Author And Life Coach Marie Forleo On Designing A Morning Routine, Growing A Team, And Dealing With Haters

Author And Life Coach Marie Forleo On Designing A Morning Routine, Growing A Team, And Dealing With Haters

Consider Marie Forleo one of the original career coaches. Before it was the booming industry it was today, all she knew was that she wanted to help people reach their highest potential. Now, as the founder of a thriving business that encapsulates MarieTV, The Marie Forleo Podcast, an online business training program B-School, and a new book, Everything Is Figureoutable. she wants to continue helping entrepreneurs and creatives shine.

Below, we rounded up some of the best advice she dished out as host of our weekly Digital Fireside on Girlboss. You asked her all about building routines, making your first hire, and being a supportive partner all while getting your latest venture off the ground. Read on for tips from the woman who gives advice for a living!

On crafting the perfect morning routine

“1. DRINK A BIG GLASS OF WATER: We humans are typically dehydrated when we first wake up. So drink a big tall glass of fresh, clean water. It’s great for your mind and body and skin! Then get the cozy beverage of your choice. I love my coffee in the AM, but always make sure I hydrate first!

2. MOVEMENT: Your body was built to move, so some kind of movement in the morning is key. It can be a walk/run, a workout at home, dancing to three favorite songs, a class you take at the gym, ANYTHING that gets you sweating. There is a ton of research behind how movement improves not only your emotional mood, but brain function, too. I recommend at least 15 minutes of a workout, ideally 30, though!

3. MEDITATION: It’s literally changed my life!!! Again, tons of science to back this up.

Optional: WRITING/JOURNALING: This is excellent if you want to more clarity around your goals, life direction, or solving a problem.”

On making your first hire

“My first hire was a VA (virtual assistant!) waaay back in the day when I was still bartending, waiting tables, and getting my coaching practice off the ground. I was a terrible boss at first. So insecure. Didn’t know how to delegate. Hardly had any money. BUT, I knew in order to grow, I had to invest in myself and the business, and push myself outside of my comfort zone. So I made a list of everything that I was doing to keep my business running at that time. Then, I parsed through what HAD to be done by me (the coaching, content creation, marketing) and what didn’t (the customer service, scheduling, invoicing). That’s what helped me make my first hire and start to learn how to be a boss.

On building your team

“Know the role you want to hire for. Describe not only the skills and responsibility, but the culture fit too! For example, people who work with me *have* to live and breathe our mission to make a difference. They have to be playful, creative, incredibly resourceful, and comfortable working in a virtual environment. They have to have a sense of humor and a super strong work ethic. Then—and this is MY MOST IMPORTANT TIP—find a way to do a test project together, before you hire someone full time. Hire them on a project or freelance basis. See how they show up in real life, on the job. Think about it like dating before you getting married. You both want to test each other out before committing long term.”

On getting your significant other on the “same page” as you and your goals

“Is it about time management and sharing responsibilities at home? Or is it about receiving their respect and emotional support? And what exactly does that support look like in terms of you reaching your goals—them bringing you coffee every morning? Listening to your challenges without offering solutions (or WITH offering solutions)? Something else? Clarity is key here. The more specific you can be, the higher chances of success. You want to give your SO a recipe they can follow and also, reciprocate for them. Step one is to get clear on the definition of ‘getting on the same page’ for you. Step two is to set up a time to sit down together and have a talk. Ask your SO about their biggest goals and dreams and what support would look like for them. Then switch roles, so you get to share. Finally, come up with a game plan for the ‘specific behaviors’ or rituals you’re both willing to agree to in order to really hold each other down in a way that feels good to you both. Write this down, review it together so there are no ‘misinterpretations’ I know it sounds formal, but it can be REALLY fun! Plus, when you write things down, it’s easy to refer back to.”

On keeping your skillset sharp

“My suggestion would to be to stay in close touch with your own creative impulses, dreams, and longings. Then act on them. No matter how ‘out there’ or ‘extra’ they seem. You’ll innovate circles around everyone else if you follow your heart and soul. I talk about a prompt in my book Everything Is Figureoutable, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if….’ You can use that prompt to dream up new skills, innovations, and ideas that you want to bring to life in your company, industry, and the world. Here’s a recent example from my own career. For my book launch, I had a wild vision. ‘What if a Beyoncé concert and a TED talk had a baby, then threw a block party?’ When you tap into the creative genius that is YOU, you’ll naturally stand out. That’s because YOU and YOUR GIFTS are unique and unrepeatable. Second tip: Focus on creating outstanding customer experiences/customer service. It’s such a rare thing these days. She who cares more, wins.”M

On dealing with haters

“For every single thing you love in the world—every hit TV show, or brilliant novel, or beautiful song, or even a favorite dish—someone else hates it. Such is the nature of life. It’s not personal at all, so you can’t take it personally.”