Your March Horoscope Says Beware The Mercury Retrograde Mind Fog

Your March Horoscope Says Beware The Mercury Retrograde Mind Fog

Mercury Retrograde follows us into March, but happily ends on March 9– but expect the retroshade to last most of the month. The 9this also the date of an emo Supermoon in Virgo which is likely to bring up relationship issues that call for boundaries, empathy, and innovation—whether you’re up for it or not. Aries Season starts on March 19and then Saturn moves into Aquarius on the 21st, making the last week and a half of March when you’ll feel a major change in the vibe. To make the most of this astrology, endeavor to heal the grudges you’ve been holding against yourself and others. Don’t worry, the mental fog will lift soon.

The Supermoon in your relationship house may kick up some frustration and with it, an anxious train of thinking. Prioritizing inner peace is an excellent goal, but it doesn’t mean that you ignore upsets—it means that you seek the meaning and even the potential in the very things that are tugging at your heartstrings. Seek significance instead of solutions. Prioritize finding a path worth walking instead of fixating on the destination. Revel in the mundane this month, Pisces.

The Sun moves into your sign on the 19thand with it comes a burst of energy. You may find that your excitement or defensiveness is turned up this month, and if you’re willing to explore them both, you’ll be that much wiser in your actions. The key is to pace yourself so that you don’t act without consideration of consequences. Practice being present in each moment so that you can act responsibly towards your goals.

If you charge aggressively forward, you’re likely to create a wake of opposition, Taurus. This month it’s important to listen; listen to what others are telling you, listen to your own feelings and needs, and even listen to what isn’t being said. You deserve the luxury of acting with integrity, slowly and with care—but you may need to negotiate for it. Be forthright with others about where you’re at, even if that means telling them what you don’t yet know.

What you resist shall persist, Twin Star. This month you’re being tasked with the job of confronting your fears with love. In life, the truth is that most everything boils down to those two concepts—fear and love—even though that can be hard to see. Love yourself enough to make life-affirming choices without that self-sabotage you’re so good at. Be willing to endure some difficulties now to create the life you want to be living tomorrow, my love.

Boundaries are awkward; it’s hard to disappoint someone and it’s tricky to express them in ways that are clear and not wishy-washy or defensive. Take heart. Find ways of connecting emotionally with what you’re trying to say, but also with the person who you’re saying it to. You can’t manage anyone’s feelings but your own, but you can bravely strive to show up for the messy bits. Shower yourself and others with kindness; even if it’s at the expense of niceness, Moonchild.

This month, Saturn (the planet with no chill) moves into your solar relationship house for the next few months. This means that you may start to encounter heavy, or fated feeling relationship issues, or become more existentially self-aware. The best use of this energy is to think in terms of foundations; you don’t need to pluck the fruit off your relationship tree just yet, only to have it planted in the right spot. Focus on the groundwork this Spring, Leo.

On the 9ththere will be a Supermoon (AKA a super-charged Full Moon) in your sign—the same day that your ruling planet, Mercury, goes direct. Expect big reveals, emotional insights, and even confrontations to occur. If you’re willing to grow, you’ve got to be willing to outgrow people, situations, attitudes and habits, sometimes. This month you can expect change, but you don’t need to fear it. Embrace the opportunity and make it your own, Virgo.

Your resistance to feeling bad or sad can get you into all kinds of trouble if you’re not careful, Libra. Instead of trying to fix your feels, be open to exploring them. The New Moon in your relationship house on the 24thcan mark a time of growth and forgiveness, but it will be best achieved by first bravely investigating your most sticky emotions, this month. Own your part and your perspective and accept what is, in the here and now, dear Libra.

Because you feel things so deeply it can be really hard to move on or let go, even when your common sense tells you to do so. This month you may feel like you’re losing something or someone that you need, but you’re most likely not. Allow room for things to ebb in your life, and practice having faith that they will flow again. March is a good time to explore the negativity in your reactions and to make new, more expansive assumptions, if you’re going to make any at all.

When uncertainties and upsetting distractions consume you, you have choice. Will you chase your feelings, weaving stories to justify and explain them? If you do this before properly sitting with your emotions, you run the serious risk of creating bigger problems for yourself. Give yourself the space to be with whatever you’re feeling before you rush to explain or fix it and it will have a stabilizing effect on you and your life, Sagittarius.

In the wise words of 80s heartthrobs, Guns N’ Roses: “Woman take it slow, and it’ll work itself out fine; all we need is just a little patience.” All that you’re struggling against and all that you fear may be valid, but pushing yourself or others to come to resolution before its time is a waste of your precious energy. Find ways of being present so that you take on only what is in front of you here and now, one step at a time.

It’s really hard to honor your instincts when you’re caught up in a torrent of emotion. This month will bring a lot of feelings to the surface and the awkward part is that you’re not supposed to do anything about it. Allow yourself to feel sad or off for a while, Aquarius. There’s something that upsets will reveal to you about your true feelings about a situation that has been eluding you, but you have to sit with them first, my finicky friend.