Every Zodiac Sign’s New Moon Mantra Demands A Shake-Up This Month

Every Zodiac Sign’s New Moon Mantra Demands A Shake-Up This Month

 This month’s transit of the Sun through Libra, the sign of partnerships, has schooled us in idealism 101. Now we’ve begun the slow dive into Scorpio season, so it’s time to get minty fresh with old narratives, in order to forge ahead.

The new moon in Libra on October 19 is opposing shake-up artist Uranus, and there’s an electrical, alpine charge in the air that asks us to chart a new course through freshly packed snow—while also working with the weather patterns and terrain beneath, exactly as they are.

So get your ski poles ready to meet the elements. You’ve got to figure out exactly “what is” before you can figure out what “might be.” And when you can let everything be illuminated in its realness, you’ll know exactly what’s ripe and ready for lasting change. Ready? The Numinous has some astro wisdom to get you started. 

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: Shaking up how I show up makes space for all my selves.  

At work: Lay down your weapons, little lamby, look yourself in the mirror, and get curious about seeing some strangeness. This is a week to challenge workplace game faces and swap them out for facial expressions that actually fit exactly what you’re feeling, even if they seem risky. There could be a sense of slight discomfort with all this growth, because you’re about ready to bust open the seams of your usual power suit. Let yourself soften around any responsibilities you think of as “not yours” and experiment with radical role shifts you never thought were possible. 

Out of office: It’s a mega make-over moon for you Aries, but not because you need to cover anything up or stifle any of your innate essence. Think of this as a stripped down kind of cosmetic overhaul where you bare more and more of yourself, and let that process release any hardness around how you “should” show up. Notice where there’s a gap between how you actually want to be in a given moment and how you know you’ve always “been.” Release into a sense of reinvention that doesn’t have to be require effort. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Giving airtime to my dreams shifts the frequency towards new realities.

At work: Put away your planner during this moon, and see what other forms of project management can take shape. This moon is all about letting your mystical consciousness lead the way to the material, so soften your concept of the end game and the particulars of a project, and let instinctual feeling take the driver’s seat. What would it mean to put daydreaming on your agenda? How could this release you from having to go hard with work even when it’s not “working?” 

Out of the office: Lay out some new pajamas and up the thread count on those bedsheets, Taurus. You’re diving into the world unseen during this moon cycle and awakening yourself to eccentric visions that live far beyond the surface of dry land. Notice exactly what you think is too weird and too wild and move deeper into that lunacy. Get really subtle about your approach to your life and know that the movements that occur beneath the obvious “action” are exactly where you need to be. 

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: Leading the pack relights my confidence.   

At work: Get large and in charge this week, Gemstone, and know that you deserve a seat at the the table. This might not take the form of traditional power moves at work—just stay open to the moments when you sense that people are listening to and lit-up by what you’ve got to say. If you choose to accept it, you have the power to invite colleagues into a new way of seeing, and to reignite your own faith in alternative futures during that process. One of your greatest treasures is your curious capacity to see both sides and this week, your professional vision extends to all angles. 

Out of the office: It’s an invigorating moon moment for waking up and shaking up your senses, Gemmy. Quite simply put, it’s time to “get out”—whether that’s on the town, out of the town, or just out of your old clothes and into a fancy new frock. Switch up your color and flavor palettes, sample new beats, and add spice and lemon zest to absolutely everything. Libra season has been all about the poptastic playtime for you and this particular moon gives you the power to let all that play send you hurtling new highs that let you see the big picture of your life.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Risking exposure reveals new forms of safety.

At work: You’re coming out, shell Queen, and it’s time to let the world know. This moon cycle asks you to challenge the divide between your work and home life, and develop ways of feeling completely at ease in the spotlight, far away from your usual cocoon. Notice where you shy away from exposing that soft crab meat and just shift, ever so slightly, towards serving it up on the half shell. This might not be the week for a huge career leap, but let yourself stage small revolutions that lay claim to your future potential.

Out of the office: Self-sufficiency central, astro babe! Prove yourself to yourself this week. This is a lunar cycle for discovering that there can be comfort even in discomfort, and letting yourself go a bit harder than usual without going home. This isn’t about hardcore workouts and pain that’s purposeless, or becoming something that you aren’t. It’s simply about expanding your container just a touch. Rejoice in your musculature this week, Cancer, and work with a fortitude that lets you build your dream house with your own two hands.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: Adjusting the big picture vision lets me burn even brighter.

At work: You’ve been doing a lot of juicy, delicious work in the realm of “reality” lately Leo, and this moon lets you re-up your excitement about what might be possible, without losing the solid steps you’ll need to take to get there. This is big picture vision time so make sure you have a blank whiteboard in front of you, and every shade of sharpie. Open the windows on a work project, and come at a stale dynamic or project from a new angle. And trust that as your own professional desires for the future are shifting, authority figures and colleagues will rise to meet you on this open road. 

Out of the office: Let yourself circulate, literally and figuratively. Dress comfy, dip whatever needs cleaning into a bubble bath. Something big is waiting to be borne in you, but first you’ve got to fully grapple with where you’ve feared failure. Notice that this fear sometimes leads you to respond by either plumping yourself up with combative bigness, or wallowing in tininess that doesn’t make use of the whole range of your red hot blood. Let yourself be a denizen of every part of your pumping heart this month.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: Releasing my grip produces pleasure that lasts.

At work: It’s down and dirty time in the boardroom this moon cycle, and you’re being asked to get in touch with your professional instincts. Really feel into what’s right in your body and notice how taking on certain projects or responsibilities quite literally sap your strength. Don’t push down this kind of knowledge right now. You’re an earth babe and one of your premiere places of power is in the material world. Tap into what your bod is trying to tell you and make career decisions from your head to your toes. Any grippy-ness is proof of something that needs to go. 

Out of the office: Undone, loose locks, and bare feet—you’re in the process of redefining your own worth, Virgo, and while this may seem like a starting task, all it takes is the ability to reach out and take what’s yours without closing your tight little fists because you fear the loss, before you even let yourself savor the having. Let the chocolate rest in your palm before you bite on in. Know that there will be more than enough to go around, and that it will keep on coming back around (to smooch you on the lips) every last time.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: When I let my anger come clean, I become an engine of change.

At work: No more making nice this week, Libran. While you’re sometimes referred to as the zodiac’s peacekeeper, keeping the peace also means fighting for justice and the higher good. This is a moon for choosing your battles at work carefully, but not shying away from what needs to be shaken up. If there’s agitation you’ve been sitting on, this is the moment for inviting it out into the open and noticing where you’ve let your own needs come second. 

Out of the office: Washing yourself clean of any motives that have formerly lurked beneath the surface can feel just like a deep cleaning face mask that leaves you feeling fresh and soft. Know that you can be both the primitive jungle tigress and the oversized house cat right now. Know that a healthy fighting spirit can let you travel more lightly. After the thrill and vigor of the hunt, you can rest in a full sun patch, with nothing left to hide.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: Doing the hard work can feel like a sweet dream.  

At work: It’s a moon for falling in love with the detail, Scorpio, and letting yourself be “in training” without having to fully know the endgame. There’s deep power in this kind of receptivity, and it’s not the same as inaction. Just know that you can simply put one foot in front of the other professionally at this time. Take projects and tasks one at a time savor their flavors. Understand the contours of each tiny action you need to take, without getting lost in the chaotic wildness of the wide open picture right now. Know that this kind of slow and steady maneuvering is exactly where you need to be.

Out of the office:This is an internal-facing week for you and a chance to delight in feeling small, without feeling helpless. Just let yourself move through the background a bit and stay open to signs as they arise. Think of yourself gathering provisions for a meal, but know that you don’t have to mix it up just yet. And remove and retreat from the fray when you need to. As the earth begins to descend into darkness, it’s a log cabin time for you. Light the candles, pour the wine, and invite yourself to dinner.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: Abandoning the urge for recognition lets me grow even bigger.

At work: While your default setting is often to spill over and expand beyond your container, this moon lets you discover sources of professional bigness that come from internal shifting instead. This isn’t the moment to have to fully seize the reigns in any recognizable way, but rather to practice glowing in all your glory, in the background. This starts with offering maximum support to your people and letting them remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Dive heart first into networking that uncovers your truest sources of community. Let this be the barometer for the flavor of contribution you want to make in this wild world.

Out of the office: Let yourself float just above your life story during this moon, wild pony, without losing any of your sweet sense of adventure. Detachment doesn’t have to mean robotic loss of feeling and this new moon reveals where a little panned out perspective can actually let you zoom back onto the ground level with a reinvigorated heart. Group consciousness powers you right now, so slide into all kinds of circles whether it’s dance parties or bonfires. For the Sag who’s forever seeking, this moment’s nomadism is all about simply surveying the terrain and knowing that there’s no course correction necessary. Ride on.  

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra:Checking in with my soul goals makes my self-sufficiency truly sparkle.

At work: Burrow in deep for a long, pre-winter’s nap, Cappy. You’ve been going hard, as is your factory setting, but this is a moment to tap back into what’s been buried in your soul’s professional treasure chest. What did you want to be when you were a tiny baby goat? What were your visions of adulthood and all the ways you would feel, taking charge of your own life? Slough off some of the drudgery of just getting it done and get back to the basics of what brought you all the way here in the first place. 

Out of the office: Whether it’s a desert island or your apartment closet, find space for sweet retreat during this moon. Get dramatic about it if you have to and treat yourself like a complete queen. Take your meals in bed. Consider your own personal history and narrative like a biopic, befitting a woman on top of the world. This is your moon to curl up with your stories and seduce yourself with your inner visions. 

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: When I say yes to adventure, I know exactly where I’m headed.

At work:This week signals a brand new beginning for you, Aquarius. Freshen up, wash some old tales about inadequacy down the drain, and then step back into the boardroom with sharpness, clarity, and giddy innocence. It’s a mental affair for you right now. Know that by simply swapping out your words, you can create wild new avenues for dream collaborations and opportunities. Think of this as career scrabble time where your letter tiles are all lined up but there are multiple phrases you might spell. One small shift can reroute the whole course of meaning. But all that really matters right now is that you just say yes.

Out of the office:Get out into the wide world, Aquarius, even if it’s just rerouting your usual after-work hobbies or walk home. There are ways you have been speaking to yourself that have been keeping you entrenched in old ways of being. But this moment lets you become your own DJ, as you shift how the musical messages are both sent and received. Your intellectual prowess is unmatched in the zodiac, and this new moon challenges you to put this genius to work. Now is the time to abandon the rational for soul-deep intuitive hits. 

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Re-purposing past pain lets new desires blossom in the now.

At work: Be gone, victim consciousness! This week opens you to flavors of forgiveness that power you up professionally in unprecedented ways. But this isn’t about the dramatics of sudden raises or two-week notices. This is a much slower, steadier shift in how you view your worth— a role reinvention that’s more about a change in career consciousness than a new title. Consider this moon cycle to be an entirely new kind of performance review where you can dive into past moments and old roles that have made you feel less than.

Out of the office:Forgiving doesn’t always have to mean forgetting, and this moon reveals that you can be in full acceptance of what went down, without denying the messy range of emotions that may accompany that. It’s a powerful moment for using old tenderness as flower food to grow ripe new fruit snacks. Let yourself just feel into the cycle and trust that even that which seems to be purposeless in its pain is nourishing root systems you haven’t even been able to dream of yet. Everything is in its right place and everything you could want for is coming straight towards you.

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Words: The Numinous