June’s New Moon Mantra Asks To You Fully Commit To Vulnerability This Month

June’s New Moon Mantra Asks To You Fully Commit To Vulnerability This Month

June 13’s new moon in Gemini wants you to open wide to the possibilities that spring from your lips when you commit to singing it straight from the heart, says The Numinous.

The zodiac’s street smart gifts us with the ability to both tap into what’s truest, and be available to let our truth collide with the electric messages from the Universe, as we stick the landing when necessary, while staying available to the ever-shifting textures of the big old sky. We’re cultivating a relationship to change that allows us to both stand in integrity, and to crack open to meet the moment, exactly as it is.

Coupled with chatty Mercury’s shift into Cancer fantasia, and pure pleasure-seeker Venus’ trip into Leo, it’s a lunation for opening up your secret diaries and risking emotional exposure. Free your mind from old stories and tell it to your heart, boss babes. The rest will follow.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New moon mantra: When I initiate change with clarity, I can roll with any rhythm.

At work: This moon ignites all your initiation cylinders Gemini, and you could find yourself lit up with new projects, ideas, and collaborative collisions. As one of the zodiac’s most changeable signs, know that you are gifted with next-level discernment right now about which changes are in deep alignment, and which just feel like shifts for the sake of staving off the discomfort of sticking to it. Practice feeling into your glorious gut as you make professional decisions, and know that your power right now lies in a steady unfurling rather than frantic scrambling.

Out of office: You are standing at the center of your life right now, Gemini, and it’s high time to celebrate all the flavors and shades of your selfhood. There’s a deliciously innocent spark to this moon, and it’s prime time for lusciously leaping into the driver’s seat. Notice any areas of your existence where you’ve given the controls over, or where you’ve lost faith in your ability to strike out. Get egoic Gemini, and consider this your cosmic birthday bash.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New moon mantra: Sweet, sweet fantasy helps me find surrender.

At work: This is a love-beamed lunation for you Cancer, as the moon slides into your Pisces-ruled zone of satin sheets and total dissolution. It’s time for some radical release at work, and this starts with imagining what you want the future to hold. Get “out there” with it, little mermaid, and gift yourself some delirious collisions between reality and fantasy. Tack wild inspo pictures to your desk. Transform your corporate color palette and dress code. Anywhere you can soften the boundaries of what seems hard and fast is favored.

Out of office: Melt, melt, melt, cosmic angel cakes. At every turn, discover where you can blur a boundary or low-light a situation. This doesn’t mean weakness or the inability to stand up for what you know is true, Cancer. It simply means that there’s always an easier way available, and it springs from your ability to gift yourself sweet retreat at every turn. Turn it down. Turn it off. Remove yourself when necessary. This is your yacht rock, tropical island moment. Crack open a coconut and tuck into the starry night.

Leo & Leo Rising

New moon mantra: The future looks bright when I remove the shades.

At work: Let the cosmic treats rain down, kitten. This new moon marks time in your electrically neon, Aquarius-ruled zone of sudden breakthroughs and radical innovations, and you have pure genius inventress energy available to you at work right now. 180s, lightning strike notions, and leaps of faith are all favored. Notice any arena where you’ve gotten into a “rut” and renovate the walls. Or if necessary, level the house to the ground and build anew. And while you’re at it, hook up with like-minded cosmic cats for collaborative visions. You’re building a dream together, Leo.

Out of office: With all the tasties arriving at your doorstep, Leo, it’s actually a wondrous moon for feeling into a little bit of discernment. Sift through the packages and the possibilities and really explore which flavors and shades on offer are fitting your emotional style right now. You’re gifted with the ability to slough off old layers in an easier, breezier way than before Leo because the buzzing momentum of the future is simply growing larger and brighter than the past. Move towards it like a moth to a flame.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New moon mantra: I am ready to regain my regalness.

At work: This is pure palace time for you, sweet Virgo, as the new moon ignites your self-sufficient Capricorn-ruled sector of faux fur and ski lodges. Where do you feel like you’re completely competent at work? It could be the smallest task or skill that you know you have “down.” Start there, and let everything else vibrate from that core. You are bigger and badder-ass than you know right now, and growing this confidence starts by moving towards any place where you can already feel your prowess. Roll at the red carpet and get ready to roar.

Out of office: This animal kingdom energy extends outside your professional life, and your asked to regain authority over your day-to-day, and to harness a sense of deservedness in your partnerships. Start with the simple energetics of how you move through the world. Are your shoulders slumped? Do you scurry down the street? Dress yourself in whatever your version of queenliness looks like, and start with a slow strut into the world, head tossed back. The energy of “being” is just as important as “doing” right now, Virgo. Embody the energy you long to inhabit.

Libra & Libra Rising

New moon mantra: Rolling the dice lets me trust in the process.

At work: There’s a wild, pony-maned energy available to you right now, Libra, as the new moon magnifies your Sagittarius-ruled zone of wide open roads and top-down riding. Take a good look at where have you been playing it professionally safe, and where the urge to blossom and unfurl is starting to feel greater than the motivation to stay tucked into your career cocoon. This is a magic moon for experiential learning of all stripes, and you are gifted the precious opportunity to mix and match and even to “screw up.” Stick your hands in the finger paint and loosen your grip on having to be in professional control.

Out of office: Get loose, Libra. This is a moon for treating your life like a weekend in Vegas, and unabashedly sampling new ways of experiencing your time on earth. Let yourself shake it down and shake it off, as you willingly suspend your hard-edged beliefs about how things are so you can crack open to how they might be. You’re a fierce idealist, but this moon asks you to find faith in the unseen and the unplanned rather than to fix your gaze on a goal.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New moon mantra: I exfoliate old patterns with both grit and grace.

At work: With this new moon marking time in your home-ruled sector of underground deep dives and phoenix transformations, the inevitable energy of career change is once again upon you Scorpio. But this is a subtler flavor of shiftiness than you might be accustomed to, and you’re being invited to rise to meet the micro-movements of your professional environment rather than burn it all down to the ground. What are the smaller tweaks and turns that you can apply to your day-to-day to help build momentum for the leaps you’d like to make down the line? Start with the inner-workings of your world, and let radicalizations in routine lead to seismic shifts.

Out of office: This is a face-mask moon for you, as the energy of release is rendered easier and sweeter than usual. You can still summon any narratives about your own heroic grit you need to during this process; after all, you do love to place yourself at the center of epically dramatic stories of lava-lit transformation. But know that forgiveness and renovation can feel more like winged gliding right now. Changes start to feel like snakeskins that you’re simply shimmying out of, and your grip gets lighter all by itself. Relish this new season of your life, dear phoenix.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New moon mantra: My highest hopes start right here on the ground.

At work: This is a megawatt rainbows and clouds moon for you, wild pony, as it drifts through your Libra-ruled zone of inspiration and aspiration. And by all means, let yourself glide and dive among the fluffy whites, as you fire yourself up with all manner of professional possibility. But while you’re at it, make sure to check in with life on the ground, and rather than polarize between the “high highs” of dreaming and the reality check crashes, see how you can blend your fantasy with reality checks that are librating rather than harshly sobering. How can you work with the resources and circumstances that already exist, and build your beanstalk to the heavens from this solid base?

Out of office: Consider yourself as a haiku-creator this moon cycle, Sag. Where can form and containment feel creative rather than like a stifling constraint? This new moon energy also ignites your sense of mirroring and partnerships, so take some juicy time to explore exactly who you surround yourself with, and what they can teach you about your glorious self. Brush up against the edges of others’ perspectives and see what they have to reveal about the boundaries of your own beliefs. Everything you love in this world is a reflection of your own lovability. Look out to look back in.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New moon mantra: My beautiful bod is the bedrock of my beliefs.

At work: With new moon magic igniting your Virgo-ruled sector of ritual and embodiment, there is a deliciously grounded flavor infusing your professional decision-making processes right now. Don’t be afraid to move toward the majesty of the mundane, as you let choices as seemingly small as what to pack for lunch support growth at larger levels of the rainforest career canopy. Your instincts are alive and vibrant right now, Cappy, and your antennae are primed to collect all the information you need to plot your next move. Become a curious detective of your day-to-day, as you practice moving towards what’s supporting you from the ground up.

Out of office: This is your al fresco feasting moon, mountain goat, as you celebrate your body as a vessel and channel for absolute magic. We often forget that the earth signs aren’t just about practical endeavors and the drudgery of life on the ground, but are actually about the transformation of earthly resources into absolute creative force, and the willingness to look around us for the shimmery possibility that’s buried in even the most straightforward affair. Let yourself venerate every part of your physical form.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New moon mantra: Finding pure pleasure in the right here, right now, is a courageous act.

At work: With the new moon magnifying your Leo-ruled zone of romantic release and pure, magenta-drenched presentism, you’re asked to recapture your professional innocence and release into the roller coaster sensations of straightforward enjoyment. When’s the last time you laughed at work? Felt a delicious tingle of excitement? Felt truly seen and held in your creative force? Play is a remote concept for many hard-working cosmic boss babes, but you’re being invited to find where even a trace or glimmer of this energy might live right now. Play is connected to the suspension of time and norms. The state of flowing without having to define a purpose. Let seemingly purposeless enjoyment lead your ever closer to your true work in this world, Aquarius.

Out of office: Let your world outside of the office be an extension of this beach blanket bonfire, Aquarius, as you embrace anything and everything that feelings like an indulgently luxurious getaway. This doesn’t mean you have to seek this energy in the material world necessarily, but instead signals a spiritual and soul-level sense of “splurge.” Douse yourself in more color. Let your voice and body be louder and wider and more generous in the world. Stamp out any signs of stinginess in your heart space, and make your mantra “more, more, more.” Let this sense of delicious spillage remind you that it’s damn good to be alive.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New moon mantra: Creating the emotional container clarifies my mission.

At work: With the new moon sliding into your Cancer-ruled sector of treehouse retreats and conch shells, it’s a professional moment for putting on your noise-canceling headphones and tuning into much deeper channels of information. Where has the buzz of others’ expectations and approaches been exhausting rather than fueling you, little fishy? As the zodiac’s psychic sponge, you’re quickly given over to sensitively soaking up the world around you. And this Moon marks a moment for turning the knobs down on this constant influx so that you can listen in to your own acapella song. Let your professional aspirations spring from deep in your own crystal cave, and don’t be afraid to post a “no trespassing” sign on the door while you process.

Out of office: Delight in this sense of self-contained exploration outside the office, as you explore your emotional core without apology or equivocation. If you need to, signal clearly to your loved ones that you’re taking a retreat. Or simply go “off grid” actually or metaphorically without even leaving a note. Whatever feels most natural, and most aligned with a sense of validating your feelings first and foremost, without having to ask permission to emote in whatever way is rising to the surface right now. Make like seagrass, sweet Pisces. Grow down into your own ocean floor and let swaying with the tidal shifts feel like a dance rather than a push and pull of others’ needs that threatens to rip you out from your roots.

Aries & Aries Rising

New moon mantra: When I release from tunnel-vision, the prismatic possibilities multiply.

At work: With this new moon sparkling into your zone of butterfly wings and full backpacks, it’s time to hit the professional streets, “grow down,” and find pure delight in absolutely everything you don’t know Aries. Be particularly attentive to any career areas where you feel like an unequivocal expert, and choose to become a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed student instead. Innocence and eagerness are your besties right now, and tap into the energy of sharpened pencils and brand-new trapper-keepers wherever you can. Be an observer, and listen in to the buzz of other perspectives. Practice not being the one to speak first at a meeting. Let someone else take the lead on a project. Release into the sensation of not needing to make a decision immediately, and let it all unfurl, step-by-step.

Out of office: It’s a block party moon for you, firestarter. Let yourself descend into the streets and collide with all the sensations of shifting perspectives. This is a honey bee buzzing energy of gathering nectar and pollinating, so be super attentive to the messages you’re taking in, and the flavor profile of each. You don’t need to decide or commit to one course of action right now, but simply mark down the tasting notes for future use, as you celebrate the ripe range of human experience without it all having to add up to some predefined endgame.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New moon mantra: Following my cravings leads me back to my core.

At work: With this new moon illuminating your zone of desire and worthiness, this is a ripe and tasty career moment for speaking exactly how you want to feel at work into being, without any shame or hesitation. Where have you lost the feeling of pleasure in your projects and collaborations? Where do things feel greyish and muted, rather than alive in technicolor? The key to injecting your professional life with this juice lies in asking directly for what you’re worth, and exerting some hard nos about energy sucks that are draining even more of the color from your world. In your gut, you instinctively know exactly where this energy of aliveness does and doesn’t live. Move from an inherent sense of fullness, and remember that no one and nothing is your singular source of sustenance. Money is simply energy, and it’s available to you through many, many channels.

Out of office: It’s snack time outside of the office, sweet Taurus, and you’re invited to shake off preconceived notions about your preferred palette and sample it all. Clear the decks for deliciousness, and let yourself follow the curious, candied trail of whatever catches your eye. Consider your life to be a fancy department store shopping spree, or a wander through a lush and full botanical garden. Let yourself be distracted and dazzled by shiny objects. Transform yourself into a little kitten following tassels, and chase your cravings with curious levity. Epicurean experimentation is your only agenda right now.

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