These (Lesser Known) Apps Will Help You Hide Money From Yourself

These (Lesser Known) Apps Will Help You Hide Money From Yourself

Have you heard of this app called Digit that pulls tiny amounts of money out of your checking account and transfers it into your savings account? Jk, I know you have.

Digit is one of the popular kids and we already wrote about the popular kids in a previous list of well-known money saving apps. 

This here is a deeper track version for those of you who are truly dedicated to the saving life.

Prepare to be amazed by that which you do not yet know—namely, that if you are still trying to hide money from yourself, there are ever more apps to be discovered.

Now these apps may not have splashy PR campaigns or cool clothes, but they too are worthy of your respect and, perhaps, even your download.


Of all the lower-profile money-savin’ apps out there, Earny is a favorite of many. You connect Earny to your email and it scans for receipts. Then it checks the price on your purchases, looks for price drops, contacts the price-protection-participating store, and asks for a refund of the difference.

Buying something cute and then seeing it go on super sale later on is a rough feeling; imagine, instead, if it were a cause for celebration. Best of all, you just chill and let this run in the background of your phone a.k.a. it’s not going to pop up on your browser and bug the crap out of you every time you try to check out at an online store (cough Honeycough cough).


It’s possible that you’ve heard of Sweatcoin, as it is ~apparently~ the #1 health and fitness app on the iTunes store right now, but if you’re a savings nerd who doesn’t get much exercise (hello), it could be brand spankin’ new to you. The concept is essentially a Fitbit crossed with when your mom bribed you to do chores.

Is it creepy? It sure is. It stays on running in the background of your phone, syncing to Apple’s Health app and your GPS and probs big brother. But if that bothers you not, there’s money to be made and products to be redeemed just by moving your meatsack.

You get .95 sweatcoins for every 1,000 steps you take. You can trade that in for fitness gear or gift cards or cash via Paypal. This is no way to get rich quick—even if you’re a major walker, it’ll take you like five years to make $1,000—but this is a solid lil passive income app that could also incentivize you to exercise.

Google Opinion Rewards

You’ve heard of Google, but have you heard of Google Opinion Rewards? This app pays you for answering quick surveys (many take less than 20 seconds to complete). While this isn’t strictly a saving app, it’s super easy; answering mindless questions like “Do you like watching basketball on TV?” can earn you up to a dollar per survey. You won’t make millions, but you can take a chunk out of your fare while waiting for the bus to arrive. Again, they’re making money off of your data, so make sure you’re OK with that.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money has a bunch of cool features, from making savings suggestions based on your spending patterns to giving you a daily financial review. But TBH, so does Mint. WhatClarity Money does that really sets it apart is that it finds and directly cancels unused subscriptions for you. Whether you’re passive money makin’ or passive money savin’, at the end of the day, you’re a little better off.


UK-based folks, you’re in luck (and the rest of us are waiting patiently). Squirrel helps automate what you may already be doing: manually transferring cash between your checking and savings throughout the month to keep from spending your rent before it comes due.

It also helps you split paychecks so you get “paid” weekly by the app, keeping your income even and curtailing overspending. Lastly, the app can hide some of your cash in a separate account until you need it. If you’re the type to buy rounds for everyone at the bar the second your paycheck hits, Squirrel is your friend.