Meet The Eyeliner That Goes On Smooth And Lasts Forever-Ever

Meet The Eyeliner That Goes On Smooth And Lasts Forever-Ever

I appreciate the conundrum of a good eyeliner: It needs to be smooth, yet persevering. Pliant, yet resolved. Yielding, and then immediately unyielding.

All of which strongly leads me to believe all eyeliners are female, constantly suffering the demands of society to be all things at once.

But anyway, I digress: Most of my life I’ve been a liquid eyeliner gal—not in the cool, artsy, cat-eye-before-it-came-back-around, sense, but because eyeliner pencils always tickled. I literally could not get through applying it without bursting into laughter, which, as you might imagine, is counterproductive to the act of applying eyeliner.

Thus, I’ve always gone with super perfunctory liquid eyeliner designed to perform the most basic function of its name. But last year, I came across the Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner by Ardency Inn, and I instantly fell in love. Hard.

I don’t know what the genius scientists at Ardency Inn are doing over there, but they’ve created an eyeliner pencil that earns the “smooth ride” in its name and then some; it’s liquid-esque, yet not, allowing you to mend the shape in the couple seconds afterward, but providing the robust color of a pencil.

The product page chalks this up to the following: “Volatile Oil adds glide to the formula, then evaporates to set to a long lasting finish. Silicone Oil adds glide to the formula and contains moisturizing properties. Nylon 12 provides a silky smooth, creamy texture. Carnauba Wax increases long lasting wear.”

The pencil comes in 14 different colors (including a glittery gold!), and is available here for $20.