15 New Years Resolutions Ideas (That Won’t Make You Feel Bad About Yourself)

15 New Years Resolutions Ideas (That Won’t Make You Feel Bad About Yourself)

It’s that time of year again when we’re all dead-set on crafting yet another batch of New Year’s resolution ideas we can commit to for the next 12 months. But, if we’re being honest here, don’t New Year’s resolution ideas inevitably seem like self-deprecating statements? Don’t resolutions unjustly make us feel guilty about ourselves for (inevitably) falling short? Don’t they emphasize our “flaws” by putting the focus squarely on what we don’t have?

If you are not contemplating any such New Year’s resolution ideas, then you, my dear friend, are already winning at 2019. If, however, you’ve fallen into the trap of choosing a resolution that sets you up for failure—or worse—makes you feel like a failure, we’ve got a solution: Throw it in the trash. Say NOPE to any New Year’s resolution focused on don’ts and must nots.

Instead, opt for resolutions with a positive twist. Embrace resolutions that, no matter how much (or how little) progress you make toward fulfilling them, you will feel a-OK. Because, when you’re on the road toward fulfilling a goal that’s of your own choosing (and not based off some diet culture fad), you’ll be that much more motivated to make it happen.

Consider the following your cheat sheet of New Year’s resolutions that double just as well as positive affirmations.

Positive-thinking New Year’s resolution ideas

1. I will make quiet time for myself at the beginning and end of each day to embrace the day and reflect on what I’ve accomplished. Doing so will help me keep a positive perspective on life.

2. I will show that I value and respect my time and other’s by planning accordingly for traveling and commuting. Making an effort to be on time will leave me feeling less rushed and more present.

3. I will honor my body and mind by focusing on eating foods that leave me feeling nourished. Additionally, I will move my body in ways that bring me joy, energy, and strength.

4. I will identify negative self-talk and stop it in its tracks. Instead, I will practice saying something I love about myself and why.

5. I will make time for the people I love most in my life in ways big and small. A phone call to a dear friend or family member is never too big a task, but rather something that occurs frequently.

6. I will practice listening more to seek understanding, instead of waiting my turn to speak. If I have nothing to add the conversation, I will thank others for what they have shared.

7. I will focus on discovering what it is I love to do in solitude. “Alone time” will not scare me anymore because quality time with myself brings me peace.

8. I will not run from conflict because of fear or intimidation. Rather, my focus shall be finding ways to de-escalate situations, seek compromise and admit when I am wrong.

9. I will embrace new opportunities as they arise with arms wide open. Growth occurs when we step out of our comfort zone.

10. I will seek and form community with others by volunteering my time and sharing my skills and knowledge with those who need it most.

11. I will de-prioritize activities that do not bring me joy and minimize time with people whose negativity weighs on me. My priority will be the work and beings I look forward to engaging with.

12. I will take ownership of my finances by identifying my future money goals. Identifying my weaknesses and working toward a healthy financial future will be a process I embrace.

13. I will stand my ground at all times by declaring, supporting and embracing what I hold dear. I will not shy away from who I am, where I come from and where I want to go.

14. I will embrace my curiosity about the world and its people by continuing to explore new places, experience new wonders and learn new languages. I am forever an eager student.

15. I will work toward healing past hurts and strive to open my heart unto others. Love will find its way to me because I will be ready to receive it.