So, You Want To Be A Manager? Check Out These Open Jobs
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So, You Want To Be A Manager? Check Out These Open Jobs

We all know the qualities we’d like to see in a manager: efficient, empathetic, confident in their ability to lead, open to feedback, goal-oriented, etc. Unfortunately, many of us know from personal experience that those aren’t always the traits we’re dealt with our own boss. In fact, maybe you’ve spent years taking note of things you’d do differently if the role were reversed and you were the manager.

If you’re feeling ready for your next career move and want to funnel that hard-earned experience into a management role, we’ve got a lead on some open jobs you can apply for today.

We combed the new job listings across LinkedIn and beyond to find openings at top companies like Brooklinen, The Met, Standard Hotels, and more. Check them out below, then brush up on our other manager resources to help you excel once you land the gig.

Branch Manager, Fidelity Investments

Ideal candidates looking to step into a branch management role at Fidelity Investments should know the ins and outs of both sales and operational activities within a finance environment. Applicants should have a strategic mindset, a grasp of regulatory and compliance guidelines, and appropriate financial licensing. Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a professional demeanor and a positive attitude—it just might set you apart enough to land the job.

Director of Retail, Brooklinen

In addition to taking full ownership of Brooklinen’s financial retail goals, the person hired in this director role will also recruit, interview, and hire store teams. The home goods brand is looking for someone with amazing leadership abilities with a proven track record of building, motivating, and leading exceptional teams.

Human Resources Manager, The Standard Hotels

Responsibilities for this Los Angeles-based job include new hire orientation, training and new hire processing, maintenance of all employee files and information, handling of employee issues or concerns, workers compensation claims, and more. Aside from amazing communication skills (it’s a hospitality gig, after all), the candidate should also be bilingual in English and Spanish.

Senior Manager, Production and Venue Operations, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Art history and performing arts buffs who are able to help conceptualize high-visibility programs and events will shine in this coveted role at The Met. The senior manager will not only prepare monthly event schedules and manage the booking of various event spaces, but they’ll also oversee and manage teams responsible for the execution of said events.

Manager, Tiffany & Co.

Those with luxury retail experience will be great candidates for this Atlanta-based role. The manager will be entrusted with elevating and hiring talent and motivating the team to exceed monthly, quarterly, and annual store sales goals.

Regional Talent Manager, SoulCycle

Are you obsessed with spin? And do you live in the Chicago-area? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this open position at SoulCycle. Regional talent managers liaise with PR and marketing departments to strategically expose instructors across multiple platforms, field feedback from instructors, and attend, promote, and help execute special event rides. To maintain strong relationships with existing and new instructions, you’ll be expected to take class on a daily basis, so expect to be super fit in this role as well.

Workplace Events Manager, Pinterest

If event strategy and programming is your jam and you’re based in San Francisco, look into this open position at Pinterest. Experience managing budgets, vendors and contracts, and direct reports will set you ahead of the pack.