This Skincare CEO’s Advice? Be a Sponge, Not a Scrub Brush
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This Skincare CEO’s Advice? Be a Sponge, Not a Scrub Brush

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Molly Colabuono knows that there’s way too much noise in the skincare space right now. And she’s helping consumers get some clarity in the age of information overload. “It’s confusing and expensive! We want to make skincare stress-free by creating your own skincare shop where estheticians give you the right tools, products and treatments.” That’s Whatskin, in a nutshell. The interactive app gives you real answers on all of your skin concerns then gives you a roadmap so that you can discover—and shop!— for personalized tools, products and treatments that will actually help—all from a smartphone."

“We knew there was a need to simplify the skincare selection and buying processes,” says Colabuono. “Our company wanted to dig deeper than solely using AI or Q&A's to make recommendations. Why not give everyone access to estheticians who can analyze your skin in real-time? No one was doing that!” Whatskin creates an interactive, credible, and completely personalized way to navigate the skincare space.

Molly Colabuono, CEO of Whatskin

Here, Colabuono, who has held many roles in the skincare world over the years, from a licensed esthetician to published writer and an award-winning salon & spa director, shares her best advice, and the biggest shifts in the skincare space she’s noticing now.

You’ve had a lot of different roles within the skincare industry, what have they all taught you?

While all of my roles in the industry have been vastly different, they've all taught me one thing; emotional intelligence. It didn't happen overnight, and it's a constant journey but it's incredibly powerful when you're aware of and manage your own emotions in a positive way so that you can better communicate, empathize, and overcome conflicts, both professionally and personally.

What skincare industry shifts are you seeing now?

One big shift that will continue to grow and evolve is the personalized service experience—skin quizzes, at-home devices, custom labeling, AI-powered technology. These innovative advancements really help consumers avoid decision burnout with the overwhelming amount of skincare products available today.

Is the consumer becoming more and more informed?

Absolutely. This is a good, but also potentially bad thing. We have massive amounts of information at our fingertips but not all of the information is accurate. We each have unique DNA so one size does not fit all when it comes to skincare advice. What works for one person may not work for you so be cautious when taking advice from an unknown or sponsored source.

What’s your simplest piece of advice for anyone navigating millions of products and services available today?

Simply, listen to your own skin! Pay attention to how your skin feels when you use or try any skincare product. I always tell my clients if something makes your skin feel tight or dry, say goodbye! That tight feeling means the product is stripping away natural oils your skin needs to moisturize itself and that causes a domino effect of skincare problems to come.

What’s your proudest achievement?

Being acknowledged by the employees, co-workers, and mentors I've had the pleasure of working with the past 20 years. I regularly keep in touch with them and couldn't be more proud to share all of the professional achievements and growth over the years.

What do you look for in a dream employee?

Be trainable. The best expression I've ever heard was, "If you think you know it all, find something else to do". People who "know everything" aren't usually open to learning new processes and thinking creatively. They get stuck, which is a tough place to get out of professionally. Be a sponge, not a scrub brush!

How do you unplug after a busy day?

I love binge watching true-crime shows!

Best advice you ever got?

Find a mentor and do what they're doing. I once sat down at my bosses desk and asked what I needed to do to get where she was and if she'd teach me. Never be afraid to ask and fully embrace mentorship.

Worst advice you ever got?

The absolute worst advice I've ever received was "dumb yourself down". Why? No way! We work so hard to accomplish milestones in life so why wouldn't we be proud to showcase those achievements and knowledge?


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