The Best New Books Everyone Will Be Buzzing About This Fall

The Best New Books Everyone Will Be Buzzing About This Fall

With the distractions of summer receding into the rear-view mirror, now is the perfect opportunity to get back in the swing of your routine. Think: a little less Sunday-brunching, a little more meal-prepping for the week ahead. The tweaks can be as simple as trading in screen time for some QT with a good book.

So long as you’re giving yourself a break from the chaos that makes summer both exhilarating and exhausting. The good news? There’s an influx of new books for fall that will hit store shelves soon (or, you know, your Amazon cart).

To help you sort through them all, we’ve culled a list of our favorite new releases. Get ready to slow way down as you get drawn into the various titles. They’re all dropping this September and October and offer plenty to choose from no matter your genre preference.

Among our top picks are a highly-anticipated memoir from Steve Jobs’ daughter and a true crime mystery that’s said to have inspired Vladimir Nabokov’sLolita.Fans of Haruki Murakami can rejoice as well. The critically-acclaimed author’s new novel is a two-part story. It involves the separation of a painter from his wife and the discovery of a mysterious painting in the attic.

Heather Havrilesky, the memoirist and author of the popular Ask Polly advice column inNew York Magazineis also out with a new collection of essays. The theme? Our never-ending desire for perfection. And, if you’re keen to ask others about their Myers-Briggs Type, a new book by Merve Emre (September 11), explores the strange history of the personality test and how a mother-daughter duo with no background in psychology left such an imprint on our culture.

The following essays, poetry collections, novels, and historical non-fiction ahead are engrossing ’til the very end.

Here are our top 10 new books for fall