OK, So Shania Twain’s Anti-Douchebag Anthem Really Stands Up

OK, So Shania Twain’s Anti-Douchebag Anthem Really Stands Up

Pop lords and hair-spiration to many, the sisters of HAIM have just killed the covers game with a perfect rendition of Shania Twain’s classic chantey, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” And low and behold, the internet was, in fact, impressed much.

Not only because the cover itself, performed on Australian radio station triple j for their “Like A Version” series, but because a whole new wave of younger millennials now get to experience the wonder and feminist might that is “That Don’t Impress Me Much.”

How relevant is it today? Um, very. How empowering? The most! Let us count the ways.

It’s anti-douchebag anthem for the ages

“I’ve know a few guys you thought they were pretty smart / But you’ve got been’ right down to an art,” quoth the country music Queen on the track. Relatable much? Twain is a woman after our own heart with these wry observations on all the various ways guys can be dicks. Rocket scientist? Douche. Guy with a car? Who cares! Brad Pitt himself? Into the bin. Salty fuckboys everywhere and not a drop to drink.


It’s a tale of self-love

Which brings us to our next point. None of these pigs are good enough for Shania Twain (even when she’s stranded in the goddamn desert,) because Shania Twain loves herself. She dare not compromise by going out with a guy who “kisses his car at night.” That kind of weird-ass behavior might be tolerated by less high-standard-holding heroines, but not our girl. None of this “Oh, but he’s sooo nice,” bull crap. It’s all or nothing. #WWSTD


The costume design is fire

Was this actually made in 1997? Or was it made in 2017 by some alt fashion Instagram kids with a little too much ironic literacy? You can never tell in these made-to-look-like-VHS times. That said, her all-leopard, hooded cape ensemble is pure fire. Her makeup is 90s excellence. I think I saw that choker on UNIF. And those bangs? Get out of town. Perfect.

Be right back, playing this at top volume for the rest of the day.