Powerful Words Of Wisdom, Courtesy Of The Girlboss Rally LA Speakers

Powerful Words Of Wisdom, Courtesy Of The Girlboss Rally LA Speakers

Whenever we meet a remarkable, accomplished woman who just has her sh*t together, we can’t help but ask: a) How do you do it? and b) Any advice for us?

The good thing is that most successful women want to see more women succeed, and they’re willing to dole out sage advice to the rest of us who are still figuring it all out. (Because, truth be told, there’s always more to learn!)

And, as luck would have it, there are going to be lots of remarkable, impressive women getting together this Saturday at the third Girlboss Rally in Los Angeles! Lots of impressive women = lots of wisdom. But don’t fret if you didn’t get one of the tickets before they sold out. We’ve asked the Girlboss Rally speakers what nuggets of wisdom they’d share with you and compiled them into a handy little list for you right here.

Read on. Be inspired. And keep sharing the knowledge.

“I always think it’s important to constantly visualize success, but to consider failure, even for a second, so you can be prepared if things don’t work out just as you’ve planned.”
— Jen Gotch, founder & chief creative officer, Ban.do

“Test, test, test—as a founder, always be testing and make sure to have a separate marketing budget to do this as a key priority.”
— Nicole Quinn, partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

“Divorce is hard, but the legal process doesn’t have to be!”
— Laura Wasser, family law attorney, author, and founder of It’s Over Easy

“Leave it better than you found it.” — Alyssa Mastromonaco, author

“You will never be influenced more than the day you decide to take your life’s purpose into your own hands.”
— Lizzie Velasquez, global anti-bullying activist, author, and social media influencer

“Compound your interest! The earlier you invest — in your retirement account, relationships, your health — the bigger the rewards will be down the road.”
— Sarah Kunst, entrepreneur and investor

“Allow fear to inspire you to greatness.”
“Intuition is God whispering in your ear. Listen to it.”
— Guerdley and DHQ BRAT of Queen Moves, dancers, choreographers

“Don’t give a lot of space or energy to things that don’t nourish — whether that’s nourishment in your personal life, nourishment towards your business goals, or anything else.”
— Jen Rubio, co-founder of Away

“No one is you and that is your power.” — Aija Mayrock, author, activist, performer

“You never get what you don’t ask for. When you do ask, you get half. So, ask for double.”
— Olga Lozovskaya Kaplan, investor, Goldman Sachs Growth Equity

“Seek clarity of vision for your life and your business.”
— Suzy Ryoo, vice president of technology and innovation at Atom Factory and partner at Cross Culture Ventures

“You are never too young to change the world.”
— Marsai Martin, actress, executive producer, and founder, Genius Productions

“There will be many situations that’ll make you want to quit. Do not quit. Keep going in the process you will grow and you will discover your own depth.”
— Sandra Lopez, vice president of Intel Sports

“Break the rules when they don’t make sense!” — Shelley Zalis, chief executive officer, The Female Quotient

“One: Compassion should be the foundation for everything we do. Two: Embrace change, everything eventually changes. The combination of these two make life so much easier!”
— Tracy Gray, founder and managing partner of The 22 Fund, founder of We are Enough, and executive in residence of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

“Stay human and keep showing up.”
— Sarah Sophie Flicker, creative director of Firebrand and national organizer of the Women’s March

“The urgency of now.”
— Paola Mendoza, filmmaker, activist, and creative director of Firebrand

“2X2s help you conquer the world; Get out of the quadrant of Not Important and Urgent; Become a guru of prioritization in personal and professional life. Have fun! Speak up early and often, even if it is uncomfortable and definitely take the seat at the table. No one will hand it to you.”
— Thogori Karago, head of research and development, LinkedIn Africa

“What you want someone else to give you, find a way to give it to yourself.” — Heather Lilleston, yoga teacher and co-founder of Yoga for Bad People

“Don’t sweat the small stuff. Often the simplest advice is the hardest to internalize and follow. It’s easy to get worked up over every little detail or misstep. Instead, let it go, move forward and focus on the solution instead of the problem–you’ll get so much farther!”
— Ariel Kaye, founder and chief executive officer, Parachute

“Always take the meeting.”
— Sara Wilson, founder, Wilson Projects

“Don’t waste your time on stupid s**t.”
— Kim Goulbourne, maker, designer, and coder at Bourn