These 11 Gifts Are Proven Best-Sellers

These 11 Gifts Are Proven Best-Sellers

We share inspired shopping finds every day over on our newsletter, Girlboss Daily. Ahem, are you signed up yet? For this gift guide, we pulled a year’s worth of data on the most-clicked on and best-selling products. From wellness patches to a certain Reformation dress, here they are.

The Revolutionary Sex Patch

​​Sex, Plz, Fleur Marché, $6 each,

Look, sometimes we need a little ✨extra something✨ to get us in the mood. It could be watching Jack Harlow music videos for hours… or a spicy patch spiked with 20 mg of CBD and other libido-enhancing ingredients that will help you feel like a sex-deprived, horny teenager in Sex Education. Just peel it, place it on a vein-y part of your body (like the inner forearm) and enjoy 12 hours of blissful frisky feelings.

The Luxe-Smelling Natural Deodorant

Santal Formula Nº 1, Salt & Stone, $20,

You know the iconic Santal 33 perfume from Le Labo that’s nearly $300 for a standard-sized bottle? Well, this hardworking deo—which offers 48 hours of odor-free protection—smells exactly like it and is only $20 (our wallet is very happy to hear this). The formula is free from aluminum, alcohol, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes—and the packaging is made from recycled ocean plastic. She’s basically the It girl of deodorants, k?

The Personalized Birthday Candle

Birthdate Candles, Birthdate Co., $60,

This is such a cute gift idea for your astrology-obsessed BFF (or for yourself, obvs). Wondering what you’d smell like if you were a candle? Birthdate Co. made 365 custom scents based off of astrology, numerology and tarot—and you can even learn more about your personality with the detailed labels. The candle itself is made from natural soy and coconut wax and burns for 60-80 hours.

The Coffee That Won’t Give You Jitters

Coffee SuperLatte, Clevr Blends, $28,

We love an oat milk latte as much as the next gal, but our anxiety has other thoughts. We just want to enjoy our coffee without the racing heart, inability to sit still and inevitable caffeine crash. This latte blend makes it possible. It’s packed with reishi, lion’s mane, ashwagandha and other good-for-you superfoods—plus, it’s completely vegan (with the oat milk and coconut cream base). Just add water and that’s it. This has officially changed the coffee game for us.

The Cramp-Alleviating Patch

Period, The Good Patch, $16 (pack of 4),

These plant-based wellness patches are a serious game-changer. They’re spiked with 15mg of hemp, black pepper and black cohos to make your cramps a little more manageable. Just stick it on your lower abdomen and peel it off 12 hours later—it’s such a discreet and easy way to deal with period pain. No more lugging around a heating pad when you’re out and about.

The Dress You Were Thinking About All Summer

Lacey Dress, Reformation, $248,

They say you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have right? Well, what about dressing for the weather you want? We can’t guarantee that wearing this dress will automatically transport you to a charming island in Greece, but you can at least pretend by cranking up your heater and watching both Mamma Mia! movies. The sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice and sexy slit is *chefs kiss.* Our editorial director Liz has it in a blue floral floral and it’s very “Cinderella moves to Silver Lake and starts an eco cleaning product line.” It’s safe to say she’ll be grabbing one in another colorway as a holiday gift to herself.

The No-BS Deodorant That Works

Deodorant Stick, Curie, $12,

There’s no need to be scared about raising your arms, or trying to subtly sneak a sniff in between reps at the gym. This aluminum-free deo is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce (coconut oil! Beeswax! Cocoa butter!) yet powerful enough to keep even the stinkiest post-hot yoga BO at bay. Choose between Orange Neroli, White Tea and Grapefruit Cassis and say hello to happier, healthier pits.

The Perfect Vibrator for Beginners

Vibe, Maude, $67,

Sometimes, you don’t want all of the fancy bells and whistles—you’re tired after a long day of back-to-back Zoom meetings and frankly, you just want to get off. This discreet vibrator’s shape and flutter tip is perfect for just that. It’s super easy to use and has three speeds, depending on how intense you want your solo session to be. Whether it’s your first toy or your 10th, do yourself a favor and add this bb to your cart, stat.

The Cult-Fave Clean Mascara

Think Big All-in-One Mascara, Beautycounter, $27,

You know that all-too-familiar feeling after a long day, your eyes become so itchy and all you want to do is just rub the mascara right off of your lashes? Well, this clean mascara delivers the same lift, length and volume—but without the irritation. The formula is spiked with lash-loving ingredients, and the soft, molded brush is super easy to use. Warning: It might just give you the confidence to not-so-subtly bat your new fluttery eyelashes at that cute barista.

The Weightless Scalp Oil

Aceite de Moska, Heritage Scalp Remedy Oil, Ceremonia, $28,

Everyone knows that if you want healthy, luscious locks, you have to start at the root. Aceite de Moska is an ancient scalp remedy from the Dominican Republic that gives your hair salon-worthy shine and hydration and helps fight annoying frizz. Just add a few drops of this silicone-free elixir and massage away (before you hop into the shower).

The Better-For-You Bug Spray

Golden Hour, Kinfield, $22,

If you live somewhere warm (seriously jealous, rn) or are jetting off to a destination where you’ll likely encounter some pesky mosquitoes (hi, Costa Rica), your future self will thank you for stocking up on this DEET-free bug repellent. The formula uses a unique kind of Indonesian citronella that works wonders at keeping creepy crawlers away. Plus, it smells like your favorite citrus-y, vanilla-y perfume, so go ahead and wear it all year ‘round. We won’t judge. 

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