it’s on Amazon. I’ll send you a link.” It definitely came from of a personal place of wanting to find these products.

I sort of started the account as a joke because I just love the imagery. I thought the pictures were so funny. Then it gained such a positive response.

Have you ever been surprised by anything that you’ve found on Amazon?

Oh, every day. Of course. I’ve been doing it since December and even now I’ll be like, “Wow, I’ve never seen these earrings, these are wild!” Just the other day I searched “denim bags” and came across a Louis Vuitton Speedy made out of vintage Levi’s. I couldn’t believe that was on Amazon when it could be in any high-end boutique.

What’s your process for discovering these products on Amazon?

A lot of it’s about the language of search terms; that’s the most complex piece. But then, on the fun side, I also just come up with what I think would be interesting to search for, like “denim bag” or “vinyl bra” or “satin bralette.”

It’s about plugging it in and playing with Google, which is a practice that I developed on eBay and Etsy while looking for vintage items. I’ll apply the same tactics, then let Amazon show what it has to offer. Some terms don’t reveal much. Then others will take me down a total hole of Victorian cosplay or something and I’ll realize, “Oh, these could be really chic.” Or I’ll hit a lane that leads me into six pages of anime wigs. There are so many colors and you’re like, “Wow, this is all here.”

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What advice would you give to somebody who’s curious about diving deep into this underground world of Amazon?

It’s about looking at trends, assessing their attributes, and having the patience to look through everything using the most simplistic terms. “Red glasses” would have different responses than “red lens glasses” versus “sunglasses.” Sometimes you can throw “trendy” in and it might get you closer to what you want.

What’s something you’ve recently searched for? What terms did you utilize to narrow down your results?

You could search “minimal earring” and that might get you something with a modern look. You can search “novelty earring” or “rhinestone earring” or “lucite earring” and that might pull something really graphic-looking or a lucite hoop.

And there are actually a lot of handmade products on Amazon now; I found some really, really, really cute artisanal-looking jewelry. It’s kind of hidden in there and you’re just going to have to take the time to look. Describing different aesthetics, materials, and colors is a great place to start.

Do you have a favorite item that tops your list of discoveries?

The goldfish earrings are really special. They’re like this little clear bag with little goldfish in them. Those are about three dollars. I think they take about a month to ship, which is kind of the price you pay.

How would you describe the aesthetic for your curated selection of Amazon products?

It’s definitely reflective of my personal style and what Amazon has to offer. When it’s been written about, people say it’s “noughties” or early 2000s. I get a kick out of ironic or nostalgic products.

There’s definitely that whole throwback element, but there are also clean designs that reflect modern trends. I look at pictures from the runway or personal street style from Instagram, dilute it in my head into search results, and curate them together. It’s a fun, eclectic, sexy look, but in a really silly way.

Is there any product that you’ve been searching for and you just haven’t been able to find?

I’m looking forward to finding a simple vinyl or leather bralette. I feel like I’m still chasing that one.

This interview has been edited and for length and clarity.

*Update, July 25, 2018: This post has been updated to reflect the new Instagram handle and website Murphy operates. The previous site and social account was renamed to remove the word “Amazon” and any other reference to the company.