Your Zodiac Sign’s Vibe For The New Moon In Libra? Cutting Through The BS

Your Zodiac Sign’s Vibe For The New Moon In Libra? Cutting Through The BS

While Libra energy sometimes gets a romantic rep as all rose petals and perfectly calibrated togetherness, in its fiercest expression, these are cardinal air vibes that cut through the BS to see with both clear eyes and full hearts.

Libra’s greatest growing edge is to learn that balance is a dynamic act that sometimes necessitates sampling extremes, and that our aspirations must also meet the world as it is, and other people as they are, in all their messy humanness.

Combined with underworld shadow worker Pluto, now direct in Capricorn, and Venus on her retrograde roll through the trenches of Scorpio, Libra’s penchant for collaboration and considered polarities gets a further push towards deep seeing, and mature responding.

And after this Summer’s soul-shaking eclipses, we’re ripe for picking up the pieces and making some high art out of all that’s settling. When we’re willing to take a long, hard look at our lives in the polished mirror, and are ready to reckon with our contradictions in all their glory, there’s nothing that can stop us. Here’s your new moon mantras for October.

Libra & Libra Rising

New Moon Mantra: Liberation comes from radical release.

At Work: This new moon is a powerful chord cutter for your, sweet Libra, and it’s time to smoke out any outmoded people-pleasing in the office that’s fully outlived its course. Notice how it can start subtly, with a clenched jaw or forced smile. You’re the zodiac’s original master of modifications that fit the environment, but what if you catalyzed some real career changes by pushing just a little bit towards the edge of the uncomfy? Your clear seeing and ability to assess with both head and heart, is unparalleled. Use this skill set to feel into where you’ve not been tried and true to number one.

Out of Office: Feel into the sensation of healthy self-centeredness. You can make it a little survivalist game if you have to, imagining exactly what you’re here to bring to the world that no one else can. With Venus retrograding through your zone of self-worth, notice where giving your power over in partnerships has started to build fumes of resentment, and ask for what you want directly, without shame. Know that the worst that can happen is a firm “no” and that even the nos will further liberate your hell yeses.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

New Moon Mantra: My instincts are both softcore and unshakably strong.

At Work: Any amount of “undoing” at work will serve you well. This might not mean actually doing less. Instead, it’s about the kind of presence you bring to your job, and the ability to hold space for a sense of allowing. Let your workday be filled with a world of what-ifs, as you loosen your grip around potential outcomes for projects, and ways the labor can unfold. And make sure that it’s a labor of love, above all else, Scorpio. You deserve to commit your carnal powers to absolutely nothing less.

Out of Office: With Venus retrograding through your sign until Halloween, this Venus-ruled moon is a prime moment for initiating how you want your metaphorical boudoir to feel. Swap the concept of self-care for self-pleasure. Forgo what you’ve heard about gratitude lists and buttoned up solo dates, and get down with yourself, Scorpio. Learn to long for yourself. You’re an animal. Let it rip and let your roar remember you have every right to be here.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

New Moon Mantra: When I commit to clear seeing, I can see my legacy.

At Work: This new moon’s cardinal air energy wants you to initiate some serious long-range viewing of what you’re here to create. As a mutable fire sign, you’re the zodiac’s mobile warming unit, and can run fiercely and freely across the lands to carry your Olympic torch to the world’s stadium. So what exactly has been lighting that flame lately, and where exactly are you headed, Sag? Take this moon as a magical opportunity to deeply pause and line it up just so. You’re in it for the professional long haul. Imagine what you want said about you at the awards ceremony, decades from now.

Out of Office: The concept of choreography and vision follows you outside the office, Sag, as this moon provides your fires with some critical perspective. Notice any spots in your life where you’ve started to let things run wildly on autopilot, and know that there’s more than enough time to recalibrate the rhythms without losing your status as the life of the party.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

New Moon Mantra: My castle is built with the force of feelings.

At Work: As this new moon magnifies your natural home turf of boardrooms and podium takeovers, you are fit as a fiddle for unleashing your force, Cappy. But before you start in with the emboldened power moves, consider the uses of compromise. It may sound like an unsexy word to you. It may spark fears of not pulling your weight, or not being recognized. You’re in a lifelong dance with the concepts of care and protection, and this moon wants to remind you that you can truly have it all, as long as you don’t forget to feel it all as well.

Out of Office: As Venus retrograde rolls through your zone of radical ruptures, and Pluto now direct in your sign, you’re knee deep in some emotional patterns that are ripe for being overturned. But this needn’t feel demonic or ghostie in the least, Cappy. Instead, consider yourself in a kind of emotional plate tectonics phase. The earth is changing underneath your feet, but it’s a slow unfolding rather than a sudden quake. Simply rise to meet what’s already meeting you on the horizon, and you’ll find yourself easing into the future of your feelings without having to feel haunted.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

New Moon Mantra: Daring to hope rewrites the book.

At Work: With this new moon in fellow air sign, Libra, magnifying your wild open road zone, you’re being invited to let rolling the dice revamp your beliefs. Where have you lost hope, Electric Warrior? And why? Is it because you’re in a constant dance to built it better and bigger, without pausing to be able to relish what’s here? Or do you feel like the professional rug is going to get ripped out from under you if you dare to dream? Summon your notorious radicalism, and show the office that brand new beginnings are perpetually possible when you’re willing to leap.

Out of Office: As Venus rolls across the top of your chart, you’re being asked to balance any professional overdrive with some sweetness and light in your life outside of the office. No matter how silly or superficial it may seem to you at first, consider what you find to be unabashedly beautiful, Aquarius. Whether it’s a bunch of roses, or the weeds through the pavement cracks, your highly personal aesthetics are your guiding force right now. Let beauty simply for its own sake be a balm that reminds you that just being on this earth and turning towards the sun is always more than enough to deserve your spot here.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

New Moon Mantra: Every impulse is worth investigating.

At Work: As this New Moon graces your Scorpio-ruled zone, you’re being asked to pull at the roots of some dead professional plants, Pisces. You know exactly what needs to go, and it actually starts with any harshness you’ve been using to assess your own performance, and a willingness to look beneath your impulses to see what you really want for your career. What if you could take this moon to delight in your urges for power? To really celebrate your place at the table, and your right to take up as much space with your ideas, voice, and body, as you like? You don’t have to make nice right now.

Out of Office: With Venus retrograde traveling through your Sagittarius-ruled zone of wild ponies, it’s time to liberate your freak, whatever its costuming. Race with the wind, and remember that you are fierce, feral, and blood-pumping. Investigate any sources of tameness or constriction, and the buttoned-up beliefs beneath that no longer fit the buxom boss babe you’re becoming. Like a pet shop fish, you will literally grow to the size of the tank you’re in, Little Mermaid. So let yourself have the entire ocean instead.

Aries & Aries Rising

New Moon Mantra: Dreaming together is double-dipped sweetness.

At Work: With the new moon magnifying your zone of relatedness, you’re traveling two-by-two through your professional life, Aries. And before you need to even reach out for a collaborator, consider the concept of internal dualism. Where have you been daylighting as one thing, and moonlighting as another? Is it possible to rectify seemingly disparate parts of yourself or projects you’ve been working on? We’re all massive, walking, messy contradictions, Aries, and sometimes your impossible high self performance standards and tunnel vision keep you from feeling into all of these shades.

Out of Office: As Venus retrograde rolls through your zone of human desire and animal prints, you’re coming into communion with all of your instincts and impulses right now, Aries. Unlike your own Mars-ruled energy, which immediately translates an impulse into an action, Scorpio power is here to teach you about the soul-deep moves that come from calculated precision and emotional sagesse. Let yourself sit on and with your feelings before you light the fire.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

New Moon Mantra: When I bow at the altar of my bod, my spirit returns.

At Work: As the new moon in Libra dances through your Virgo-ruled zone of divine details and daily practices, this is the perfect moment for considering “wellness” in the most inclusive sense of that term. Forget what you think about dietary regimes, green juices, and rarefied meditation practices, and decide instead what can best support your physical vessel for the work you’re ready to take on. Libra gifts us balance, but it’s the balance of customized fragrance and personalized shopping. What does this careful calibration look like to you, Taurus? Start small or start sumptuous, and know that anything from a bread and cheese lunch break, to a full-on personal day, is yours for the taking.

Out of Office: With Venus retrograding through your opposite sign, Scorpio, you’re coming into communion with the concept of emotional transformation. This has been a theme for you since the spring, when game-changing Uranus entered your sign, and this powerful fall equinox moment is fit for assessing just how far you’ve come. There are as many flavors and shades of change, and ways we can meet them, as there are stars in the sky, Taurus.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

New Moon Mantra: Showing my hand lets me sparkle and shine.

At Work: Guilelessness and earnestness are your besties right now, Gemstone, as the new moon in Libra powers up your Leo-ruled sector of nothing left to lose. What are you holding back from or hiding, and how much professional pain is the gripping against the reveal causing you? Say it loud and proud in difficult meetings. Put it in a memo. Shout it in the boardroom. And know that you can do all of this with heart and tenderness, Gem. When these declarations stem from a source of honesty and passionate ardor, your team will be ready and willing to rally around your truth.

Out of Office: As this moon’s ruler, Venus, rolls retrograde through your zone of integrity, you’re invited to take a sweet retreat that will restore any overtaxed radio wires. You’re in a lifelong dance with the balance between input and output, and this is a moon for temporarily closing up the channel so that stillness can remind you of the potency and majesty of your own voice. Don’t be afraid to start with small treats of solitude, shutting off your phone for an hour or staring at the sky for even a minute straight. Let these tiny moves lead you back to the seat of your irreplaceable crystal core.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

New Moon Mantra: Memories are made for remaking.

At Work: As the Libra new moon lights up your seat of emotional security and professional scrapbooks, this is a powerful moment for some performance review. But rather than harsh assessment, set your professional journey to music in your mind, and give it a cast. Where have the dramatic tensions been? Your greatest romances and achievements? And in what storyline do you find yourself currently embroiled? Carl Jung once said that people happen to events, events don’t happen to people. Consider how your current emotional maturity and soul development can prod your professional landscape to rise and meet you.

Out of Office: With Venus retrograde in Scorpio rolling through your Leo-ruled zone of glitter and sequins, this is a moment for gifting yourself some well-deserved recognition. Feel into the balance between give and take in your partnerships. Chances are, you could take a little bit, or a lot, more. Loosen the shackles on old romantic and self-worth storylines while you’re at it. Retrogrades are the zodiac’s slumber parties, where we can to really hang with the planet’s energy after school hours. What weights on your heart are you ready to lift Cancer? Only you can do the bench pressing right now.

Leo & Leo Rising

New Moon Mantra: Curiosity keeps my heart alive.

At Work: As this new moon in Libra lights up your Gemini-ruled turf of rainbows, wings, and choose-your-own-adventures, you’re being invited to open wide to any and all professional pathways. There are choices to be made, and you’ll be ready to make them when the moment is right. But for now, revel at the crossroads with equal parts care, courage, and curiosity, Glitter Kitten. And know that every choice creates a magical flower of new possibilities in its wake. There are no “wrong” decisions, if you commit to clear seeing in this very moment, with the information you have on hand. So ask around, keep your antennae raised, and then step forward to meet whatever’s on its way to meet you.

Out of Office: As Venus in Scorpio retrogrades through your turf of security and maneuvers, you’re swimming with all the feelings. Let this be wet and wild, without having to manage where these emotions stem from or where they’re headed. Feelings aren’t always facts, Leo. And sometimes they’re truer than any logical move the mind can make. Hold space for both of these seemingly contradictory statements, and simply plunge into the powerful currents of your desires and longings without needing to assess where exactly they will carry you.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

New Moon Mantra: I never need to fight for my right to feel good.

At Work: With this Libra new moon sparking sumptuous self-worth themes in your Taurus-ruled zone, you’re getting a double dose of Venus energy. Let this be a powerful reminder of your right to feel damn good on the job, Virgo. More than any other sign, you’re here to understand how to best align your internal landscape with what the world needs from you. And when out of alignment, this can send you racing to shape shift in order to prove your worth.

Out of Office: As Venus retrogrades through your Gemini-ruled turf of street wanderings and tapas platters, you’re being asked to sample the full range of possibilities and make yourself a new metaphorical mixtape. What’s turning you on right now? What are you turning away from that you actually might want to turn towards? Speed date the world right now and simply follow the flickering tail of whatever seems most shiny and appealing. Let this Moon remind you that this life is a crazy quilt of surprise endings and beginnings.

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