These New Moon Mantras Are The Eclipse Power-Up Your Zodiac Sign Needs

These New Moon Mantras Are The Eclipse Power-Up Your Zodiac Sign Needs

Stoke your eternal flames and plan your ultimate playlists, astro babes. August 11’s Leo new moon partial solar eclipse powers us up for the start of a brand new cycle packed with juiciness. But first, we’ve got to look back upon the movie reels that are coming to a close, complete with slow jams and radical acts of forgiveness.

Think of this moon cycle as your cosmic apartment walk through. You’ve lived between these emotional walls. You’ve infused the spaces you’ve traveled through with every scar and sequin of your experience. With sparkling aspects to Jupiter and Mercury, can you treat your story with softness, knowing that it was, and is, yours alone for the telling.

Leo’s greatest mission is to summon its presence, no matter the perceived risk. But this fluff and flair does not stem from naïveté. It’s the power to show up with hearts on sleeves to turn on our love light time after time, perpetually set to a soundtrack of Cher’s “Believe.” And to watch the world melt in our wake.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: All endings are different forms of beginning.

At work: Your career approach is changing, glitter kitten. You’re accustomed to operating on the plan of action, and seeing a causal relationship between effort and result, but these simple formulas are getting a powerful upgrade. Trust that these patterns that are no longer of service are already sloughing their way off your skin without you having to do anything. Give yourself the glory of opening up to new views of success and triumph.

Out of office: You are in the midst of major rebirths, and keeping your heart open doesn’t preclude sensing when some solo time could help soothe you. This is a potent cycle for reconnecting to your creative wellspring, and for renovating what you see as your artistry. Remember that you don’t have to be making or doing anything at all, to tap into these waters. Let your signature flair arise in even the smallest gestures.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Softening my will doesn’t signal weakness.

At work: With this new moon making magic in your Pisces-ruled zone of swimming with the fishies, this is a potent moment for considering your relationship to the “in-between” of things. How do you feel when you have to hang out between tasks? Or when you seem to be waiting for a green light or response? There is deep medicine in these gaps between actions, Virgo, and you can find a softer way of moving through your workday that takes you far beyond mere to do lists. Lean into the moments of precious pause and ride out any discomfort that arises.

Out of office: As the Sun’s light recedes, can you also learn to value the shaded, underside of things? Pay particular attention to what’s growing and changing just beyond the exposed zone of the known. What little pulls and twinkles are arising just at the edge of your conscious perception? What hunches and intuitive hits are growing between the pavement cracks? Cover yourself in dreams and let some of the border between waking and sleeping dissolve.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: The courage to enjoy it is my badge of honor.

At work: Open wide, sweet Libra. Even as the sun’s light is partially blocked, there is sun-drenched magic available to you right now. With the new moon touching into your futuristic zone of panoptic thinking, your sight lines are clear, and you can envision your professional realm from brand new angles you never dreamt possible, if you trust that the wheels are already in motion. Soothe the hard edges of aspiration by savoring the goodness that has already come your way.

Out of office: Any area of your life that has become the least bit stale is asking for a powerful refresh. And this starts with the question of value. What do you really think you deserve? How does your current life reflect what you believe about your own worth? Smoke out any old stories about your limited menu options, and rejoin yourself and your own lovability back out at the buffet table.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Breaking the feedback loop liberates my song.

At work: With this new moon marking time in your territory of boardroom takeovers, there is literally no stopping you. And while this doesn’t mean running roughshod over the rest of the world, there is magic available to you when you turn down the reverb and commit to a healthy dose of tunnel vision. Where has your professional song gotten stuck in your throat? Where have you towed the line in the name of “teamwork,” knowing it was as a cover for fears about your own powerful expansion? Set the tone for a new flavor of self expression, Scorpio, and know that the Universe will rise to meet you.

Out of office: You’re in a position to conquer old stories about smallness like never before, Scorpio. All you have to do is literally keep showing up again and again to fly in the face of any demons who are keeping you from becoming right-sized. Just notice their buzz and hum. The moments of shame and whispers of doubt from the sidelines. Treat them kindly, but don’t indulge them. Know that these voices are absolutely a part of you, but they are not all of you by a long shot. And the rest of you is gaining more traction, more buoyancy, more speed. Lift off on the wings of these ghosties, and head straight for the heavenly skies.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Finding my purpose exists in the seeking.

At work: As the eternally seeking wild pony of the zodiac, your career muscles are perpetually flexed for your next mission. And with this new moon unfolding in your zone of gambling dice and high stakes betting, there’s a powerful opportunity to reconnect to your penchant for net-less leaps. Take this time to inquire softly, yet powerfully, around where you are in your success story. Is your work truly aligned with the beat of your soul? If not, there’s no need for shame or judgement. Just seize the chance to ask the bigger questions about who you are and what you came here to do.

Out of office: The boundaries between work and play are dissolving for you this month, Sag. Let yourself mythologize your existence a little bit. Imagine yourself set to an epic soundtrack as you move through your day. Think about who would play you in the film. Let these creative acts of reimagining your mundane reconnect you to the sense that you were absolutely born to be here, in exactly this body, living the life you’ve already got. Claim your turf and treat each micro-movement like an opportunity for glory.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: Healing starts with a dose of sun-baked exposure.

At work: As this new moon ignites your deep down underground zone of secret superpowers and human forgiveness, you’re being invited to cleanse your career basement of mismatched motives and partnerships. You can actually exfoliate the old with grace and ease, especially when you enlist the help of your support system to infuse these tired tales with new angles. Start by feeling into the touchy spots that you’ve called “failures” and give them alternate titles. Your mind is changing, Capricorn, and these mental shifts are your golden tickets to career upgrades.

Out of office: There is profound perspective available to you in your personal realms as well, and a kind of mixing and mingling underway between your emotions and your intellect. You are creating a container to feel it all and bless it all, without worrying that you’re going to get carried out to sea by all these sensations. This begins by getting intimate with the bits of yourself you might think of as “shadow,” and commit to collapsing the boundary between shadow work and light work right now, and learning to let all of it truly live.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: I choose to chase the sensations that feel oh so sweet.

At work: This summer has been a megawatt one for you, Aquarius, as you’ve reconnected to your mission and sloughed off some professional layers that were long awaiting their funeral. Let yourself simply bask in the sensations of this new moon and gold-star yourself for a job well done. This doesn’t mean the work is over. Far from it. It actually means that you get to re-approach the sweat and effort from a place of joy. What effort feels good to bring forward? What projects and partnerships are naturally melodious and lubed up for business? Treat your career trajectory like an exercise class that gets your heart pumping.

Out of office: You’re reconnecting to your desire nature during this cycle. Let a Spice Girls-inspired “tell me what you want, what you really, really want” be your rallying cry. Start to explore the line between obsessions, romantic and otherwise, that live in your body because of old programming, and the kinds of things that make you tingle and glow without the harsh morning-after come down. You’re synching up your internal and external right now, Aquarius. Check in with your tastes like a teenager who’s just starting to learn their favorite bands and books.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: There is mossy growth underneath every pebble along my way.

At work: Welcome to the land of miniature living, Pisces. This new moon makes magic in your zone of daily divinity, and you’re being invited to really get into the gritty gemstones of everyday routines. This may feel initially oppressive to your dreamy soul, but trust that there is just as much mysticism available to you in this realm as there is in the more obviously fantastical reaches of your imagination. Pay attention to subtle messaging in your workplace. The way the light catches your desk. The sensations in your body that lead you towards or away from a project or partnership. You’re being asked to get physical with your professional process, and to care deeply for your body as the vessel that carries your work out in the world.

Out of office: You’re facing some fears about solitude right now, Pisces. Start with the trust that there are as many shades of solo work as there are individuals, and that spending time alone is not the same as loneliness. In fact, you’re being invited to connect to an inner heat and creative core in these moments of retreat that can deepen your friendship with yourself immeasurably. Remember that you are your most treasured companion during this moon cycle, and commit to holding as much space for your experience as you would for any beloved.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: I never have to fight for my right to glow.

At work: With your powerhouse ruler, Mars, traveling retro, this has felt like a “cruel” summer for your mojo in many ways, Aries. You may have been feeling stifled, blocked, and like you’ve lost your sparkle and shine. But this simply is not so. You’ve been in the midst of a professional contraction that precedes expansion, and this slowing of your roll is allowing you to refine your game for the long haul. This moon arrives to remind you that your creative magic light never goes out, no matter what you’re “producing” in the material world. Your mere presence is evidence of your professional power. Just keep showing up, Aries, and catch the light just so.

Out of office: There’s a simplicity available to you right now, Aries, if you keep yourself open and ready to accept the surface of things. No need for deep dives or questioned motives. Just the summertime sensation of tripping your way along the edge of the ocean, sand between your toes. Notice where you fight the urge to let a good thing just be, either from the fear that it will eventually end, or due to a questioning of your own deservedness. One of your boldest acts right now is to show up for sweetness, Aries. Commit to sitting in the fullest sun for however long it lasts.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Returning to my root systems empowers my intuition.

At work: With Uranus transit through your sign bringing plenty of radical ruptures this year, this new moon in your zone of intuitive hits and emotional lineage comes as a welcome retreat. Slow it down. Let your workday feel languid, like a delicious tropical vacation inside of the office. Scent yourself with coconut and pin a flower in your hair. Know that there is no need to scramble for what you want, and that your next professional development is arising from a secret cave inside of you. Mend your nets and stand on the shoreline to simply wait for what accolades and benefits drift your way.

Out of office: This moon is your shellabration, Taurus, so tuck in between the sheets with a stack of juicy beach reads you’ve been longing to savor. You’re exploring the concept of belonging right now, and how your internal reservoirs can keep you fundamentally safe.  This isn’t about stifled stuckness or digging your heels in to avoid uncomfy growing edges. Instead, this sense of safety connects you to the concept of replenishment and renewal. Let yourself take a refreshing dip in whatever feels both effervescent and supportive, whether it’s a life-long friendship, a prized possession, or a sumptuous bubble bath in scented waters.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Pausing on the threshold releases me towards the new.

At work: As the new moon magnifies your sector of street smarts, you’re poised to discover new ways of working, and creative collisions that come from stepping outside the same old professional lane. Know that you don’t have to throw out all of the old to make way for this new glitter, and that your career development doesn’t have to be linear in the least. Notice where you judge yourself for where you think you should be by now. What you have or haven’t accomplished in a concrete sense. Your magic comes from being able to mix and match, dear Gemstone, and this extends to your approach towards goals and their completion.

Out of office: You’re poised on the doorstep of change, Gemini, but there’s no need to run when all is said and done. Whatever has come to an end during the last moon cycle, let yourself both grieve and celebrate it, knowing that those two things are not at odds. Consider the distinctive phases of your life like sweet storybook chapters. Give them little titles and epigraphs. Imagine their color and texture, and remember the way you moved through them. You are one of the zodiac’s premiere shape shifters and you’re preparing to change form once again. But this go around, give yourself the time and space to honor the cocoon you’re leaving behind.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: All roads open when I remember that there is always an easier way.

At work: As the new moon graces your house of self-worth, it’s a regal moment for you. In your professional life, this means already training yourself to move with the majesty befitting the roles you long to inhabit. You’re taking the “fake it ’til you make it” adage and making it quite real right now. Whatever you’re thinking of as far off or professional beyond your reach in some future incarnation is actually as close as your ability to simply show up like you’ve already arrived. Remember your healing capacities at work as well. How you can enter a room like a floral scent on the breeze, modeling for others what it means to move through the world with grace, no matter the circumstance.

Out of office: While the word “beauty” is often overused, you’re being asked to make it your guiding light during this moon cycle, no matter what form or aesthetic code that concept follows. Look at your relationships, friendships, and pure pleasure in the world through this lens, and commit to exploring how many shades and shapes of it exist. What soothes your nervous system, no matter how small? Start wherever you find this kind of saturated experience of beauty, and turn your everyday into a living museum extension of the things you value most.