8 Jobs For Detailed-Oriented Research Fanatics You Can Apply For Today

8 Jobs For Detailed-Oriented Research Fanatics You Can Apply For Today

When you’re a researcher, you basically get paid for being curious, which is kind of amazing. Plus, having the patience and skills to interpret complex data is not something that everybody is born with.

Research jobs aren’t all in science either. Sure, you can research things related to science but there’s also market research, which measures less objective things, like public opinion. On this list of currently-available jobs, you’ll find a fun mix. Data and numbers are present but there’s also a few off the cuff positions, and even one that puts your culinary skills to the test.

Check out these research roles to cure your curiosity cravings.

Business Operations Analyst, WeWork

Here you’ll look into the data to make strategic decisions and report your findings to team members so they can better understand the next steps in growing business. WeWork offers services and community on a mission to make the work space a better place, and they need an analytical brain with at least five years of experience for this San Francisco- based role.

Data Analyst, Honeybook

The business management platform for creative entrepreneurs is looking for an expert in data resources. This technology makes it easier for businesses, both big and small, to work efficiently, so users of Honeybook can focus on the creative stuff and let the tech take care of the rest. If you’re game to join this company and have at least four years of experience in analytics, consider this role at Honeybook HQ in San Francisco.

Business Intelligence Analyst, Tradesy

If you thought this was a fashion company, well it is, but it’s also where fashion meets technology. Think Poshmark, for high end brands and women’s fashion only. Tradesy is looking for a business brain who likes crunching numbers to join their Santa Monica headquarters. At least four years of experience is required for this role.

Research + Development Chef/Culinologist, Impossible Foods

Ever heard of an Impossible Burger? It’s available in 4000 restaurants worldwide and they need a researcher in the food industry is needed to make more delicious products. This company is on a mission to create yummy food, minus the destructive environmental impact of mass produced meats. A strong culinary background and at least five years of experience is required for this California-based role.

Brand Market Research Manager, Tik Tok

Here’s a mid-senior level role for someone who enjoys working with international teams and has experience conducting market research. The platform that has people dancing to short videos all over the world is looking for a data enthusiast to join their Los-Angeles based team. At least three years of project management experience is needed for this role.

Content Marketing Research Manager, Hulu

Here you can combine your business interests with your academic background in social/behavioral sciences. If you’re passionate about TV and entertainment and have at least five years of experience in research, this Santa Monica-based role may be a fit.

Business Analyst, Clutch

Here’s an entry-level role with a fast growing start up and a great opportunity to get research experience on your resume. If you’re interested in being a part of building a company while building your own professional experience check out this role based in Washington D.C.

Senior Research & Development Specialist, New York & Company

This senior-level role lets you research fashion trends, fabrics and production. You’ll need a few years of experience under your belt for this role as well as a background working with overseas manufacturers for this New York City-based gig.