These 10 Brands Make Products Meant To Last A Lifetime

These 10 Brands Make Products Meant To Last A Lifetime

It’s no secret that people love to save money. Why else do we scan price tags with our smartphones to compare listings online? Or use resell apps to buy second-hand goods rather than new, pricier alternatives? Hell, haven’t we all gone down the rabbit hole of online reviews? Anything for that extra assurance that we’re buying products meant to last.

Unfortunately, our frugalness can cause us to gloss over some worthwhile investments. We buy things that fall apart months, if not weeks, after use. In some cases, “budget-friendly” really means “shortened life span.” As a result, we end up buying a whole lot of junk in the process. Products meant to last a lifetime? That was for our grandparent’s generation!

Of course, quality products will sometimes cost more upfront, but just consider the possible savings if you don’t have to constantly repurchase the item or get it repaired. In order to find out which brands and products are worth the extra dinero, we took a peek at the popular subreddit /BuyItForLife, where Redditors share the brands and products that have withstood the test of time. See our favorites from the thread, below.

The following products are meant to last

Consider it a lifetime guarantee, if you will.

A set of Corelle plates

Ever heard the crack and crash sound of a broken dinner plate? You don’t have to worry about that with Corelle dinnerware plates. The brand is known for durability, i.e. products that don’t scratch or chip!

A pair of Teva sandals to keep you walking

Tevas is easily one of the more recognizable sandal brands out there for hikers. Sure, they’re not likely to win you points with the fashion crowd, but when you’re looking for practical footwear, it’s a smart choice. They’re a good lightweight option for daily wear.

A Hydro Flask water bottle

A vacuum insulated water bottle will keep your cool drinks chilled and your hot drinks warm for hours. The standard mouth on a Hydro Flask bottle is also big enough for ice cubes.

A classic Jansport backpack

This is the go-to brand among students for a reason. The classic designs offer enough room for books and a laptop, plus a roomy outside pocket. You don’t have to worry about looking like a child either, as some of the newer designs are more sophisticated and include laptop compartments with extra functionality.

A sturdy Davek umbrella

How many of us have bought a cheap umbrella at a gas station or drugstore only to have it break a day later? You can avoid any future rainy day frustration with a Davek umbrella. They’re covered under their “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.” The company will also repair or replace a damaged one. (You’ll just have to pay for shipping.)

A pair of L.L. Bean duck boots

L.L. Bean invented the “duck boot” trend and has been largely unchallenged in the space thanks to its durable products. Sure, the style is a tad preppy, but come winter, the boots will keep your feet warm and dry. (Isn’t that what we all want?)

A carry-on bag from Away

Avoid having to deal with any carry-on restrictions with one of Away’s designs. The brand’s carry-on is lightweight, making it easily transportable. It’s also made of polycarbonate, a durable hard-case material that will protect your valuable belongings.

A Patagonia windbreaker for the seasons

Patagonia is known for its outdoor gear. Expect its outerwear to keep you comfortable during rainy and cold seasons. This Houdini windbreaker has a water-repellent finish with an adjustable hood that won’t limit your peripheral vision.

A Camelbak water bottle for your desk

Camelbak is known for its backpacks and water bottles, making them a great option for long hikes and camping trips. Grab one of the brand’s everyday water bottles that’s easy to carry, thanks to an integrated loop handle.

A pair of comfortable Lululemon sweats

Lululemon has long since won over the yoga enthusiasts of the world, thanks to its line of quality athletic pants. Its other styles are also worth checking out, as they’re all designed with practical details in mind. (Think: the right size pocket for your phone). The best part? The fabrics are breathable and ultra stretch-able.