Mercury Retrograde Do’s And Don’ts, According To Expert Astrologers

Mercury Retrograde Do’s And Don’ts, According To Expert Astrologers

It’s one of the most cosmically potent times of the year. Yes, Mercury retrograde is upon us and we are right in the thick of the confusing celestial transit. From July 7 until the 31, we will all be experiencing Mercury’s backspin, which may cause major frustrations and irritations to come up—and a resurrection of our least favorite ex. We will all be super emo as travel plans, computers, and phones have major issues during the Mercurial meltdown.

According to Girlboss resident astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, it’s a great time for “the three R’s: reflect, review, and reassess.” All of which may seem hard to do at the current moment in time because there’s other dramz happening in the stars.  Lanyadoo clarifies, “Because this particular retrograde is overlapping with eclipse season, the typical misunderstandings and tech misfires are more likely to be super upsetting.”

Fortunately, we called upon several astrologers, stargazers, and celestial warriors to help advise us all on what to do and what not to do in order to survive Mercury retrograde this summer. Check out the list of pro tips below and together, we’ll get through the impending chaos!

The Do’s

1. “Spend time with your Dear Diary, so you can go deep into your thoughts and feels,” and be sure to “listen to others with an open mind to clarify plans and promises.” – Jessica Lanyadoo, Girlboss Resident Astrologer and Host of “Ghost of a Podcast”

2. “Keep plans light and flexible. Getting more rest is great, too.Be smart about what you consume food-wise, but in other ways too.” – Annabel Gat, Senior Editor at Vice’s Astro Guide and author of The Astrology of Love & Sex: A Modern Compatibility Guide

3. “This is a good time for a social media ‘cleanse’ or break. There’s so much info we absorb and share via social media, sometimes to the point of being overwhelmed by it or oversharing. A break can help us to reevaluate the info that’s really important or worth sharing.” – Mecca Woods, Astrologer at Girlboss and Author

4. “Check your junk mail folder, re-read every text/email twice before hitting ‘send,’ do a ten-minute tidy up of your room/home. Back up all of your files, and buy a portable charger.” – Jake Register, Astrologer

5. “Do take the time to reflect on certain areas of your life. Looking at your past and connecting the dots during mercury retrograde can help you figure out what needs to be reworked in order to help you move forward.” – Kesaine Walker, Intuitive Astrologer and Reiki Healer

6. “Give yourself enough breathing room when it comes to traveling anywhere, especially if you live in a city that runs on mass transit. If you plan a first date during the retrograde, text your boo on the morning of to make sure they have the correct time and location in their cals.” – Anne Hernandez, Stargazer

The Don’ts

1. “With all the energy floating around asking us to review our home and image, we may be tempted to redecorate or try a new haircut. Now is a good time to plan your next bold move, but don’t pick up the paintbrush or make a salon appointment until the retrograde clears.” – Renee Watt, Astrologer, Psychic, and Host of “Witch Doctorate Podcast”

2. “Nothing is set in stone and everything is negotiable. It would be best to go with the flow, and avoid making life-changing commitments, or signing major contracts, whether business or personal.” – Priya Kale, Astrologer at Vice’s Astro Guide

3. “Mercury retrograde is not a good time to do anything permanent or life-altering, one time I got a tattoo during one and it ended up being uneven, so yeah think twice before any impulse tattoos.” – Caitlin McGarry, Astrologer and Tarot Reader

4. “Don’t put your life on hold, but be ready to do things over. If you buy a new mattress, keep it in the plastic for a week, as you might realize you need a different size. Mercury represents the multifaceted mind—and during this period, it’s likely you’ll change your mind!” – Catherine Luminus Urban, Astrologer

5. “Don’t cut people off mid-sentence because you assume you know what they’re thinking or because you think what you have to say is more important.” – Ashley Otero, Astrologer at Vice’s Astro Guide

6. “Don’t panic, forget to breathe, put your life on hold, or answer that text from your toxic ex. And don’t complain about Mercury Rx on the internet.” – Lauren McBride, Astrologer and Host of “Galaxy Grillz” Podcast

7. “DO NOT act impulsively, underestimate your commute, or invest in expensive technology. Through July 31, Mercury Retrograde is all about the ‘re-‘ words, so seize the opportunity to review, reflect, and refresh. It’s not always easy to slow down, but now that Mercury is shifting its course, this is the time to make sure you’re also moving in the right direction.” – Aliza Kelly, Astrologer, Author, and Host of “Stars Like Us” Podcast