The Girlboss Radio Podcast Dishing Real-Life Stories From ~Major~ Women

The Girlboss Radio Podcast Dishing Real-Life Stories From ~Major~ Women

Every epic memory is made up of a bunch of brilliant details—who you were with, the vivid setting, the way the weather was just (*chef’s kiss*) perfect, what you were wearing, the food you ate, the conversations shared.

Whether it was the world’s greatest road trip, a work assignment you absolutely knocked out of the park, an exquisite trip to somewhere you’d never been before, or simply an unforgettable day out with the people you love most, these real-life moments are what make us, well, us.

And in honor of those world-shaping memories, Girlboss Radio has partnered up with Sephora Collection for a brand-new podcast series called #LIPSTORIES—made in celebration of their 40-color-strong line of lipsticks, each inspired by a real-life story just like these ones.

Over six episodes, six influential and all-around inspiring female founders, creatives, entertainers and thought-leaders—seriously, you’ll hear from legends like Aminatou Sow, Molly Hayward, Pia Arrobio, Jen Rubio, Aurora James and Sarah Robb O’Hagan—will be taking listeners on a deep dive into their own memorable #LIPSTORIES, in their own words.

The series kicks off on April 12 on the Girlboss Radio network, and you can catch it on iTunes or wherever you listen to all great podcasts.

In the meantime, we want to hear your #LIPSTORIES; share your most epic memories on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LIPSTORIES, along with your go-to beauty products that helped make the moment so memorable. Get your calendar out and circle April 12, bb. It’s story time.