10 Corporate-Friendly Resumes To Download If You Want To Look V. Legit
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10 Corporate-Friendly Resumes To Download If You Want To Look V. Legit

If you’re applying to a job in a creative field, you’ll know resumes can go ahead and scream “LOOK AT ME.” But if you’re applying for a more buttoned-up job, that kind of resume might make a potential employer scream “NEXT.”

Well, don’t bury your creativity just yet. Even though you might want to avoid squiggly lines and floral prints, there are still ways to make your resume stand out in a corporate environment.

Here are 10 of our favorite free or relatively-inexpensive resume templates for corporate roles:

Embrace your inner Elle

Elle Woods’ resume was famously pink and scented. If you want to nod to an icon while staying professional, the subtle pops of pink on The Creative Market’s resume, cover letter, and references might just do it for you.

Get funky

This free Canva resume somehow manages to read as formal and funky at the same time. The purple border and header text add personality to the otherwise basic template—just like you would do if you got the job. (Like the resume but detest the purple? You can switch it to your preferred color.)

Keep it simple

This black and white, simple yet modern Etsy resume and cover letter set says, “I’m a professional, but get ready because I’m going to wow you.”

Be chill

This resume template shows that powder blue can be a power color. This Etsy resume, cover letter, and reference page package shows off your skills and emits a calming vibe.

Make a splash

With Canva’s free template, you’ll ensure your name stands out from the crowd. If the blue is a little too blah, feel free to change it up. Canva makes customizing easy.

Be bold

The whole point of a resume is to let a potential employer get a sense of who you are. With a bold line border, bold text headings, and bold fonts that will make your name pop, this Etsy resume practically screams go-getter.

Show and tell

More and more companies are moving away from simply hiring the person with the best job experience and starting to hire the person that will be the best fit.  This Creative Market resume opens with a profile and photo so you can share what you care about from the jump.

Say it with a logo

What’s more badass than having own logo? This Etsy template allows you to quickly design your initials at the very top of their three-piece package.

Stay social

For better or for worse, potential employers are going to want to know where to find you on social media. This Etsy resume puts all your handles straight up top. While it can’t help you delete those photos from college of you with a beer bong, it can help you put your web presence front and center.

Keep it classic

Simple can be impactful. Canva’s free black and white bordered resume is simple, but the black name box in the upper corner definitely makes an impact. When this resume lands in a hiring manager’s inbox, it’ll be hard to ignore.

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